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Atchinson, Joseph H., Co. E, 13th Inf.
Burnham, John G., sergt., Co. I, 30th Inf.
Davis, Albert H., Co. H, 17th Inf., promoted to sergt.
Dorsett, Thomas, Co. K, 12th Inf.
Dow, Benjamin A., Co. H, 17th Inf.
Elwell, Marquis G., Co. I, 30th Inf.
Gray, James S., 1st District of Columbia Cavalry.
Hanly, William, Co. D., 17th Inf.
Hanscomb, Stephen G., Co. G., 7th Inf.
Harmon, William, Co. I, 30th Inf.
Hobson, Jeremiah, Co. I, 30th Inf.
Hobson, William A., Co. I, 30th Inf.
Howe, Francis O.S., sergt., Co. A, 15th Inf., promoted to lieut.
Kemp, Charles E., Co. B., 1st Cavalry.
Leavitt, Granville A., Co. I, 30th Inf.
Libby, Henry, Corp, Co. F., 1st. Cavalry.
Libby, Major J., Co. H, 17th Inf.
Libby, William D., Co. K, 12th Inf.
Marr, William E., Co. I, 30th Inf.
McDonald, A. Fessenden, Co. I, 30th Inf.
Meserve, Mark M., artificier, 5th Battallion Mounted Art.
Moses, Alonzo, Co. H, 17th Inf.
Paine, John H., Regimental band, 11th Inf.
Pease, John M., Regimental band, 11th Inf.
Prescott, Hiram S.
Ridlon, Andrew, Co. I, 30th Inf.
Ridlon, Franklin D., Co. I, 30th Inf.
Ridlon, Isaac, Co. I, 30th Inf.
Sanborn, Orville S., Co. K, 12th Inf., detached to Signal Corps.
Sands, Thomas, Co. H., 17th Inf., promoted to sergt.
Sawyer, Francis A., Co. K, 32d Inf.
Shaw, Clinton D.W., 29th Inf.
Simpson, Frank L., Co. I, 20th Inf.
Smith, Frank O.J., Co. H, 31st Inf.
Smith, Leonard B., Co. C, 31st Inf.
Spear, Alphonzo A., Co. H., 17th Inf.
Strout, Frank, Co. G., 13th Inf.
Sturgis, William H., sergt., Co. H, promoted to 2nd lieut.
Tripp, William A.
Ward, William H., Co. E, 10th Inf.
Warren, Charles A., Co. H., 17th Inf.
Warren, Edward B., Co. E, 10th Inf., promoted to corp.
Watson, John, Co. I, 20th Inf.
Welch, John W., Co. C, 31st Inf.
Welch, Thomas Jr., Co. H, 31st Inf.
Whitcomb, Robert B., corp, Co. H, 17th Inf.
White, Charles W., Co. I, 30th Inf.
Whitney, Henry C., District of Columbia Cavalry.
Whitney, Nathan T., Co. E, 10th Inf.
Whitney, William G., 29th Inf.

Source: History of Cumberland County, W. Woodford Clayton, Everts and Peck, Publishers, Phildelphia, PA, 1880, p. 450-451.

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