Signature of Edward B. Walker Genealogy of Edward B. Walker
1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Our Walker Family Lineage

Author: Charles Atkins Walker
Date: December 1993
Publisher: Published privately
City: Fort Scott, Kansas
Online: No; copyrighted
On file: Obtained from Joyce (Pogue) Cusack
Scanned: Yes

Charles Atkins Walkeroffsite link to WorldConnect wrote a book that focuses primarily on the children of Isaac Walker who moved to Missouri in the mid 1880s, namely Daniel, Joseph King, and Rachel. Unfortunately, his work does include the common errors related to Edward B.'s parentage, but his work on the Missouri branches was extensive and included some photographs.

Whether his book is available at any repository is unknown; the copy on file was sent to me by Joyce (Pogue) Cusack. Although Charles did not specifically copyright the work, copyright law at the time automatically protected it, and it cannot be reproduced here at present. However, it is quoted extensively in my Family Fileoffsite link to WorldConnect.

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