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Charles Arter "Chas" Cagle *6 (Henry E. *5, Charles *4, Jacob *3, Johan Dewalt "David" Kegel *2, (Leonhart Kegell) Leonard *1) was born February 25, 1844 in Franklin County, Tennessee. He died December 20, 1924 Ozark, Watalula Township, Franklin County, Arkansas. Charles Cagle was married twice.


His first marriage was to Lydia Margaret "Liddy" Standridge, in Newton County, Arkansas March 16, 1865. Lydia was born October 29, 1842 Richland Creek, Carroll County, Arkansas. She was one of the fourteen children born to Lemuel Standridge and Sarah Margaret Blevins/Blair. Charles Cagle and family were members of a wagon train that was enroute back to Newton County, Arkansas from Idaho when Lydia gave birth to their eight child. Sixteen days later, Lydia died of Typhoid Fever, September 30, 1880 in Americus, Lyon County, Kansas. Charles Arter Cagle cut his deceased wife's hair and sold it to a man who made horse whips out of hair. The man in turn, paid for Lyida's funeral and burial. Charles hired a wet nurse to feed and take care of the small baby and his other small children. Charles Cagle and surviving family members made it back to Newton County. See: Wagon Train.

Charles Arter Cagle married Mary Elizabeth Tilley Standridge, March 27, 1881 Newton County, Arkansas. Mary was daughter of James Tilley and Louisa Heflin. She was born November 11, 1855 in Searcy County, Arkansas. Mary was widow of General Alexander Standridge, who also died on the wagon train enroute to Newton County. Charles and Mary had eleven children. Mary died October 04, 1944 in Leflore County, Oklahoma. Mary Elizabeth Tilley Standridge Cagle is buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery Jethto, Franklin County, Arkansas, next to her second husband, Charles Arter Cagle.

The Children of Charles Arter Cagle are found in below information.

The following is information that I have compiled on Charles Arter Cagle.

Charles Arter Cagle was issued he original credentials to be a Baptist Minister on September 3, 1871 in Newton County, Arkansas. He was also Registed on the Minister's and Elder License Book 1, page 134 with no dates in Haskell, Oklahoma 1875-1935 also Indian Territory, OK 1843-1944.

1850 Census: Franklin County, Tennessee...Charles Arter Cagle was 6 yrs. old.

1860 Census: Richland Twp. Newton County, Arkansas living at home with parents...15 years old.

1870 Census: Richland Twp. Newton County, Arkansas

       Cagle, Charles A.      24 TN
       Marget L.              25 AR
       Lemuel R.              4 AR
       James H.               2 AR
       Mary A.                1 AR 

Charles Cagle, Baptist Minister: September 3, 1871, Newton County, Arkansas.

1880 Census: Albion, Cassia County, Idaho

      Cagle, Charles  A.     32     Farmer     TN TN TN
      Lydia M.               33     House      AR TN MO
      Samuel R.              13     Son        AR TN AR
      Mary A.                12     Daughter   AR TN AR
      Martha J.               9     Daughter   AR TN AR
      Burton C.               7     Son        AR TN AR
      Margaret E.             3     Daughter   AR TN AR  (my gr grandmother)

1891 Personal Property Tax List: Pope County, Arkansas School District 95

Cagle, C.A. = 1 Poll

listed under him was L. R. Cagle = 1 Poll (This was son of Charles, Lemuel Riley Cagle)

1900 Census: Walker Twp. Franklin County, Arkansas

    13 201
         10  21
         Charles      Feb. 1845   55 Tenn Farmer (Charles Arter)
         Mary         Nov. 1856   43 Ark (Mary Elizabeth Tilley Standridge)
         William H.   Jan. 1882   18 Ark (William David "David")
         John F.      Dec. 1886   13 Ark (John Franklin "Johnnie")
         Lindia E.    Mar. 1888   12 Ark (Molinda Ella "Lindie")
         Willis H.    Feb. 1890   10 Ark (Willis Harrison "Harrison")
         Sarah V.     Mar. 1892    8 Ark (Sarah Vinia "Vinie")
         Amandia      Nov. 1894    5 Ark (Manda Luizey "Luizey")
         Susie L.     Jun. 1898    1 Ark (Susan "Suzzie")
         Martha E.    Jun. 1817   83 Tenn (his mother, Martha Isabel Pine Tree)

1910 Franklin County, Ar: Enumeraton Dist. #50 (Walker twp.)

   21 50
        C.A.        65 TN
        Mary        53 AR
        Johnny      23 AR
        Willis      20 AR
        Maud        15 AR
        Nettie       9 AR
        Richard      6 AR

1916: Chales Arter Cagle was an Elder of the Free Will Baptist Church of Christ, Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas. He signed some papers on Aug. 23, 1916. Have a copy of the papers.

1920 Haskell County, Oklahoma

         Charles     75 TN

Mary Ann Cagle Tilley was given the Family Bible of Charles Arter Cagle and Lydia Margaret Standridge Cagle. Information copied by Mary Ann from her parents' Bible:

Charles Arter Cagle B-February 25, 1845, Franklin County, TN.

Lydia Margaret Standridge B-October 29, 1843, Carroll County, AR.

M- March 16, 1865 in Newton County, Arkansas


Lemuel Riley B-January 20, 1866, Richland Twp. Newton Co. AR.

James H. B-September 30, 1867 " "

Mary Ann B-August 25, 1868 " "

Martha Elizabeth B-April 26, 1870 " "

Burton Columbus B-June 30, 1872 " "

William Henry B-August 25, 1874 " "

Margaret Emeline B-October 14, 1875 Oklahoma, Cherokee Nation IT

Melvira V. "Millie" B-September 14, 1880 Born on the Wagon Train

[end of Bible entry]

Two daughters, Paulina and Minerva Brown, had witnessed the killing of their father, Joseph Brown, on the north fork of the Bayou about 1863. In later years, both Pauline and Minerva Brown, recogized the man that had killed their father, the following story was related to Pauline (Brown) Freeman's Grand-daughters, Eunice and Marie Freeman:

A preacher had become a member of the Strawberry Commumity Church, near Hagarville, Arkansas, where Pauline, Minerva and their mother Kiziah attended church services. After church the daughters told their mother that the preacher, Charlie Cagle, was the one they saw kill their father, Joseph Brown. The news grieved Kiziah, but she said, "If the Lord could forgive him, I guess I can."

Notes from Newton County, Arkansas Marriages 1858-1879, abstract A, from the book of Mormon Microfilm #1,035,372, compiled by Vera L. Dean Ross. As she entered on page 56, number 20, for Melvin Pitts:

1. Mother's cousin's Great grandfather Charlie Cagle.

2. Grandpa Riddle's brother Coy, married Damie Tilley, Charlie Cagle was Damie's Grandfather.

3. There were several Charlie Cagles. One was notorious during the Civil War as a jayhawker or bushwacker, but later became a preacher and baptized some of the kin of those he had killed during the war.

Burials, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Jethro, Franklin County, Arkansas:

Charles Arter Cagle

Mary E. Tilley Cagle

Martha I. Pine Tree unknown Cagle, (Charles' mother)

Some of the children and grandchildren are also buried there.

Twenty additional Cagle graves.

A few Standridge graves.

The following are the offspring of Charles Arter Cagle, from his marriages:

Children of Charles Cagle and Lydia Standridge:

[From Bible and Pension Records]

1. Lemuel Riley "Lem" Cagle

Born: January 20, 1866 Richland Township, Newton County, Arkansas

Died: August 21, 1936 Newton County, Arkansas.

Married: Sarah Ann Tilley

When: September 18, 1887

Where: Searcy County, Arkansas

Note: Sarah was born January 1871 Searcy County, Arkansas.

She died March 18, 1937 Newton County, Arkansas. Sarah was the daughter of James W. Tilley and Louisa Heflin. Sarah was the sister of Mary E. Tilley who was the second wife of Charles Arter Cagle, she was a sister-in-law to Mary Ann Cagle, who was married to her brother, John Riley Tilley.

2. James Henry Cagle

Born: September 30, 1867 Richland Township, Newton County, Arkansas

Died: About 1878 in Arkansas.

Note: 1870 Census Newton County, Arkansas, 2 years old. He must have died before they went on the wagon train or on the way to Idaho, or while they were there.

3. Mary Ann Cagle

Born: August 25, 1868 Richland Township, Newton County, Arkansas

Died: April 28, 1947 Comanche, Stevens County, Oklahoma.

Married: John Riley Tilley

When: May 13, 1886

Where: Garnett, Anderson County, Kansas

Note: John was born February 14, 1868 Campbell Twp., Searcy County, Arkansas. He died August 19, 1937 Comanche, Stevens County, Oklahoma. Both Are buried at Fairlawn Cemetery.

         1910 Kings, Steven County, Oklahoma Census: 
         John R. Tilley  HD  MW  43 m23  AR   TN  TN 
         Mary            Wf  FW  42 m23  AR   TN  AR
         Della            D  FW  17 s    AR   AR  AR
         Walter           S  MW  14 s    ''   ''  ''
         Nettie           D  FW  11 s    ''   ''  ''
         Harlie           S  MW   7 s    ''   ''  ''
         Birch            S  MW   5 s    ''   ''  ''
         Donnie           S  FW   2 s    ''   ''  ''

4. Martha Elizabeth "Marthey" Cagle

Born: April 26, 1870 Richland Township, Newton County, Arkansas

Died: May 10, 1919 Comanche, Stevens County, Oklahoma

Married: 1st, Henry Ross

When: September 1, 1889

Where: Pope County, Arkansas

Note: Henry was born 1867 in Arkansas, died before 1892 in Freeman, Pope County, Arkansas, buried Old Freeman Cemetery. They had one son named John Wesley Ross.

Married: 2nd, Michael B. Branch

When: November 20, 1892

Where: Pope County, Arkansas

Note: Michael was born March 24, 1851 in Arkansas. He died December 21, 1920 Comanche, Stevens County, Oklahoma.

5. Burton Columbus Cagle

Born: June 30, 1872 Richland Creek, Newton County, Arkansas

Died: October 1880 Americus, Lyon County, Kansas

Note: Burton was in the 1880 census of Idaho. Lydia, his mother, and Alex Standridge died on the way back from Idaho. There were a few others who were ill. I think Burton is one of the others that died then, he would have been about 7 or 8 years old.

6. William Henry Cagle

Born: November 25, 1874 Richland Creek, Newton County, Arkansas

Died: November 25, 1874 Richland Creek, Newton County, Arkansas

7. Margaret Emeline "Emeline" Cagle

Born: October 14, 1875 Arkansas/Oklahoma, Cherokee Nation

Died: June 4, 1959 Lawndale, Los Angeles County, California

Married: 1st, Jesse Morgan Greer/Grear

When: February 11, 1894

Where: Freeman, Pope County, Arkansas

Note: Jesse was born July 13, 1861 De Soto, Mississippi. He died December 7, 1905 Eufaula, McIntosh County, Oklahoma, Creek Indian Nation.

Married: 2nd, Harvey Dustin Phillips

When: April 1909 Eufaula, McIntosh County, Oklahoma

Note: Harvey was born March 7, 1849 in Virginia. Margaret Emeline was four years old when she was bitten four times by a rattlesnake befor her father could get to her. When Emeline was seven years old she would help her father break wild horses that he would round up. After they were broke, Charles would take them to town and sell them. See: I Remember Little Grandma.

8. Melvira V. (Melvory) "Mellie" Cagle

Born: September 14, 1880 on Wagon Train

Died: July 30, 1965 Eufaula, McIntosh County, Okalhoma

Married: 1st, Charley Lee Perry

Married: 2nd, Archibald Willis Brewer

Note: Archibald was born August 30, 1868 Franklin Co., Arkansas. He died March 4, 1945 Eufaula, McIntosh County, Oklahoma. Aunt Ola has Melvira's name as Melvory, nick name Millie. Melvira was the child that was born to Lydia, two weeks before she died. They have Melvira born in Idaho, but she had to have been born in another state. It would have taken four to five months for them to get from Idaho to Kansas. The census was taken in Idaho May 31, 1880. Melvira was born September 14, 1880, and Lydia died September 30, 1880. Melvira was living with Jesse Morgan Greer and her sister Margaret Emeline Cagle Greer and their children and Jesse's mother, Aramenta Williams Greer, who was a widow. The 1900 census on the Creek Indian Territory in Oklahoma: only lists Jesse M. Greer and Melvira Cagle, and has Jesse listed as her brother instead of brother-in-law. Melvira is buried in Eufaula, Oklahoma, Greenwood Cemetery, in Section A.


Mary Elizabeth Tilley Standridge Cagle, second wife of Charles Cagle.

Children of Charles Cagle and Mary Elizabeth Tilley Standridge:

[Information from Widow's Pension Records]

1. William David "Dave" Cagle

Born: January 2, 1882 Franklin County, Arkansas

Died: March 8, 1965 Mulberry, Crawford County, Arkansas

Married: Martha Isiebell "Isie" WIlliams

When: August 31, 1902 Franklin County Arkansas

Note: "Isie" was born June 19, 1882 Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas. She died March 30, 1949 Mulberry, Crawford County, Arkansas. William was 88 years old when he died. They are buried Oak Ridge Cemetery, Jethro, Franklin County, Arkansas. Some of their grandchildren are also buried there. The Ozark Spectator, April 1, 1949: Funeral services for Mrs. Martha Isabel Cagle, 66, who died at the home of her son, Henry Cagle, in Mulberry at 1 p.m. Thursday of heart ailment, will be held at Jethro Friday at 2 p.m. Rev. Richard Root will officate, and burial will be in the Oak Ridge Cemetery with arrangements by Greers. Survivors include her husband, W.D. Cagle of Mulberry; five sons Riley, Burchie, Charley and Harley of Cravens and Elmer of Dyer: three brothers John and Jess Williams of Dyer and Robert Williams of Dyer; four sisters Mrs. Dovie Moore of Dyer, Mrs. Sula Cagle of Bradford, Mrs. Ara Williams of Cravens and Mrs. Lokie Freeman of White Oak; twenty-three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Surviving also is her mother, Mrs, Allen Williams of Cravens.

2. Geneva W. Cagle

Born: January 18, 1884

3. John Franklin "Johnnie" Cagle

Born: December 19, 1885

Died: May 16, 1953 Checotah, McIntosh County, Oklahoma

Married: Sarah E. Burdine

When: September 3, 1914 in Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Note: Sarah was born February 3, 1895 Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas. She died May 8, 1966 Checotah, McIntosh County, Oklahoma. Both are buried Greenland Cemetery, Checotah, McIntosh County, Oklahoma.

4. Molinda Ella "Lindie" Cagle

Born: February 25, 1888 Ozark, Franklin County, Arknasas

Died: January 7, 1964 Tulsa, Oklahoma

Married: 1st, Walter Loudermilk

Married: 2nd, James Thomas "Jim" Medlock

When: January 24, 1907 Franklin County, Akansas

Note: James was born April 10, 1872 in Jethro, Franklin County, Arkansas. He died February 24, 1947 Cartersville, Haskell County, Oklahoma. Lindie Ella Cagle was 75 years old when she died. She is buried at Old Cache Cemetery, on the old place on the corner of hwy. 9 and Cartersville Road 1910, Franklin County, Arkansas. James Medlock is also buried there. Obituary for Lindie: Linda E. Loudermilk: Mrs. Linda E. Loudermilk, 75, of 6647 N. Victor Ave., died of cancer here Wednesday. She had been in Tulsa eight years. She came here from Keota. She was a native of Arkansas, and member of the Valley View Church of Christ. Survivors include two sons, J.D. Medlock of 6651 N. Trenton Ave., and John F. Medlock of Broken Arrow; two daughters, Mrs Letha Middleton of the home, and Mrs Mary Cooper of Drumright; three stepsons, Kivil and Gene Medlock, both of Keota, and Floyd Medlock of Phoenix, Ariz; a step-daughter, Mrs Eva Rason of Ozark, Ark; two brothers, three sisters, 10 grand children and 10 great grandchildren. Mallory Funeral Home of Stigler is in charge of arrangements.

5. Willis Harrison "Harrison" Cagle

Born: March 7, 1890 Franklin County, Arkansas

Died: July 5, 1976 Bradford, Arkansas.

Married: Sular B. Williams

When: July 21, 1911

Where: Franklin County, Arkansas

Note: Sular was born July 12, 1892 Franklin County, Arkansas. She died September 27, 1972 Bradford, Arkansas. Sular the sister of Martha Isabel "Isie" Williams who was married to Sular's husband's brother William David "David" Cagle. They may have had nine children, some of the names were Tom, Ruth, Willie (Female) and Lula who was married to a Boyce. Willis and Sular are buried Heard Cemetery Bradford, Arkansas.

6. Sarah Vina "Vinie" Cagle

Born: February 7, 1892 Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Died: Grand Prairie, Texas

Married: Patrick Edward Peirce

When: July 26, 1908

Where: Franklin County, Arkansas

Note: Patrick was born June 1890 Newton County, Arkansas. He died in Grand Prairie, Texas.

7. Nancy Cagle

Born: February 9, 1894 (stillborn)

8. Manda Luizey "Luizey" Cagle

Born: November 1, 1895 Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Died: May 11, 1976 Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Married: 1st, Rans J. Parish

Note: Rans was born April 6, 1876. He died died January 24, 1954 Franklin County, Arkansas. Buried Oak Ridge Cemetery, Jethro, Franklin County, Akansas. They may have had four children.

Married: 2nd, Charles "Charlie" Kimes

Note: Obituary, Mrs Charlie Kimes:

Mrs Manda Lou Kimes, 80, of Route 3, Alma, died Thursday at 4 P.M., at the Van Buren Hospital. Daughter of the late Charles A. and Mary Tilley Cagle, Mrs Kimes was born November 1, 1895, in Indian Territory. Survivors include her husband, Charlie of Mulberry: three sons, Homer Parrish of Attica, Ind., Henry Parrish of Route, 2, Ozark, and Joe Parrish of Mulberry: four daughters, Mrs Myrtle Weathrall of Mulberry, Mrs Mary Ruch of Fort Smith, Mrs. Thelma Jean Frazier of Reedly, Calif., and Mrs. Sue McDonner of Mountianburg; a sister, Mrs. Vina Pierce of Grand Prairie, Tex. 43 grandchildren, 55 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. Funeral arrangements were at Greer Funeral Home.

9. Suzan "Suzzie" Cagle

Born: June 1, 1898 Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Note: She married a Cagle.

10. Nettie Gertrude Cagle

Born: March 5, 1901 Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Died: November 17, 1970 Keota, Oklahoma

Married: 1st, William Mitchell

Married: 2nd, Andrew Jackson Smith

When: November 3, 1936

Where: Sabastion County, Arkansas

Note: Andrew was born March 19, 1885. He died December 3, 1964 Keota, Oklahoma. Nettie's mother lived with her until her death (Mary Elizabeth Tilley Standridge Cagle, 2nd wife of Charles Arter Cagle.

11. Richard Houston Cagle

Born: December 14, 1902 Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas

Died: November 16, 1950 Checotha, Oklahoma

Married: Tennessee Pearl Hefley

Note: Tennessee was born September 1,1904 Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas. She died June 15, 1990 Checotha, Oklahoma.

Note: Melvira "Mille" Cagle Brewer said they had two children who were stillborn.

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