Standish Estate Schedules

Standish Estate Schedules

Courtesy of Maureen Burnham Calnan

NATHANIEL BOULTER, 84, Standish, private, Emerson's Co.,
Tupper's Regt., Mass Real Estate, I have none. Some very
old household furniture, perhaps is worth $1. Laborer, not
able (due to) old age and rheumatism. Ruth, wife, 82 very
feeble and infirm. $4.25, continued. June 15, 1820,

THOMAS CUMMINGS, 66, Standish. The said Cummings in the
Spring of 1775, enlisted as a private soldier in the
Company commanded by Capt. Dunn in the Regiment commanded
by Col. Phinney for eight months-that he served in the
company six months and then enlisted for a year in the
Company commanded by Capt. Fernald in the same Regiment.
He was discharged at Fort George in January 1777. The
first six months of my enlistment I served at Cambridge
and while I was in the year service was at Boston,
Ticonderoga and Fort George.  Real estate, I have none.
Personal estate, an old cow and a few mean utensils for
family use is all I possess. I have no income and am a poor
old man. Laborer, not able (due to) rheumatism and the
infirmities of age. Susan, wife, 60 poorly able to take
care of herself and me. $14.37. Jan 7, 1821.

SAMUEL DAVIS, 58, Standish, private, Pope's Co. Shepard's
Regt. Mass. Real estate, 95 acres land in Standish, a house
and barn, one yoke of oxen two cows, 15 sheep, one hog, one
horse, three young cattle, one pew in the meeting house, a
few articles of ordinary furniture and a few farming tools,
no income nor any money due me, I owe three hundred and
eighty three dollars and fifty cents. Farmer, unable (due
to) old age and infirmity, Mary , wife, 53 unable to work;
Elizabeth, daughter, 35, able to work part of the time;
Sarah, daughter, 33, able to work,; Mary, daughter 31,
unable to work; Isaac, son 30, able to work part of the
time; John, son 22, unable to work-ruptured; Joanna,
daughter, 20 able to work; Tabitha, daughter, 19, able to
work half the time; Mark, son, 17, able to work; Martha,
daughter, 15 able to work; Hannah, daughter, 14, able to
work; Caroline, daughter, 12, a child. $1015.50, stricken.
June 8, 1820.

CHARLES HALL, 61, Standish, private, Burbank's Co.,
Brewer's Regt., Mass. Real Estate-fifteen acres of land
in Standish. Prsonal estate-one cow and one swine and a few
articles of old household furniture. I owe to the amount of
$250 for sickness in my family and the necessaries of life.
Laborer, not able (due to) infirmities. Eunice, daughter,
22 very sick and wholly unable to work; Martha daughter,
17, healthy and able to work; Joanna, daughter, 14,
consumptive complaints and unable to work; Lydia, daughter,
11, healthy and willing to work. Bliss, grandson, 18
months. (The following is from a statement filed Jan 5,
1821 with the USDC at Portland, but included in the pension
schedule papers.) I further declare and say that since that
time all the property mentioned in the said schedule has
been taken from me by creditors to pay the just debts I was
owing at that time, and those debts were contracted for the
necessaries of life and on account of sickness in my
family. I am now very infirm and dependent on the town for
support. I served four years and nine months in the war of
the Revolution and am now very poor and unable to support
myself and family. I am so very poor that I had to borrow
a coat to get to Portland, to which place I walked being
unable to hire a conveyance in a wagon. $125.30. stricken.
June 13, 1820.

JOSIAH HARMON, 57, Standish, musician, Scott's Co.,
Jackson's Regt. Mass. Real estate none, except a small
house. Personal estate, 1 cow, 1 sheep, 1 pig, a few things
in the house, just for cooking. I have no income and am
justly owing forty dollars. Laborer, not able (due to)
declining health and rheumatism. Anna, wife, 56, sick much
of her time. Elias, 13, able to work; Anna, 18, able to
support herself. $98.20, continued. June 13, 1820.

WILLIAM HARMON, 57, Standish, fifer, North's Co., Jackson's
Regt., Mass. Real estate-fifty five acres of land and a
small house. Personal estate, two cows, one yoke of young
cattle, two yearlings, six sheep, one swine, two young
pigs, one horse and calf, 1 ox cart, and a few farming
tools and some old furniture. I owe about one hundred and
fifty dollars for sickness in my family and necessaries of
life. Farmer, not able (due to )the rheumatism and piles.
Abigail, wife, 56, invalid and unable to work, Fanny, 22,
healthy, Mary, 18, healthy, Eli, 12, as well as boys of his
age. $450. Stricken. June 13, 1820.

PELATIAH MACDONALD, 66, Standish, private, Burbank's Co.,
Brewer's Regt., Mass. Real Estate I have none- I hire the
house in which I live- a few necessary but poor articles of
household furniture- I have no income and owe four hundred
dollars more than I can pay. Laborer, not able (due to) old
age and infirmity,constantly. Dorcas, wife, 56, able to do
housework; John, son, 16 and Abner, son, 14, boys able to
work; Susan, granddau., 9 , a healthy child. $20.,
continued. June 6, 1820.

WILLIAM MERROW, 68, Standish, private, Bliss's Co.,
Patterson's Regt., Mass. Real estate I have none. Personal
estate, one cow, 5 sheep and 1 swine and very little old
furniture. Cordwainer, not able (due to) a lame hand and
bad eyesight and other infirmities. Margaret, wife 65, has
not been able to do any labor for 25 years. $27.10
continued. June 15, 1820.

JOSIAH MOSES, 63, Standish, private, Thomas's Co., Tupper's
Regt. Mass. Real estate- fifty nine acres of land and a
small house. Personal estate, one yoke of steers, three
cows, one swine, a few farming tools and some old
furniture. I am in debt to the amount of $150 for sickness
in my family and the necessaries of life- 2 small styes.
Farmer, not able (due to) old age and weakness. Betsey,
wife, 64, very feeble and unable to work; Daniel, son 27,
invalid and unable to work; William, son 18, invalid and is
unfit to work; Mehitable, daughter, 21, healthy. $392.
Stricken. June 13, 1820.

JOSIAH MOSES, 73, Standish, Thomas's Co., Tupper's Regt.
Mass. Real estate, I have fifty acres of very ordinary
land, rocky and broken, situated in Standish with an old
dwelling house on it, past repairing. I have no other real
estate. Personal estate, I have one pair of oxen, one cow,
one horse and a few articles of household furniture.
Farmer, not able (due to) age and infirmity of body having
a lame shoulder. Elizabeth, wife, 74, a very feeble woman
and has been for ten years past. I lost two sons last
summer who were destroyed in the blowing up of a powder
house in Gorham. %545. Feb 16, 1829.

JOHN PLAISTED, 61, Standish, private, Hastings's Co.,
Jackson's Regt. Mass. Real estate, 25 acres of land, a
great part of it swampy and unproductive and a small house
thereon. Personal estate, 3 cows, 1 heifer, 2 yearlings, l
horse, 2 steers, 6 sheep, 2 swine, a few farming tools and
some necessary husehold furniture. Farmer, not able (due to)
rheumatism and the infirmities incidental to old age. Lydia,
wife, 52, very feeble and is not able to do much work; Reuba
Shaw, 22, able to work but is hired by me; Lydia Parker, 20
able to work, but is hired by me. $460 stricken. June 15, 1820

JOSEPH C. RACKLIFF, 83, Standish, private, Mayberry's Co.,
Tupper's Regt. Mass. Real estate, I have none. Personal
estate, one desk-seventy years old. I should have rendered in
this schedule the last summer but owing to sickness I was
prevented from going to Portland. I am depandent on my
friends for support. Ship Carpenter, not able (due to) the
infirmities of old age. My wife is dead and my children are
living abroad excepting one sone who lives in the town of
Standish who is tolerable healthy and supports himself and
family. Continued $1.70. January 4, 1821

JOSEPH WATERHOUSE, 67, Standish, private, Hastings' Co;
Jackson's Regt. Mass. Real estate- 100 acres of hard, rocky
land in Standish the greater wild, a small house and barn
on it. Personal estate- 2 cows, 2 steers, 6 sheep, 2
calves, 3 pigs, 2 heifers, I have no income and am justly
owing one hundred and ten dollars, which I cannot pay
without disposing of my little property. Farmer, not able
(due to)rheumatism, I cannot do one days work in a week,
Lydia, wife, 65, so enfeebled by rheumatism as to be
helpless; Sally Murry, 20, girl hired to take care of my
wife; Montgomery, son 17, able to work. $452. stricken.
June 13, 1820.

STEPHEN WHITNEY, 64, Standish, private, Lane's Co.,
Varnum's Regt., R. I. Real estate, 1/4 of an acre of land
in Standish with a small home on itl. Personal estate, one
pig and a few articles of household furniture, I have no
income. Laborer, am able-most of the time. Martha, wife,
58, a feeble woman. $10, continued. June 8, 1820

JOHN YATES, 66, Standish...that about the first of January,
1776 at Eastham in the county of Barnstable, he enlisted on
Wiggin's Co., Carey's Regt....and then went aboard a
schooner in the Spring of 1778, under Capt. Smith who sailed
from Plymouth to Maryland...Real estate- I have in my
possession about sixty acres of hard rocky land. I gave
seventy three dollars for the best half of it. To wit for
thirty acres- the residue mostly rocky, wild and unimproved
land of small value. I have of Personal estate, one cow,
two or three young creatures and a yoke of small oxen- a
few farming tools and utensils for family use in the house
or cottage where I live. I have no income and am much in
debt. Mercy, wife, 6- a feeble old woman. Mary, daughter,
25, Sarah, daughter 20, Mercy, daughter, 17, able to
contribute partly to their support. Samuel Payne, 9, not
able to support himself. $177. December 1821.

ISAAC YORK, 61, Standish, private, Stewart's Co., Phinney's
Regt. Mass. Real estate, 40 acres of land in Standish, a
small old house and barn on it. A great part of it bog and
waste land and one small pond of two acres included.
Personal estate, a few necessary articles of household
stuff, 1 pair small cattle, 2 cows, 13 sheep, 2 young
cattle, 2 swine. I have no income in any other way. Farmer,
not able (due to) bodily weakness, rheumatism and asthma-
have not been able to work fourteen years. Mary, wife, 45,
a very feeble woman; Mary 22, been sick from a child, can
not probably live long; Fanny, 20 able to do housework;
Nancy, 13, pretty well-able to work some; Isaac 11, a boy
able to work; William, 9, well boy; Elisabeth, 7 and
Charity, 5, children unable to do anything. $267.50,
stricken. June 21, 1820

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