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Book Round List

A recent update to the Book Round List appears herein. If any member of the NewtonCoFamilies Mailing List is interested in reading any of the below books, post a request to the NewtonCoFamilies Mailing List with the Book Round # or # 's that you are interested in, remember to include your mailing address.

Book Round # 1  (Freda Carpenter) 
       ...Round Completed 
       History of Newton County, Arkansas 
            by Walter Lackey
            432 pages, no index
Book Round # 2 (Judy Tate)
       ...Round Completed 
       A Touch of Newton County 
            by Millicent Read  
            The book is a collection of newspaper columns written by 
            Mrs. Read for the INFORMER weekly newspaper out of Jasper, 
            Arkansas (the only newspaper now is the Newton County Times).
            The book is a quick read at only 85 pages.              

Book Round # 3 (Lori Reddell) 
       ...Round Completed  
       Under the Greenhaw Tree 
            by Clyde Greenhaw Newman 
            103 pages, no index, but several pictures. 
            It talks about the Greenhaws in Arkansas, The Ethridge Family, 
            The Huffman Family, Settlers on Richland, The Greenhaws in 
            Searcy County.  It also spells the name Greenhow and Greenhaigh. 
            It talks about John Greenhow, the emigrant-merchant to 
            Williamsburg, Virginia, and founder of the Greenhaw family in 
            America, came from High House, Staunton, near Kendal, in 
            Westmorland, 22 miles north of Lancaster. He was born 
            November 12, 1724 at High House.
Book Round # 4 (Lori Reddell)
      These Hills, My Home A Buffalo River Story 
            by B. Touchstone Hardaway
            179 pages, including index
            A Timeless book about a river and its people, so well 
            and lovingly written that its interwoven fact and legend 
            has that special quality of good storytelling. The now 
            famous National Buffalo River is one of the last 
            free-flowing rivers in America.
            These Hills, My Home depicts the lives of the settlers 
            of Newton County and their blacksmithing, cedar harvest,
            " 'lasses making," and, of course, tall tales.
            For readers with a genealogical interest, the author has
            included information and burial records on those families, 
            as well as a name index and marriage roster.
Book Round # 5 (Lori Reddell)
       One Small Drum, A story of the Civil War in Newton County 
            by B. Touchstone Hardaway
            240 pages. Young Jason Harp doesn't know how to handle 
            the hate in his heart for those who invade his peaceful 
            Buffalo River Valley, kill his father and dare to deprive 
            his people of freedom. He secretly joins forces with the 
            famed guerrilla fighter, Captain Cecil, and does his bit 
            to help the cause. Captain John Cecil teaches Jason not 
            to hate and to survive those desperate years of the Civil 
            War in Arkansas and Missouri. An exciting historical 
            fiction adventure about a young boy and his friends who 
            live through that war of wars and learn a valuable lesson 
            in life.....
Book Round # 6 (Virginia Heard) 
       ...Round Completed  
       Old Folks Talking 
            by Jim Liles 
            479 pages, including index
            "Historical Sketches of Boxley Valley, on
            Buffalo River.  A place of Special Value in the
            Ozarks of Arkansas."
Book Round # 7 (Nancy Jane Balmer)  
       Ross and Kin 
            by Granville James Ross
            397 pages with the index Includes the surnames:
            Adams, Anderson, Baker, Bales, Bowman, Brown, Carpenter, 
            Cavin, Clayton, Cole, Davis, Dean, Dunlap, Fields, Flood,
            Freeman, Galentine, Gibson, Greenhaw, Gregory, Gunter, 
            Harris, Harmon, Hendrix, Hicks, Howard, Hull, Jacobs, 
            Johnson, Jones, Page, Parks, Patten, Phillips, Pitts, 
            Ross, Smith, Standridge, Sumners, Taylor, Terry, Tilley, 
            Treat, Tumbleston, Wheeler, Wilbanks, Wood, Yates and 
            more.  Some of my Cagle's are in this book also. 

Book Round # 8 (Judy Tate)
       Give Me Thy Vineyard 
            by Guy Howard...Walking Preacher of the Ozarks
            287 pages of insight into the lives of the isolated 
            people who lived in the area...
Book Round # 9 (Judy Tate)
       Hurrah for Arkansas, From Razorbacks to Diamonds 
            by Marguerite Lyon
            296 pages including index
            Chapter on Newton County, Land of Unspoiled Beauty.  Mentions the 
            Jasper goose named Joe...Addie Barlow, Nurse Frances Billings, Ted 
            Richmond and the Wilderness Library, Inez Borin postmistress of Bass, 
            Ray Ted Jones, Judge Spears, Joe Kenneth Jones, Carl Grant Ham, Frank 
            and Eleanor Moss, Doris and Susie Seys, Mildred Phillips, Robert 
            Phillips, Betty Keeling and others.

Book Round # 10 (Judy Tate)
       Civil War Battles 
            by Curt Johnson and Mark McLaughlin
            160 pages including index
            This book is NOT Newton County specific, but a good one for those of 
            you with an interest in the Civil War.  The authors describe twelve 
            battles in great detail...with maps, illustrations, diagrams, and 
            photographs.  Includes biographies of the leading generals of each 

Book Round # 11  (Judy Tate)  
       History of Newton County, Arkansas 
            by Walter Lackey
            432 pages, no index

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