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Crossroads Cemetery
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Thanks go to Robert and Rosa Cline for their work on this cemetery information

This transciption was done March 25, 2001...(Stoverville, Arkansas) On highway 21 through Boxley going toward Kingston. You will turn on the last dirt road on the right (if you go past it you will be in Madison County). There is a sign pointing down the road saying Elkhorn Church and also a sign for Azalea Falls Lodge. You will follow this dirt road until it changes into pavement. (The dirt road is kept up pretty good to be a dirt road). You will be going about 3 miles before you hit the pavement. You will go about .4 miles on the pavement and you will then turn on a dirt road (there is a sign that is hard to see that says Crossroads Church) and follow it and the cemetery is after the house on your left hand side with a chain link fence around it.


There are about 15-20 rocks for graves with no headstones
Georgia May Farmer Allred    May 8, 1918          May 31, 1977
note:  Mom, We Miss You.
       Funeral home marker reads 'Georgia Allred born 1918 died 1977
       age 59 Christenson Funeral Home, Harrison, Arkansas'

Ada Beaver May 29, 1929
Grover L. Beaver February 12, 1922 April 19, 1987 note: Married November 30, 1946 This is a flat headstone. They have double base but single flat headstones.
Debbie Arlene Beaver March 2, 1955 March 14, 1955 note: Gone So Soon. Flat headstone.
G.W. Beaver October 21, 1867 June 25, 1928 note: Gone But Not Forgotten. G.W.B. at foot.
May Beaver December 15, 1894 June 1, 1931
John H. Beaver October 31, 1891 September 11, 1958 note: At Rest.
Ralph W. Beaver April 16, 1904 February 14, 1942 note: Flat headstone.
Rebecca J. Beaver June 20, 1868 September 24, 1939 note: Gone But Not Forgotten. R.J. B. at foot.
Roger Dale Beaver April 29, 1948 March 21, 1969 note: Asleep In Jesus. Has his picture on it.
Grover C. Brady note: Flat, military marker: GROVER C. BRADY WAGR US ARMY WORLD WAR I
Vada Eastep Brewer September 9, 1933 February 23, 1995 note: We miss you both. Her funeral home marker reads 'Vada Brewer 1933 1995 Holt Memorial Chapel' Married August 26, 1950.
Walter Lee Brewer June 29, 1928 October 31, 1999 note: Driving Heavens Hwys. His funeral home marker reads 'Walter Brewer 1928 1999 Holt Memorial Chapel'
George Calderhead December 16, 1894 October 1898 note: At Rest. Flat headstone, looks just like Jeanet's.
Jeanet Calderhead February 23, 1894 April 19, 1909 note: At rest. Flat headstone, looks just like George's.
Sarah Calderhead June 26, 1853 April 19, 1909
John B. Calderhead May 7, 1843 May 1909 note: At Rest.
Leta M. Canfield 1882 1920 note: Flat headstone with moss like stuff growing over it.
Kenneth James Clark 'Ken' April 6, 1963 April 19, 1987 note: CLARK on back
Melva Jean Clark September 27, 1935 January 10, 1936 note: Daughter of I. W. and V. Clark At Rest. Flat headstone.
Minee M. Clark December 22, 1901 November 26, 1974
J. Frank Clark December 28, 1900 October 13, 1975 note: Flat headstone.
Nina Ruth Clark June 27, 1934 February 4, 1985
Rymer Clay Clark May 1, 1928 April 4, 1997 note: Wed March 31, 1954 Rymer has a military flat foot marker: RYMER CLAY CLARK CPL US ARMY KOREA MAY 1, 1928 APR. 4, 1997
Terry Michael Clark September 20, 1953 February 1, 1954 note: Son of Arliss & Lela Clark Flat headstone.
Virginia Clark August 17, 1897 January 15, 1983
Iva W. Clark March 22, 1891 January 10, 1973 note: They have gone to the mansions of rest.
Lewis A. Cline August 29, 1901 August 20. 1973 note: Son of Francis Alvin Cline and Artie Minnie Deatherage Picture of Headstone in Newton County, Arkansas Scrapbook®, Item #563
Minnie Cline 1880 1971 note: Artie Minnie Deatherage Daughter of Hiram P. Deatherage and Mahala Kirkendall Picture of Headstone in Newton County, Arkansas Scrapbook®, Item #562
Francis Alvin Cline 1875 1956 note: Went by Alvin. Son of Nicolas Parando Cline. Flat headstone. Picture of Headstone in Newton County, Arkansas Scrapbook®, Item #562
Orpha Cline October 19, 1915 February 12, 1916 note: Daughter of Fancis Alvin Cline and Artie Minnie Deatherage Flat headstone engraved praying girl beside bed. Picture of Headstone in Newton County, Arkansas Scrapbook®, Item #564
Edd Cross April 29, 1890 June 1, 1938
Will Cross April 29, 1890 June 15, 1955 note: In God we trust. Double headstone.
M. V. Cross April 7, 1846 March 16, 1909 note: We will meet again.
Margaret Cross January 1, 1858 November 4, 1932
Berlon Davidson March 12, 1942 March 24, 1942 note: Flat headstone with engraved praying hands. Mother and Father of Renee, Randy, Johnie and Doug
Brad W. Davidson January 29, 1934 January 17, 1998 note: Husband of Bonnie Billings. Married November 8, 1958. Has a military foot marker: BRAD WILLIAM DAVIDSON SN US NAVY JAN. 29, 1934 (CROSS) JAN. 17, 1998
Bonnie Billings May, 7, 1941 note: In the shadow of His wings there is peace. DAVIDSON on back
Erbie Davidson November 30, 1912 April 9, 1999 note: Precious Memories. Funeral home marker reads 'Erbie Lavern Davidson 1912 1999 Coffman Funeral Home'
Johnnie Davidson July 24, 1909 June 30, 1965 note: engraved picture of tree and a couple hugging) DAVIDSON (on back) Has another what once was a headstone which is now his foot stone: Johnie W. Davidson b. July 24, 1909 d. June 30, 1965 Gone but not forgotten
Donald E. Deibert note: Military headstone: DONALD E. DEIBERT CALIFORNIA PFC CO F 123 INFANTRY REGT WORLD WAR II BSM MARCH 10, 1923 OCT 17,1964 Elliot J. Eastep January 20, 1886 May 27, 1958 note: Husband of Josie E. Married Mar. 17, 1919
Josie E. Eastep June 8, 1890 September 24, 1964
Elizabeth Evans April 2, 1828 March 30, 1906 note: 'Mother Elizabeth his wife' She has another stone which is broken and hard to read was placed before this one: Elizabeth wife of J.M. Evans born ------- died March ---,1906
J. M. Evans June 9, 1830 August 9, 1920 note: Father
Josephine Evans July 4, 1855 July 25, 1904 note: Wife of C. C. Evans Flat headstone.
Laura M. Evans 1890 1902 note: Flat headstone.
Winfield M. Evans 1897 1902 note: Flat headstone.
Deanna Gale Farmer December 17, 1944
Charles E. 'Gene' November 13, 1940 August 15, 1999 note: Our family circle has been broken. Wed 1-6-62. Headstone is two heart shaped stone with an engraved deer in one corner and a fish in another corner and FARMER on back. Gene died from cancer Gene's foot marker: Painted rock 'I love you'. Funeral home marker reads: Gene Farmer, 1940-1999 Coffman Funeral Home View Obituary
V. N. Farmer February 14, 1907 July 24, 1963 note: Nude, We miss you
Evan W. Ford note: Military marker: EVAN W. FORD US ARMY WORLD WAR II OCT 29, 1910 (CROSS) APRIL 27, 1984 Funeral home marker reads 'Evan W. Ford 1910- 1984 Brashears Funeral Home'
Louise C. Ford 1916 1988 note: Coffman Funeral Home marker headstone
Berlon Gibbins October 10, 1928 Oct ? 16, 1928 note: Gone so soon. Flat headstone with green moss like stuff growing on it. The death month isn't very clear because of the green stuff.
Bernece Gibbins January 14, 1934 August 3, 1936 note: She is just away. Flat headstone with green moss like stuff growing on it.
Ebert H. Gibbins May 2, 1932 March 28, 1965 note: Gone to live with Jesus
Garry R. Gibbins March 14, 1959 March 27, 1959 note: Gone so soon
GIBBINS James W. Gibbins May 10, 1878 August 20, 1961
Mary Jane Gibbins November 21, 1872 March 16, 1934 note: Funeral home marker reads: 'Mary J. Gibbins 1872-1934 Brashears Funeral Home' Flat double headstone.
Linda Sue Gibbins May 11, 1947 note: Mom
James Ray Gibbins February 27, 1945 December 10, 1990 note: Dad The leaves fall, but memories remain GIBBINS on back
Jessie F. Gibbins August 8, 1905 May 28, 1988 note: Mama
Ralph B. Gibbins December 13, 1903 March 18, 1979 note: Papa Father, not my will but thine be done. GIBBINS on back
Patsy D. (Farmer) Hale September 16, 1948 February 15, 1992 note: Wife, Mother. Not our will, but sheltered and safe now. May she rest in peace. We'll love you always. Funeral home marker reads 'Patsy Darlene Hale 1948- 1992 Christenson Funeral Home, Harrison and Jasper, Arkansas' Picture of a Pomeranian dog in the corner of her headstone.
Jane Hensley March 22, 1898 July 7, 1935 note: ----- ------ fogotten Old and hard to read.
B. and E. Johnson note: Homemade headstone. Rock with painted cross.
Mary C. King December 1, 1852 April 3, 1926 note: Wife of Jesse M. King Asleep in Jesus Foot marker 'M. C. K.'
Rev. Jesse M. King July 31, 1845 May 29, 1924 note: Christ is my hope. KING Foot marker 'J. M. K.'
W. 'Bill' Knight 1859 1934 note: Flat with green moss like stuff growing on it.
Herber Mallonee note: Military marker: HERBERT MALLONEE PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II MAY 26, 1907 (CROSS) NOV. 21, 1991 Has a foot marker, 'Brother'
Margaret M. McKinney October 4, 1889 July 29, 1891 note: Flat headstone up against a tree. After she died someone probably planted that tree not thinking how big it was going to grow. And it has grown under the headstone.
Nola Gibbons Newberry June 8, 1923
Lonnie Newberry July 21, 1923 February 2, 2000 note: Married Oct. 28, 1944 Earth hath no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal. Engraved picture of tree and couple hugging one another NEWBERRY on back.
Geneva B. Nida Febuary 25, 1924
Dwight K. Nida May 1, 1919 June 12, 1993 note: Wed December 8, 1951
Michael Page note: Military Civil War headstone: MICHAEL PAGE CO B 83 REGT OHIO INF NOV. 13, 1910
Alma Parker April 19, 1909
Walter I. Parker January 12, 1906 July 22, 1987 note: Asleep in Jesus arms.
Dathna L. Parker August 22, 1933 January 7, 1986 note: Asleep in Jesus.
Clarence W. Parker July 19, 1927 September 12, 1987 note: Strolling over Heaven. Married Dec. 18, 1947 PARKER on back
Luda Nancy Parker January 22, 1878 September 10, 1964 note: Flat headstone with green moss like stuff growing on it.
Gilbert Potter note: Civil War Military headstone: GILBERT S. (possibly B.) POTTER CO E ILL CAV JUNE 25, 1839 MAY 28, 1916
Jane Elizabeth Potter 1846 1932
Jessie V. Potts December 17, 1897 November 17, 1898 note: Suffer little children to come unto me.
William Earl Ray November 26, 1891 January 17, 1968 note: Flat headstone with engraved picture of praying hands and a cross.
Crystal Lynn Saunders January 24, 1976 March 5, 1996 note: A lovely flower in th garden of God. Headstone is in a heart shape. Has an engraved picture of praying hands. Foot marker stone: 'Daughter of Anthony and Karen'
Maud Spencer November 14, 1893 October 10, 1973
J. D. Spencer July 5, 1892 February 15, 1959 note: Married Nov. 6, 1910 SPENCER on back
Verlon L. Spencer September 25, 1911 January 6, 1992 note: In Memory of. Son of Douglas and Maude Flat headstone. Cynthia E. Villines December 16, 1916 April 6, 1997 note: Mom. Funeral home marker: 'Vilines Cynthis 1916 197 Holt Memorial Chapel'
Arie L. Villines February 6, 1914 January 22, 1987 note: Dad Wed June 18, 1935 Gone to be with Jesus. VILLINES on back Funeral home marker: 'Arie Villines 1914 1987 Holt Memorial Chapel'
Ira L. Villines May 13?, 187 November 4, 1924 note: Possibly 1879 Flat headstone with green moss like stuff growing over some of the writing.
Johnny Villines April 15, 1870 June 8, 1950 note: Flat headstone.
William H. Villines 1917 1917 note: Flat headstone with green moss like stuff growing on it.
Kathy Lynn Waldron February 26, 1980 October 28, 1999 note: Little lady beloved wife. Our love goes with you and our souls wait to join you. Headstone is a heart shape stone and her picture is on the top, the base is a double base. I have her obit. She is the daughter of Brenda Grim. View Obituary
Mark L. Young 1884 1957 note: Gone but not forgotten. Flat headstone.
Tony Zurga 1925 1925 note: Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zurga Flat headstone)

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