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World War I Soldiers and Sailors from Standish

Brooks, Earl P., 2728574, Pvt 1st Cl, 151 DEP BRIG.
Chase, George L., 2803015, Pvt, 23 Co Ptld CAC.
Dolloff, Philip W., 2400035, Pvt, Casual Co. 1338 Sig C.
Emery, Frank L., 68413, Pvt, Co. G 2nd ME Inf.
Evans, Forest E., 3162837, Pvt, Co. 12 TNG Bn Dep Brig,
     Died of disease, Sept. 25, 1918.
Evans, Harry B., 3728804, Pvt, 151 DEP BRIG.
Foster, Arthur E., 151-24-44, Sea 2c, NTC Hingham, MA.
Foster, Marvin L., 403061, Pvt, Co. M 50th INF.
Gray, Roland L., 3162887, Pvt 1st Cl, Co. A 73 INF.
Harmon, Anson D., 4191132, Pvt, 151 DEP BRIG.
Harmon, Carroll C., 2728443, Pvt, 151 DEP BRIG.
Harmon, Verner F., 4190600, Pvt, 151 DEP BRIG.
Haskell, Daniel J., 3162866, Pvt, Co. H 42 INF.
Higgins, Harland V., 403374, Pvt, 8 CAV Marfa Tex.
Isemann, William A., 2721574, Pvt, Co. A 301 Am Tn.
Moynihan, Ray R., Pvt, CAC Me NG.
Paine, Fred A., 152-03-97, Sea 2c, NTS Hingham, MA.
Paquette, Leo P., Jr., 152-21-01, Sea 2c, Pelham Bay Park, NY.
Pinkham, Daniel C., 1688091, Pvt, 151 DEP BRIG.
Randall, Rufus C., 172068, Pvt 1st Cl, Co. F 20 Engrs.
Sawyer, James S., Pvt.
Thompson, Seward R., 104-10-57, Sea 2c, HQ Portland,
     USS Wissahickon, USS Zenda.
Weeman, Earl L., 163-31-87, F 3c, NTS Newport, RI, NTS
     Norfolk, VA, USS Alabama, RIS Norfolk, VA, USS
Whitney, Roland E., 4181161, Pvt, Co. A 73 INF.

Source: Roster of Maine in the Military Service of the United States and Allies in the World War, 1917-1919, 2 Vols., (Augusta, ME: Adjutant General's Office, 1929).

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