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Curtis Cemetery
Newton County, Arkansas

Thanks go to Robert and Rosa Cline for their work on this cemetery information

This cemetery is located between Fallsville and Mossville at the end of Newton County Road 7, which is off of Highway 21 north. It is located on private property. There is a sign up that reads no trespassing except for cemetery visitors.


Transcribed March 24, 2001

There are approximately 75-80 graves marked with rocks only.

John Curtis        October 14, 1917             August 7, 1918
note:  Son of John J. Curtis and Grace Cline.

Emily J. Crawford 1849 1932 note: Mother. Gone but not forgotten.
Allie J. Curtis April 6, 1868 April 29, 1894 note: Mother Wife of W. R. Curtis May the resurrection find thee in the bosom of thy God. additional from Judy... Allie Jane was daughter of Robert Lee Lovell and Permelia Ann Thermon. Allie was first wife of William 'Bill' Curtis, their children: Lewis Scott Curtis, John Fergeson Curtis, and James Monroe Curtis.
Amos F. Curtis note: Civil War headstone: Corpl Amos F. CURTIS CO. E 2 ARK. INF. additional from Judy... Amos Fergeson Curtis married six times: Mattie Hays, Rachel E. Daniels, Cecilia /Cecia Daniels, Laura C. Neal, Rebecca Stanton Greer, and Elizabeth Parten Weimer. Appears in Those Who Served

Andrew B. Curtis July 26, 1883 October 11, 1884 note: Son of J. H. and S. C. CURTIS We will meet. additional...Grandson of Amos Curtis.
Delila A. Curtis June 12, 1824 January 11, 1893 note: Age 69 years 7 months additional from Judy... Delila McPherson Nichols, second wife of Thomas S. Curtis.
Eva Curtis October 19, 1894 November 1, 1894 note: Daughter of J. H. and S. C. Curtis Asleep in Jesus.
J. H. Curtis November 9, 1851 September 10, 1937 note: James Hiram Curtis, son of Amos F. Curtis
James M. Curtis October 23, 1883?? November 11, 1894 note: Son of W. R. and Allie J. Curtis We will meet again additional from Judy... James Monroe Curtis, born October 23, 1893
Lawrence B. Curtis July 29, 1887 August 4, 1887 note: Son of A. F. and Harriet Curtis
Lewis Scott Curtis July 24, 1885 March 24, 1952 note: At rest. additional from Judy... Son of William R. 'Bill' Curtis and Allie Jane Lovell.
Lizzie Curtis April 29, 1901 note: 'Wife of W. R. Curtis died Apr. 29, 1901 age 31 years. Another link is broken in our houshold band, but a chain is forming in a better land' additional from Judy... Elizabeth Smith was second wife of William R. 'Bill' Curtis, their children: William Curtis, Josie Paralee Curtis, and Samuel Curtis.
Mae Curtis January 3, 1891 April 25, 1978 note: Wife of Scott Curtis. At rest. Wife of above Lewis Scott Curtis.
Rachel E. Curtis March 1831 November 20, 1864 note: from Judy... Rachel Elizabeth Daniels was second wife of Amos F. Curtis.
Sarah C. Curtis November 16, 1854 September 9, 1927 note: Wife of J. H. Curtis. additional from Judy... Sarah Caroline Nichols was wife of James Hiram Curtis.
Thomas H. Curtis August 20, 1881 March 8, 1900 note: Son of J. H. and S. C. Curtis
William R. Curtis April 25, 1860 September 26, 1923 note: from Judy Bill Curtis married three times. First wife was Allie J. Lovell, the above Allie J. Curtis. Second marriage was to Elizabeth Smith, the above Lizzie Curtis. Third marriage was to Samarah Thomas Coffee Lovell
John Dixon January 18, 1893 April 14, 1971
Mollie Dixon May 6, 1897 April 12, 1988 note: Double headstone, with single base but separate stones. Vase in the middle with the name Dixon written vertically on the vase.
Loyd Dixon note: In Memory of Loyd DIXON S. SGT. 145 INF. 37 DIV. b. May 8, 1919 d. Apr. 30, 1945 buried on Luzon, Philippine Islands
Roy Dixon July 14, 1923 January 11, 1931 note: Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Dixon
A. Harderson January 5, 1817 September 8, 1861
Sallie Judkins January 26, 1893 March 22, 1919 note: Wife of R. L. Judkins. She was the sunshine of our home. View Obituary
Flossie Dixon Langley March 17, 1927 October 14, 1970
Samantha Lovejoy 1860 1935 note: Mother.
Arthur Ivan Lovell October 21, 1923 May 8, 1976 note: Christenson Funeral Home marker still on grave. additional...son of James Monroe Lovell and first wife, Lawrence Yates.
George Melvin Lovell 1903 1905
James Monroe Lovell 1872 1936 note: Married twice, first wife was Lawrence Yates, daughter of George Yates and Sarah Cox. Second marriage was to Sadie Belle Mitchell, January 14, 1900. James Monroe Lovell was born October 25, 1873, died January 8, 1936.
Sadie Mitchell Lovell 1886 1907 note: Double headstone.
James Monroe Lovell Jr. 1912 1913
Meetlee Ann Lovell August 7, 1841 February 10, 1910 note: Wife of R. L. Lovell. As a wife devoted as a mother .... (remainder of inscription was unreadable) additional from Judy... Parmelia Ann Therman, daughter of Pleasant and Susannah, married Robert L. Lovell January 6, 1859.
Robert L. Lovell note: Civl War headstone: SERGT. Robert L. LOVELL CO. E 2 ARK. INF. additional from Judy... Robert Lee Lovell was son of Edmond Lovell, was born June 6, 1836, died February 7, 1929.
Florence Nichols January 29, 1860 March 29, 1895 note: Wife of D. C. Nichols Gone but not forgotten. additional from Judy... Florence Norris was wife of David C. Nichols.
Millie Ooy?? Nichols December 8? 1888 May 15, 1891 note: Writing was fading so it wasn't very clear on the middle name or the birthday.
Little W. D. Nichols December 25, 1873 July 22, 1881 note: Aged 7 years 7 months 19 days Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbit them not for of such is the kingdom of God.
Rufus T. Pruitt June 12, 1872 March 15, 1874 note: Son of J. P. and N. P. Pruitt We will meet.
Dollie Curtis Reed September 10, 1872 October 15, 1949 note: None knew her but to love her.
Robert Brady Ryker October 24, 1931 January 1, 1932 note: Flat 2 feet by 4 feet concrete slab with small inscribed grave stone in the middle.
Thomas H. Ryker April 4, 1902 December 12, 1995
Tom David Ryker December 23, 1932 March 23, 1937
Margaret Reynolds Strickland and Johnie Jack Strickland 1912 1932 note: Wife and infant son of Hondor Strickland Our darlings.
Billie Sutherlan June 16, 1871 May 4, 1900 note: Another link is broken in our houshold band, but a chain is forming in a better land.
Little Granville Sutherlan January 15, 1894 January 19, 1894 note: Son of E. A. and M. P. J. Sutherlan Come home.
Maudie M. Sutherlan January 24, 1891 February 20, 1891 note: Daughter of W. M. & A. B. Sutherlan Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven.
Bessie Swain January 8, 1886 December 12, 1906 note: Wife of Harley Swain Gone but not forgotten. additional from Judy... Bessie Crawford, daughter of above Emily J. Crawford, was wife of Harley Swain, son of Ruben Washington Swain and Fannie Culberson.

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