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Anna Day to Billy Walker

Isaac and Anna (Day) Walker after marriage; click any photo for a larger version of the picture
Isaac Walker (left) and probably his brother Barrett
Billy & Mary Jane (Liford) Walker

Anna (Day) Walkeroffsite link to WorldConnect was born in Arkansas in 1888 but her family was from somewhere near Claiborne County, Tennessee. She wrote this letter in 1912 to the parents of her boyfriend, after what appears to have been a minor argument, especially as they married shortly thereafter. She also sent an undated postcard to them about the same time, which is also below. Her soon-to-be husband was Isaac Walker, the son of William Anderson and Mary Jane (Liford) Walker.

Letter, postcard, and all photos courtesy Bill Walker and transcribed by Roma A. Walker. Click any page or photo for a larger version.

[Anna Day from about the same time period as the letter; the back of the postcard is below; click on either for a larger view.]

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. and M. J. Walker
Tazewell, Tenn

Hello W. A. and M. J. Walker [uncertain words]

Here I go again. Well, I had my picture made to send to all of you. Guess you will be surprise to see how youngly I am but I am going to send it just the same. Well, How are you all.We are all well hope all of you are. It a raining here a little today. We haven't any winter here yet. I want you to write me all along. I am going away some. So good bye, answer soon.
From Anna Day [Queen?]

Ada Okla
Aug 19, 1912

Mr. and Mrs. Walker

Dear Friends, your kind letter just recd Monday. Was glad to hear from all of you again and that all of you was well. We are well at present all but Frank. He is sick as yet he has gone back to Newellen. So I just got a letter Monday and he has been gone two week today but I will send your letter to him today. So he get it all OK. I guess he be at hand some as he is sick yet and go to the hospital and so if

he is able to write, I will get a letter Tuesday and we know just what he is going to do, if is going to the hospital or not. I was glad to hear you had good crops there and so much fruit. I wish I was there today to help eat them. We haven't but a few trees of peaches and they are about all gone. So I don't guess I get to eat any more this year only what we buy. My Papa and my brother-in-law is at Bonnell OK. Papa is going a big til job there. It 20 miles from here then South west of Ada. Say I got a letter from Isaac and some

one got sorry for me and wrote me and it is not any of your people hand write but I guess he wrote it himself or got some one else to write for him. He said he was going home soon and not coming out here soon so it he come home ask him if he wrote me a letter. I can't imagine who else it could be from. They is no one there that knows of me , no one only for Papa and Thomas out at Cookeville, Tenn and Loo at Louisville, KY. So I guess it was him if not home one got a good job on me so I write him but I send it to you and if he
to come and you be noid [annoyed] at me but if you don't write I am likely to just come anyway and you mustn't be noid at me and I give you what you have thinking for sure nuff, Isaac, some times don't you get a little bit sorry for me? Surely you do. Say Sweet Heart, now about your girl there. Would she not whip me if I came? If you love any girl there she better fly the track [?] for you know what I do for her, don't you? Well I hate to come and see you with some other girl
now and I come if he not coming out here. If he is mad I don't care I make him glad. We have been a little noid once before but we could always make up in a short while but he seem to mean it this time but you see I don't. Well you said you send me your picture. I sure want them so send them just as soon as you can for I will be proud of them. I and my sister will have some made soon and send you and let you see how we look and did Isaac show you those he had of me and was he ashamed
of them? He said mine was just like me but the other ones wasn't but none of them was good so we try it over again. O boy, I thought I would come and if Isaac was mad at me I get [aches or ails?] for my Sweet Heart but there it is again, he has him a girl there but I am already to slow to tell him I only joking, not to get noid at me for that the only way I have to get acquainted with all of you. Say, how far do you live from Cookeville, Tenn and how far is it from Cookeville, Tenn from Fonde, Ky. If I go to my aunts
I think I shall visit all of you before I come home if it is close to you and I think it is. Let me know at once for I will start soon as I hear from you again and I want to find out before I go. So I want have to lay over to find out and if Isaac come home you let me know so I can come while he at hand. How could I come out from Cookeville to your house? Be sure and tell me all about it so I know just how to do I wonder if Isaac would hear of me being there. If he come home while I was there it be a good joke and
I'm a big hurry but haven't time to write like I want to as it mail time now. I wrote you to so I send you a page of each as I want this to go off now. I do better next time.

Ada Okla
Aug 19,1912

Mr. Isaac Walker
Hello Sweet Heart
Dear I have been trying so long to see if I couldn't get a letter from you but can't. I have sure spent many long hours since you have gone and left writing to you and to your Papa to see if I could only get a letter from you and, Dear, you never know how bad it would hurt me to do me like this. Isaac, please don't do me

like this. So, Isaac, I just got a letter from there and I think it from you but all of your name is not on it and I don't know what to think about it. Might be some one else but I don't think so, so I writing you at home if you go you get it and if not all right. Isaac, write and tell me if you are coming home and if you are not, I coming to see you. If you are noid it don't make any difference with me. That all right. I just soon see you noid as not but you won't be noid at me long, will you? So if you
now if you are coming let me know and if not let me know and you had better not run this time. I might get offended but I don't guess I would. I never did. I heard from Frank today. He awful bad sick. Well I want write much until I see if you are noid at me but I coming to see you if you are home. You got that pistol yet? I hope not for I don't like it much. Don't you get noid at me or I give you what you been thinking. For have you forgot that? Isaac, you know how I joke with you, don't you? Love as ever
O boy, I know [rest of sentence cut off] [city or country?] and stayed all day Sunday. Sister and I went with Mr. Allen [? and wife. I sure did enjoy my trip. We had all kinds of fruit. [Not readable] you can give it to him. If he don't come out here I am going to come to see my aunt at Cookeville, Tenn. and I am coming to see him. If he is mad at me that don't make any difference with me. You can tell him what I said if you see him. I am willing to fight around with him before I miss seeing him. That is if I can't see him any other way but surely we want have to do that. Oh, my, don't you think I am noid. I only joking about that. I don't believe we fight. I know we wouldn't if I could run fast enough. So if he come home you let me know.
Mr. Walker, I will write you a few lines more as I just saw a man from [unreadable]. He has been with Frank and he has just come from there and says that he just awful bad sick and doesn't know a thing so they wanted us to come up there, some of us and see about him. So there is no one here but Mama and I so I don't know what to do. They say he is not able to go to the hospital. It his head. You know what the cause of it. They have him pack in ice, have had for three days. I haven't had a letter since last Tuesday
and he was sick then. I think some one has to see about him as he is there alone. I go but you see there no place for me to stay and Papa would say something about me if I go but I think someone ought to see about him as he is there and can't get away. So let me know at once if you want me to see about him any way. I phone to you if I thought it be all rite so if Isaac come home give him my letter and tell him I got a letter from some one and don't know whether it was him or not him. His name wasn't all there just [unreadable]
[top sentence cut off] write with a pen and pencil so I won't write much [unreadable] line but I want you to ancer [answer] soon before I start. I am going to stop at my Brother at Hughes OK and at Fort Smith at my aunt. Papa will move to Boswell,OK I guess but I won't go until I come down to my aunt and to your house. So if I can I am going to see you people and Maggie to if I can. I mean if he don't come out here soon. So goodby. Love to all
I remain as yet yours truly, Anna Day
219 W 8 St.
Hello and by by to all of you.



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