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War of 1812 Soldiers and Sailors

Capt. J. Bailey's Company, Lt. Col. J. Burbank's Regt., Served from September 7 to September 20, 1814, 1 day additional for travel. Raised at Standish, service at Portland.

Bailey, Joseph, Captain
Paine, Aldrich, Lieutenant
Cram, Daniel, Ensign
Mitchell, Robert, Sergeant
Mitchell, Samuel, Sergeant
Paine, Joshua, Sergeant
Tibbetts, Abraham, Sergeant
Dow, Jabez, Jr., Corporal
Hasty, Samuel, Corporal
Lowell, Jonathan, Jr., Corporal
Paine, Joseph, Corporal
Moody, James, Jr., Musician
Philbrick, James, Musician
Butler, Ivory, Private
Davis, Josiah, Private
Davis, Nathaniel, Private
Dow, Joseph, Private
Green, Joseph, Private
Hasty, Hiram, Private
Linnell, Elisha, Jr., Private
Lowell, Stephen, Private
Marean, John, Private
McGill, William, Private
Moody, Daniel, Private
Moody, William, Private
Paine, John K., Private
Paine, Jonathan, Private
Paine, Richard, Private
Paine, Stephen, Private
Paine, William, Private
Paine, Zebulon A., Private
Shaw, Daniel, Private
Spencer, William, Private
Thompson, William J., Private
Thorn, John, Private
Wescott, John, Jr., Private
Whitney, Levi, Private

Capt. Mark White's Company, Lt. Col. J. Burbank's Regt., Service from September 7 to September 20, 1814, 1 day additional for travel. Raised at Standish, service at Portland.

White, Mark, Captain
Wescott, William, Lieutenant
Haskell, Levi, Ensign
Harmon, Israel, Sergeant
Moulton, John, Sergeant
Newbegin, Solomon, Sergeant
Shaw, Enoch, Sergeant
Newbegin, James, Corporal
Haskell, Benjamin, Jr., Corporal
Hoar, William, Corporal
Nason, Abraham, Corporal
White, Solomon, Musician
Chamberlain, Joshua, Musician
Butterfield, Jesse, Private
Crockett, Henry, Private
Cummings, John, Private
Cummings, Simeon, Private
Davis, Isaac, Private
Elder, Francis, Private
Gilman, Ebenezer, Private
Gray, Charles, Private
Gray, George, Private
Green, Ware, Private
Hall, Moses, Private
Hall, Oliver, Private
Harmon, Daniel, Private
Harmon, Rufus, Private
Knight, George, Private
Larrabee, Benjamin, Private
Larrabee, Isaac, Jr., Private
March, Benjamin, Private
Mayberry, Abraham, Private
Morton, Caleb, Private
Morton, Jacob, Private
Morton, James, Private
Morton, Thomas, Private
Parker, Benjamin, Private
Proctor, Ebenezer, Private
Rand, Benjamin, Private
Rich, Israel, Private
Sawyer, John, Private
Shaw, Ebenezer, Jr., Private
Shaw, Peter, Private
Smith, John, Private
Smith, Mack, Private
Smith, Thomas, Private
Stuart, Wentworth, Private
Stuart, Solomon, Private
Whittemore, Major, Private

Capt. John York's Company, Lt. Col. J. Burbank's Regt. Served from September 7 to September 20, 1814, 1 day additional for travel. Raised at Standish, service at Portland.

York, John, Captain
Rackliff, George, Ensign
Shaw, Sargent, Jr., Sergeant
Whitmore, William, Jr., Sergeant
Edgecomb, John S., Sergeant
York, Joseph, Sergeant
Whitney, Reuben, Musician
Sanborn, Benjamin, Musician
Anderson, Samuel, Private
Berry, Benjamin, Private
Boothby, Samuel, Private
Boothby, Samuel, 2d, Private
Boulter, Daniel, Private
Boulter, John, Private
Boulter, Nathaniel, Private
Boulter, Samuel, Private
Bradbury, Andrew, Private
Brown, Josiah, Private
Chase, Amos, Private
Cram, Wear, Private
Crane, Ashabel, Private
Davis, Noah, Private
Decker, John, Jr., Private
Dennett, Samuel, Private
Foss, Ebenezer, Private
Foss, John, Private
Hasty, William, Private
Higgins, Zacheus, Private
Hill, Chase, Private
Hutchinson, Matthew, Private
Libby, Joel, Private
Lowell, Richard, Private
Marean, Enoch, Private
Martin, Abner, Private
Mason, Moses, Private
Mayo, Edmund, Private
McGill, Joseph, Private
Moody, Enoch, Private
Morton, Joseph, Private
Morton, William, Private
Moulton, Benjamin FPrivate
Muzzy, Daniel, Private
Muzzy, William, Private
Parker, Samuel, Private
Philbrick, John, Private
Pierce, Samuel, Private
Rand, Nathaniel, Private
Rich, Moses, Private
Richardson, David, Private
Rogers, Edward, Private
Sanborn, Asa, Private
Sawyer, James, Private
Thombs, Amos, Jr., Private
Thombs, George, Private
Thombs, Stephen, Private
Thombs, Thomas, Private
Thompson, Jacob, Private
Thorn, Israel, 3rd, Private
Thorn, Joseph, Private
Wescott, John, Private
Whitney, Adam, Private
Whitney, William, Jr., Private
Wood, Edward, Private
Yates, Josiah, Private
York, Jacob, Jr., Private
York, Joshua, Private

Source: War of 1812 Muster Rolls from the Records of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Called out by the Governor of Massachusetts to suppress a Threatened Invasion during the War of 1812-14, Brig. Genl. Gardner W. Pearson, Adjutant General of Massachusetts, Wright and Potter Printing Company, State Printers, Boston, MA, 1913, pp. 171, 174 175.

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