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W.T. Cardin - For Election Support

W.T. Cardin was County Clerk Clerk for Union County, Tennessee, who wrote to Andrew Calvin Walkeroffsite link to WorldConnect asking for his support. Although Andrew was living in Forkvale in Campbell County, Forkvale was just across the Union County border; presumably because he was a physician, he carried some influence there.

To modern ears, the letter may seem a little strange. However, in that time period, the very few local government jobs available were usually reserved for men who were too disabled to do manual labor. Apparently, Cardin had originally intended to serve a single term but decided he wanted a second.

No record remains as to how Andrew replied. Below the text appears to be a note from Andrew about an examination of a John Draper, presumably for a pension.

Letter courtesy Robert Emmit Walker. Click any page for a larger version.

Maynardville Tenn Aug. 13, 1893

Dr. A.C. Walker / Forkvale / Tennessee

Dear Sir:

I contemplate being a candidate for re-election to the office of County Court Clerk when the time arrives, and being very desirous to have your support and influence in the next election I take the privilege to write you this letter knowing as I do that you have an influence in that part of the country that will be felt either one way as the other.

In the first place I hereby tender you my thanks for past favors, and what you did for me in my last race. I will always be grateful to my friends for what they did for me, should I never get an other office. I will be a candidate before the Primary election or what ever the Republican Party desires. Now Doctor I want your advice in regard to my being a candidate. It is usless for me to tell you this is my first term as you know it alredy [sic] or that I am crippled and unable to perform manual labor. As to my proficiency in this work I refer you to any of the busness men here except

one or two here who are seeking to down me in order that they my [sic] rise on my down fall. If you are not obligated to any one I ask you to help me this time and then I will give way to some one else.

Any suggestions or any thing you may have to say on this subject will be gladly accepted by me. Hoping to hear from you soon. I remain

Yours as ever

W.T. Cardin

[Andrew appears to use the bottom of this letter for notes:]

John Draper

Disease of kidney. Pain & weekness back at times urin [sic] high colored & scanty at other times clear & profuse

Pain in frontal part of Head generaly [sic] some times in back of Head. Eyesight very week sometims wore than others sometimes become inflamed &c fullness on catery[?[ &c inactive liver causing stomach trouble tenders constipation & Piles. Also Rhumatism [sic] in armes [sic] & ankles causing weakness &c. Palpitation Heart Pulse 78 sitting 90 standing. Temperature 98 morning.

[continuation apparently of John Draper's report]

I find [unreadable] him now to be afflicted with Hypertrophy and debilitarion of the Hearts Suffering with a severe pain that around the heart roaring in ears and on [unreadable].

He is once[?] very nervous And believe from my examination that said Applicant's condition is as bad or worse than it was in 1889 as I have been aquainted with said application ever since 1889 and talked with him on the subject at different times &c.



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