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Grantees of 5 Acre Lots

Recorded 1767-1771.

1Rev. John Tompson.
2John Burnell sold to Ebenezar Shaw, February 20, 1767, 5:60.
3Timothy Crocker sold to John Ayer, August 15, 1769, 5:429.
4John Wood sold to Benjamin Titcomb, March 27, 1771, 8:416.
5Clement Meserve, Jr., sold to Benjamin Titcomb, March 27, 1771, 5:416.
6Arthur McGill by execution to Ebenezar Mayo, December 5, 1766, 4:499.
7Rev. John Tompson.
8Moses Pearson sold to Clement Meserve, December 28, 1768, according to the agreement with Clement on March 25, 1755, 5:200.
9Clement and John Meserve sold to Rev. John Tompson, as part of his settlement, April 11, 1776, 8:462.
10Samuel Knowles sold to Benjamin Titcomb.
11John Strout.
12Charles Hall.
13Moses Pearson.
14Moses Pearson
15Pearsontown sold to John Tompson, April 26, 1771, 8:464.
16Abraham York.
17John York, by settlement.
18John York sold to Ebenezar Mayo, March 29, 1769, 6:260.

All deed references are to Cumberland County Registry of Deeds.

The Proprietors' Plan is recorded in Cumberland County Registry of Deeds, Planbook 17, p. 16.

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