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1756-1838, Duplin County, North Carolina - Sullivan, Claiborne, Hancock Counties, Tennessee


Daniel & Nancy Jane (Brown) Walker to Isaac & Mary (Haynes) Walker

Likely identifications: back: Martin, Lula; front: Sarah Ethel, Daniel, James William, Nancy Jane (Brown)

Daniel Walkeroffsite link to WorldConnect was one of the three children of Isaac Walker, the others being Joseph King Walker and Rachel (Walker) Wolfe, who "went West" according to Old Time Tazewell, with "west" meaning Newton and McDonald Counties in Missouri in this instance. The exact timing of the move is unknown, although this and other letters of the period seem to suggest that they had not been in Missouri for a long period of time.

This letter was written to his father, who still lived on Straight Creek in Claiborne County. In it, he sings the praises of Missouri and encourages Isaac to take an offer that Isaac apparently had had on his land and move to Missouri. He never did.

Letter and photos courtesy Bill Walker and transcribed by Roma A. Walker. Click any page or photo for a larger version.

Indian springs april 1st 1888

Dear father I received your letter was glad to hear from you[.] this lea[v]es us all well and hope it may file you all enjoying the same blessing[.] it is fine warm weath[er.] peaches are blooming out[,] people have commenced planting corn[.] I expect to plant some this week[.] pottatoes are pretty well al[l] planted[.] we are not done gardening yet[.] what bees I have and my hogs are dong well[.] we are expecting a young calf all the time[.] the fruit is all right yet if it hits right we will have plenty[.] we have curious hens[;] they have been laying a long time and won[t] go to setting at all[.] we have got some geese[;] they are laying to. we have not fished any yet[;] we are waiting for you to come and fish.

you can sit in the door and fish in ten foot water if your pole is long enough and catch fish 6 feet long if you happen to get hold of an eel[.] wheat looks very well[.] oats is just coming up[.] starl [Sterling Wolfe, his brother-in-law] and sam [unknown unless his brother Samuel Brown Walker lived in Missouri at some point] is going to have part of their crop on this place and part on john grimes [unknown] upper place[.] we have a meeting some where roung every sunday three miles to town and three miles to mill[.] wheat is 75 potatoes 50 corn 50 sweet tatoes 100 oats 50 cts per bushel eggs 8 and 10 cts dosen butter 15 cts per pound[.] goods of all kind are near about the same here they are there[.] you had better take what you have been offered for your place and come out here[.] you can do a heap better with the money[.] it would be good for your health[.]

McDonald Co., Mo.

direct your letter to Indian springs

we are going to have fast train here this summer[.] indian springs three miles from here is going to have a rail road and a hundred and fifty thousand dollar hotell two steamboats and plenty of work for a thousand men[.] we will have stiring times[.] grass is coming fast[;] we wont have to feed much longer[.] lula and martin [his oldest living children; in fact, his only living children up to this point] out hunting eggs[.] the baby one [Martin presumably, unless there are unknown children] is a great big fat thing[.] I think if you was out here you could enjoy yor self splendid[.] there is plenty of good homestead land close here[.] I havent been to see any yet[;] I want to see some of it soon[.]

Martin says tell granpap he can ride the mare to the pastu[re] and turn her out and go home all by his self and lula washes the dishes and packs the wat[e] for her ma. we have all been very healthy since we have been here hardly ever hear of any body having chills[.]

Jane says tell ma she sent off 18 doz eggs 15 gllons ofpickles last week 10 1/2 cts a doz 20 cts a gal for pickles[.] tell granma I wou[ld] like se her mighty well and persuad ma to come with you when you come out here[.] I cant thing else to write so I will close by requesting yo[u] to write soon and often from your children

Jane and Daniel Walker to Isaac Walker



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