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Loring Click's Death

Lloyd Loring Clickoffsite link to WorldConnect, the son of Andrew J. Click and Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Walker) Click, left Tennessee to further his education and became Dean of Arts and Sciences at the University of Texas. Although he rarely saw his Tennessee relatives in person after going to Texas, he always provided support for his widowed mother, his spinster sister, and the grandchildren that they raised.

After he died, his widow, Robbie (Seale) Click, wrote the following letter to his sister, Laura Click. Letter courtesy Laura Robbie (Sneed) Stooksbury, one of the granddaughters that Loring supported. Click either page for a larger version. The memorial she mentionsoffsite link graphic is available online at the University of Texas.

June 11 - 68
Dear Laura:
I am sending a copy of the memorial Resolution the Faculty published about Loring. I thought you would like to see them. Please let me know if you receive this letter. I sent a notice of his death to you, also one to David & Mary. I had their address from a Christmas card, but never heard whether either was received or not.

I presume you received [unreadable] as no letter has [co]me for him from your [si]nce he died. Your [la]st one to him came [ju]st two weeks before [he] died and he was [s]o glad to get it.

Laura & Susan are at home [in] Houston for the summer. [I] miss them greatly. [T]heir [sc]hool is just thirty miles [aw]ay and they were here [ev]ery weekend. They each [ga]ve their Junior Piano [re]citals this spring and [pe]rformed beautifully.

[R]obert, 13 is such a sweet boy. [He] is growing so tall. He [do]esn't like to study as well [as] the twins do.

[I] guess I am getting along

fairly well. It is so sad and lonely without Loring. I am sure I will never get over his death. But I just do the best I can from day to day.

Love to all

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