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Andrew Calvin Walker - Medicinal Recipes

Andrew Calvin Walkeroffsite link to WorldConnect was a doctor in Forkvale, Norma, Caryville, and elsewhere over the years until the early 1920s, when illness prevented him from practicing. He rode on horseback and did use a variety of powered medicines and such. Below is a page belonging to his grandson, Robert, son of Ruby, with the recipes for a few of his homemade treatments.

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1 Pt. apple Vinegar
¼ pt. spts. turpentine
1 oz. Gum Camphor
1 oz. Lye soap
2 Eggs

Rose Treatment
Boil Butternut bark all day in kettle, strain, add small polk root and 2 blood roots. Boil tender[,] strain, boil down, stir in madder shape[?] in pill form, use 2 or 3 at nite twice a week

and Powder gum Camphor and English Rosin (equal quantity) - boil to pill form use one 3 times per day

1 pt. whiskey
Guiacum (size of walnut)
2 Tblspns Quinine
Sig: 1 spnful 3 a day

1 Dr.[?] Iodide Potassium
2 Drs. Bicarb Potassium [uses " after Bicarb]
wine Colchichum "see 6 Drs."
water - 4 oz.
Tspn 3 time day
Comp Carth. Pills twice week



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