Hefley Cemetery Newton Co., AR

Newton County, Arkansas Cemeteries

Hefley Cemetery
Newton County, Arkansas
About 1/2 mile east of Big Creek


Lou Eller Hefley            August 25, 1877   February 18, 1936
  note:  Maiden name Guthrie.
         Wife of Thomas Jefferson Hefley.
Thomas Jefferson Hefley   December 25, 1873       July 18, 1939
  note:  Son of James and Elizabeth Tennison Hefley.

James Hefley February 13, 1855 May 16, 1936 note: Son of Harve and Adaline Criner Hefley. Known as Natty Jim.
Elizabeth Hefley May 21, 1856 no date note: Daughter of Thomas and Caroline Liles Tennison. Wife of Natty Jim Hefley.
Blance E. Hefley January 16, 1905 June 18, 1939 note: wife of William Hefley.
Albert Hefley no dates note: Son of Natty Jim and Elizabeth Tennison Hefley.
Child Hefley no dates note: Daughter of Elmer and Viola Hefley.
Dennis Holt July 10, 1910 June 23, 1921 note: Son of Joseph and Rosey Hefley Holt.
Child Smith no dates

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