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Newton County Burials

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Newton County, Arkansas
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  • Fern Breedlove August 15, 1927 February 8, 1995 note: Daughter of Albert Smith and Nora Casey Wife of Grover Breedlove Burial, Crossroads Cemetery

  • Magline Knight June 8, 1933 February 12, 1995 note: Daughter of Dewy Holt and Lillie Flud Wife of William G. Knight Burial, Crossroads Cemetery

  • Thelma L. Taylor March 7, 1910 February 13, 1995 note: Daughter of John G. Holland and Minnie Jane Henderson Wife of Wilburn M. Taylor Burial, Snow Cemetery

  • J. T. Gibson October 4, 1942 January 17, 1995 note: Son of Raster E. Gibson and Opal Strode Burial, Mossville Cemetery

  • George Huber March 26, 1937 January 17, 1995 note: Son of Frank Huber and Millie Sherfield Burial, Mossville Cemetery

  • Ethel Criner June 4, 1896 January 17, 1995 note: Daughter of David C. Jones and Laura Davis Burial, Mt. Judea Cemetery

  • Henry Richardson November 19, 1908 January 22, 1995 note: Son of Albert O. Richardson and Celia Jane Owens Burial, Hickory Grove (Nail) Cemetery

  • Gary Neighbors September 15, 1946 January 27, 1995 note: Son of Orval Earnest Neighbors and Gladys Inez Ricketts Burial, Jasper Cemetery

  • Jarrod Sparks March 15, 1981 January 28, 1995 note: Son of William Evans and Dixie Lee Sparks Burial, Mossville Cemetery

  • Dorothy Williams October 4, 1917 January 29, 1995 note: Daughter of John Reynolds and Mary Carlton Wife of Clyde Williams Burial, Shiloh Cemetery

  • Lawton Loy Criner May 3, 1958 January 25, 1995 note: Son of Loy L. Criner and Betty Jones Burial, Sexton Cemetery

  • Nancy Clark December 30, 1945 January 30, 1995 note: Nancy Earline Daughter of Earl Scitern and Winniefrede Chance Wife of C. C. Clark Burial, Carrollton Cemetery

  • Barbara Mayberry August 13, 1939 January 31, 1995 note: Barbara Lou Daughter of Jim Cook and Mary Grubbs Wife of Tom C. Mayberry Burial, Mt. Judea Cemetery

  • Troy Watson July 15, 1907 January 6, 1995 note: Son of James Fleming Watson and Julia Skaggs Burial, Hickory Grove (Nail) Cemetery

  • John D. Smith age 88 January 7, 1995 note: Son of David Crockett Smith and Sarah Emaline Standridge Burial, Crossroads Cemetery

  • Lawrence Matlock February 11, 1911 January 15, 1995 note: Son of Claude Matlock and Ida Belle Reynolds Burial, Union Hill Cemetery

  • Buddie Jeffries March 20, 1929 August 9, 1999 note: Buddie Gene Son of Frank Jeffries and Arzella Marie Miles Husband of Ermia Dotson Burial, Crossroads Cemetery Read 'Hero In My Life' Article in Newton County Families Section

  • Helen Deakins September 27, 1925 note: Daughter of John Riley Spencer and Odie Goodall Spencer Burial, Jasper Cemetery

  • Vearl Reynolds age 72 July 7, 1999 note: Vearl Eugene Son of Ernie Roscoe Reynolds and Edith Hudson Husband of Bertha Edgmon. Burial, Mossville Cemetery

  • Nora B. Murray February 29, 1912 July 8, 1999 note: Daughter of I. J. Taylor and Matilda Snow Wife of Cecil A. Murray Burial, Snow Cemetery

  • Mark Laughter June 26, 1940 July 8, 1999 note: Mark Anderson Laughter Son of Clyde Laughter and Edith Priscilla Scott Burial, Hickory Grove (Nail) Cemetery

  • Buster Smith October 31, 1939 August 28, 1999 note: Son of Dave V. Smith and Addie Martin Burial, Mt. Judea Cemetery

  • Shirley Miller December 6, 1949 August 24, 1999 note: Shirley May. Daughter of James McKinley Nichols and Irene Louise George Burial, Mt. Judea Cemetery

  • Sam Huber April 23, 1935 October 1, 1999 note: Sam Franklin, known as Bud Son of Frank Huber and Mellie Sherfield Burial, Mossville Cemetery

  • Daphfeen Nichols-Maupin December 20, 1932 September 16, 1999 note: Daughter of Andrew Jackson Hill and Lottie McCutcheon Wife of Athel Nichols Maupin Burial, Ben's Branch Cemetery

  • Wendall A. Stivers March 7, 1925 September 14, 1999 note: Son of Homer Stivers and Josie Moos Burial, Mt. Sherman Cemetery

  • Maude Wilma Town January 24, 1906 June 12, 1999 note: Daughter of Baxter Brasel and Mary Dora Carlton Wife of Walter Benjamin Town Burial, Jasper Cemetery

  • Nellie Standridge June 22, 1915 June 10, 1999 note: Daughter of James David Daily and Sarah Katherine Nichols Burial, Richland Cemetery

  • Dominic Paul Middleton baby June 5, 1999 note: Son of Terrance Glen Middleton and Stephanie Dawn Martin Burial, Smith Cemetery

  • William L. Foster April 16, 1933 June 8, 1999 note: Son of Arthur Mitchell Foster and Alta Jane Hefley Burial, Mt. Judea Cemetery

  • Bobby Greenhaw July 22, 1947 June 2, 1999 note: Son of Noah Greenhaw and Roseannie Reddell Burial, Smith Cemetery

  • Mose Hill September 9, 1909 June 14, 1999 note: Son of William Hill and Cindy Caffin Burial, Sand Hill Cemetery

  • Goldie Marie S. Tanner December 4, 1923 May 19, 1999 note: Daughter of William Smith and Alice Covington Burial, Mt. Sherman Cemetery

  • Nola L. Dodson December 7, 1902 May 19, 1999 note: Daughter of Doc Tennyson and Tennie Hamilton Wife of Plummer Dodson Burial, McCutcheon Cemetery

  • Scott Rigsbee November 7, 1969 May 18, 1999 note: Son of Doyle Eugene Rigsbee and Betty Faye Clark Burial, Liberty Cemetery

  • Ollie E. Taylor May 26, 1902 May 21, 1999 note: Daughter of Cyrus Hudson and Sarah Casey Wife of Columbus Taylor. Burial, Union Hill Cemetery

  • Gordon Cooley August 31, 1962 May 18, 1999 note: Burial, Union Hill Cemetery

  • Nola Freeman age 95 May 19, 1999 note: Daughter of Daniel Albert Davis and Irene Hefley Davis Wife of Columbus Arthur Freeman Burial, Tarlton Cemetery

  • Daniel Clinton Morgan October 24, 1948 May 20, 1999 note: Son of Cecil Clinton Morgan and Opal A. Barnes Burial, Jasper Cemetery

  • Rosie Mae Sanders age 90 May 30, 1999 note: Daughter of Elijah Miller Weston and Etta C. Brown Burial, Swain Cemetery

  • Earl Phelps September 12, 1918 May 25, 1999 note: Son of Reuben Phelps and Birdella Arstella Ebrights Burial, Plumlee Cemetery

  • Ronnie Spears January 15, 1955 May 25, 1999 note: Son of William Virgle Spears and Ellen Louise Ricketts Burial, Smith Cemetery

  • Nettie Frances Lewis May 2, 1917 May 29, 1999 note: Daughter of Willie Woods and Susie Sparks Wife of Denver Lewis Burial, Mossville Cemetery

  • Bobby Snelson April 9, 1935 August 15, 1999 note: Son of William Tryman Snelson and Ruby Delilah Roberts Burial, Smith Cemetery

  • Gerotha Dickey November 15, 1903 August 8, 1999 note: Daughter of Benjamin F. Hensley and Margaret E. Brooks First husband was Arthur C. McCutcheon Second husband was John F. Dickey Burial, Ben's Branch Cemetery

  • Bill Phillips July 3, 1921 August 15, 1999 note: Son of Charles Phillips and Vina Jarrett Burial, Western Grove Cemetery

  • Eugene Farmer November 13, 1940 August 15, 1999 note: Known as Gene Son of Vassia Farmer and Georgia Spencer Farmer Burial, Crossroads Cemetery

  • Alta Freeman July 8, 1922 August 14, 1999 note: Daughter of Teddy Ray Rocole and Eva Jewel Simmons First husband was Arthur Ewing Second husband was Lee Hicks Third husband was Paul Freeman Burial, Hickory Grove (Nail) Cemetery

  • Kenneth Boyd Harp March 18, 1927 April 30, 1999 note: Son of Curtis Harp and Lillie Crow Burial, Sand Hill Cemetery

  • James Smith April 19, 1938 February 4, 1999 note: James Kenneth Smith Son of H. C. Smith and Easter Collins Burial, Piercetown Cemetery

  • Peeble Mae Hickman May 12, 1915 age 83 note: Wife of Frank Hickman Burial, Plumlee Cemetery

  • Axie May Ramsey age 91 April 24, 1999 note: Daughter of Henry Young and Mary Sams Wife of Jack Ramsey Burial, Hickory Grove (Nail) Cemetery

  • John Brice Hitchens age 85 March 20, 1999 note: Burial, Jasper Cemetery

  • Alpha G. Dean August 16, 1911 March 18, 1999 note: Daughter of Jabez and Ninnie Lovely Wife of Guy Dean Burial, Bass Cemetery

  • Dotha Marie Sparks August 1, 1925 August 19, 1999 Note: Daughter of Carlie Ramsey and Josie Edgmon Wife of Dorwin Sparks Burial, Mossville Cemetery

  • Grover William Edgar age 80 August 19, 1999 note: Burial, Plumlee Cemetery

  • Olen D. Daniels November 28, 1964 August 20, 1999 note: Known as Junior Son of Olen D. Daniels and Anna Jean Snow Burial, Union Hill Cemetery

  • Dottie Henderson September 12, 1918 August 23, 1999 note: Daughter of Will Henderson and Lillie Jones Burial, Union Hill Cemetery

  • Vada Smith January 10, 1907 August 23, 1999 note: Daughter of William Lewis Torix and Sarah Savin Shatwell Wife of John D. Smith Burial, Crossroads Cemetery

  • Herbert Hampton December 17, 1928 April 13, 1999 note: Son of Marvin Adams and Edna Hampton Burial, Tarlton Cemetery

  • Easter C. Sams August 28, 1907 September 20, 1998 note: Daughter of Jesse Coon and Cora Strait Wife of Henry Sams Burial, Hickory Grove (Nail) Cemetery

  • Manda Hodge March 1, 1905 February 16, 1999 note: Daughter of Richard Sparks and Irene Boncard Wife of Will Hodge Burial, Mossville Cemetery

  • Marianna Phillips age 74 February 21, 1999 note: Burial, Union Hill Cemetery

  • M. Louise Cooper January 10, 1916 February 17, 1999 note: Daughter of Michael James Box and Myrtle Yeager Wife of Jessie Cooper Burial, Boxley Cemetery

  • Zerl William Rich March 8, 1918 July 22, 1999 note: Son of William Harvey Rich and Annie I. Vanderpool Burial, Swain Cemetery

  • Delmar Wilson February 29, 1924 July 30, 1999 note: Son of J. B. Wilson and Cora Belle Henderson Burial, Union Hill Cemetery

  • Gussie Mae Nichols September 18, 1914 July 31, 1999 note: Daughter of Elmer Hefley and Viola Hefley Wife of James W. Nichols Burial, Mt. Judea Cemetery

  • Dereck Scoot Smith January 8, 1985 July 29, 1999 note: Son of Keith Smith and Tina Moore Burial, Western Grove Cemetery

  • Debra Kay Fuller November 2, 1953 October 11, 1998 note: Daughter of Robert Reddell and Ema Lou Bolin Wife of Charles Fuller Burial, Sandhill Cemetery

  • Mary Viola Casey October 10, 1899 October 11, 1998 note: Daughter of John Henderson and Betty Taylor Wife of Willie Casey Burial, Snow Cemetery

  • Verlus Plumlee October 13, 1920 October 16, 1999 note: Son of J. O. Plumlee and Iva Casey Burial, Hickory Grove (Nail) Cemetery

  • Walter Roberts August 4, 1924 October 18, 1999 note: Known as Gene Son of Arnie and Elsie Widner Roberts Burial, Western Grove Cemetery

  • Alta Nadean Brown May 6, 1941 January 21, 2001 note: Daughter of Eugene Kilgore and Doll Wishon Burial, Low Gap Cemetery

  • Julia Ava Reynolds April 23, 1912 January 15, 2001 note: Daughter of John Willis Martin and Mary Breedlove Burial, Jasper Cemetery

  • Evon Flud June 12, 1923 February 5, 2001 note: Daughter of Otis Holt and Rachel Smith Wife of Virgil Flud Burial, Smith Cemetery

  • Rex H. Criner May 25, 1917 January 28, 2001 note: Son of Joe Jep Criner and Arminta Kent Husband of Pearl Robinson

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