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Generation 1 - JERSEY

Information researched by Elizabeth Greef 
with assistance from CIFHS & Pam Hislop.

Most events occurred in St Helier (St H), Jersey.

Jean GODFRAY + 25 October 1797 Marie LE VAVASSEUR DIT DURELL

Generation 2 - JERSEY


        Marie GODFRAY, bap. 8 August 1798 (Gp:. Me. Jean Deslandes & Marie Davau his wife - great-uncle and great-aunt)

         Jean Philippe GODFRAY, bap. 3 October 1800  (St H) (Gp. Philippe Gautier et Jeanne Le Vavasseur dit Durell), + Elizabeth (Betsy) Esther MACHON, daughter of George MACHON & Elizabeth (Marie) PICOT

         Philippe GODFRAY, bap. 14 February 1804 (St H) (Gp. Jean Deslandes & Elizabeth Davau his wife, representing Philippe Le Vavasseur dit Durell & Anne le Cras his wife (uncle & aunt)

Generation 3

Children of Elizabeth (Betsy) Esther MACHON and Jean Philippe GODFRAY:

         Elizabeth Marie GODFRAY, bap. 13 April 1828 (St H) (Gp. George Machon et Marie Le Vavasseur)

         Marie GODFRAY, bap. 28 November 1830 (St H) (Gp. Charles Machon et Marie Mowatt)

         Jean GODFRAY, bap. 11 November 1832 (St H) (Gp. Jean Francois Godfray et Catherine Angelique Elizabeth de Mitre)

         Durell GODFRAY, bap.  3 January 1836 (St H) (Gp. George Charles Durell et Jane Grant), + (1) Harriet JOYCE? (2) Sarah STAMMER/S

         Eliza GODFRAY, bap.  8 November 1837 (St H) (Gp. Henry Machon (oncle) et Miss Eliza Forbes)

         Walter Frederick GODFRAY, b. 17 October 1841 (St H) (Gp. Me Jean Le Sueur & Mse Elizabeth Belford)

Generation 4

Children of Durell GODFRAY and Harriet JOYCE?

         Isabella ("Bella") GODFRAY, b.1863 (St H), + __________ COLE

         Charles D. GODFRAY, b.1865 (St H) 

         Henry J. GODFRAY, b.1867 (St H) 

         William George GODFRAY, b. 1870 (St H), d. 2 March 1939, +Priscilla Angelina LE PREVOST, b. c1869, daughter of Mary BATTAM and Thomas LE PREVOST 

         Edwin Walter GODFRAY, b. 1 September 1872 (St H) , d. 24 April 1906, + 5 November 1892 Laura Adeline LE PREVOST, b. 27 November 1871 (St H), daughter of Mary BATTAM and Thomas LE PREVOST 

         Harriet Elizabeth GODFRAY, b. 1874 ( St H), + c1902 Albert William STEPHENS, b. c1875 - See STEPHENS line

Child of Durell GODFRAY and Sarah Stammers:

        Mabel GODFRAY, + _______ BROWN

Generation 5

Children of Edwin Walter GODFRAY and Laura Adeline LE PREVOST:

         Violet Edith GODFRAY, b.2 November 1893 ( St H); d. 8 March 1980 Sydney, Australia, + 30 April 1920 James Henry Coutanche MARTIN, son of James John Pearce MARTIN and Edith Florence COUTANCHE

         Edwin Joyce GODFRAY, b. 25 September 1894 (St H); d. 27 April 1971, + 1918 Aldershot, Eng.

         William Durell GODFRAY (GODFREY), b. 21 August 1896 (St H), d. Oct. 1968 USA, + Kathleen DUFFY; moved to USA

         Lilian Laura GODFRAY, b.18. August 1898 (St H); m. Earnest ALEXANDER 

         Thomas Le Prevost GODFRAY, b. 10 August 1899 (St H); d. 27 October 1899

         Priscilla May GODFRAY, b. 28 March 1901 (St H); d. 11 May 1978; + (1) Celestino DE CASTRO, (divorced) ,+ (2) Jack REEVES 

         May Doris GODFRAY, b. 1902 (St H); moved to USA;+ (1) Richard STEPHENS, b. Jersey, + (2) Albert WATMOUGH - See STEPHENS line

         Walter Thomas GODFRAY, b.  February 1905; d. 22 March 1906


Generation 6 - JERSEY, USA, UK

For children of Violet Edith GODFRAY & James Henry Coutanche MARTIN, see the MARTIN line.

Child of William Durell GODFRAY & Kathleen DUFFY:

Edward ("Eddie") GODFRAY, b. 28 January 1919, d. Sept. 1968 USA

Children of Lilian Laura GODFRAY:

One still living - Jersey



Child of Priscilla May GODFRAY & Celestino ("Tino") DE CASTRO:

Berenice DE CASTRO, b. 25 June 1928, d. 19 April 2001, England,  + Ettore ("Et" to the family, "Peter" in his professional life) BOITA, b. 25 August 1924, d. 17 October 1997, England.  Search The Internet Movie Database: www.imdb.com for "Boita, Peter" to see his movies.

Child of May Doris GODFRAY & Richard STEPHENS ( in USA):

Leslie STEPHENS, + Barbara

Generation 7 - UK

Child of Berenice DE CASTRO & Et BOITA:

Peter Charles BOITA, living, + 4 January 1974 (Lesley) Anne PRICE, living

8 - UK

Child of Peter BOITA & Anne PRICE:

Adam Peter BOITA, living

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