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Frank Eugene Edgerton, son of Leroy A. and Mary Elizabeth (Luke) Edgerton.



September 29, 1875; Woodbine, Harrison Co., IA.  (WWI DRC) (SSDI)


November 22, 1963; Aurora, Hamilton Co., NE.  (SSDI)



April 2, 1902; Woodbine, Harrison Co., IA.


Mary Nettie Coe, daughter of Josiah and Jesse (Kinnis) Coe.



March 2, 1875; Woodbine, Harrison Co., IA.  (SSDI)


November 7, 1972; Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE.  (SSDI)



  1. Harold Eugene, b. April 6, 1903; Woodbine, Harrison Co., IA.
  2. Mary Ellen, b. October 27, 1904; Woodbine, Harrison Co., IA.
  3. Margaret Coe, b. May 2, 1912; Woodbine, Harrison Co., IA.


The following biography of Frank Eugene Edgerton is excerpted from Nebraska: the Land and the People  (Addison Erwin Sheldon; Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago, Illinois, 1931):


“Frank E. Edgerton is one of the able lawyers of Aurora, and also one of its versatile, broad and strong citizens, whose continuous advancement and increasing reputation are the results of his own efforts.  He was born at Woodbine, Iowa, September 29, 1875.  The Woodbine Normal School and the Nebraska State University educated him, and he was graduated from the latter in 1900.  For some years he was engaged in school-teaching, and later was engaged in the newspaper business.  In 1907 he was appointed private secretary to Senator Norris Brown, and accompanied him to the national capital, and while there he completed his law studies, which he had been pursuing, in George Washington University, Washington City, and received from it his diploma and degrees of Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws in 1910.  In 1911 he was appointed assistant attorney general of Nebraska, with headquarters in Lincoln, and held that office for four years, after which he embarked in a private law practice in Lincoln, but a year later came to Aurora, where he has since remained, carrying on a general practice.  Other honors have been bestowed upon him, for in 1918 he was elected county attorney of Hamilton County, and made an admirable record in that office, as he has in everything he has undertaken.


On April 2, 1902, Mr. Edgerton married Miss Mary Coe, who was born in Woodbine, Iowa, and was a schoolmate during their childhood days.  She is a daughter of Josiah Coe, a native of Ohio, who later became a banker and prominent man of Woodbine, having come to Iowa before any railroad was built across that state.  Three children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Edgerton, namely: Harold Eugene, Mary Ellen and Margaret, all of whom attended the public schools of Aurora.  Both Mr. Edgerton and his wife are consistent members of the Christian Church, and active in all of its activities.  He is a Scottish Rite Mason and a member of the Mystic Shrine.  A very strong Republican, he is a firm believer in its principles, and he stands for all those interests and activities which have for their object the advancement of Aurora, and its civic development.”



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World War I Draft Registration Card – Frank Eugene Edgerton; Aurora, Hamilton Co., NE.