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Descendants of Jean MACHON

 All births, baptisms, marriages and deaths take place in Jersey, mostly in Trinity (T) parish and some in St Helier (St H).  

Generation 1

Jean MACHON, b. (T), + 1708 (Grouville Church) Elizabeth BILOT (T)

 Children of Jean MACHON and Elizabeth BILOT are:

        Jean MASON, (sic) bap. 14 August 1709 (T), + 10 March 1727 (T) Marie NICOLLE 

         Philippe MACHON, bap. 18 May 1712 (T)

         Elie MACHON, bap. 18 September 1715 (T)

         Elizabeth MACHON, bap. 26 January 1718 (T)

         Marie MACHON, bap. 16 July 1721 (T)

         Susanne MACHON, bap. 9 February 1723 (T)

         Rachel MACHON, bap. 10 September 1727 (T)  

Generation 2

Jean MASON, (sic) bap. 14 August 1709 (T), + 10 March 1727 (T) Marie NICOLLE

Children of Jean MASON and Marie NICOLLE are:

         Marie MACHON, bap. 16 March 1728 (T) , + 8 December 1752 (T) Jean BLAMPIED

         Elizabeth MACHON, bap. 26 June 1732 (T)

         Jean MACHON, bap. 1 August 1736 (T) , + Marie GIFFARD

         Josue MACHON, bap.25 November 1739 (T) , + 25 February 1760 (T) Rachel BLAMPIED, bap. 4 July 1760 (T) (d/o Richard BLAMPIED and Elizabeth GRUCHY). 

See BLAMPIED line.

Generation 3

Marie MACHON bap. 16 March 1728 (T), + 8 December 1752 (T) Jean BLAMPIED

Children of Marie MACHON and Jean BLAMPIED are:

         Marie BLAMPIED, bap. 18 May 1752 (T). Godparents: Jean Machon & Marie Nicolle, his wife

         Jean BLAMPIED, bap. 17 February 1755 (T). Godparents: Richard Blampied and Elizabeth Gruchy, his wife

         Elizabeth BLAMPIED, bap. 18 September 1759 (T). Godparents: Josue Machon and his sister Elizabeth

         Ester BLAMPIED, bap. 7 March 1762 (T). Godparents: Denis Blampied and Elizabeth Gruchy, wife of Richard Blampied

         Rachel BLAMPIED, bap. 24 August 1764 (T). Godparents:  Denis Blampied & Elizabeth Machon

         Susanne BLAMPIED, bap. 27 July 1766 (T). Godparents:  Jean Blampied, the father, and Marie Giffard, wife of Jean Machon

         Esther BLAMPIED, bap. 28 May 1769 (T). Godparents: Thomas Le Riche and Esther de Gruchy, his wife

         Saara BLAMPIED, bap. 29 November 1772 (T). Godparents: Josue Aubin and Susanne Blampied, his wife

Josue MACHON, bap.25 November 1739 (T), + 25 February 1760 (T) Rachel BLAMPIED, bap. 4 July 1760 (T), d/o  Richard BLAMPIED and Elizabeth GRUCHY. See BLAMPIED line.

Children of Josue MACHON and Rachel BLAMPIED are:

         Jean MACHON, bap. 3 January 1761 (T).

         Jean MACHON, bap. 2 February 1763 (T).

         Charles MACHON, bap. 25 September 1765 (T).

         Philippe MACHON, bap. 15 December 1768 (T).

         Josue MACHON, bap.15 March 1772 (T), + Marie BISSON

         George MACHON, bap. 23 April 1775 (T), + Elizabeth (Marie) PICOT  

Generation 4

Children of George MACHON, bap. 23 April 1775 (T) and Elizabeth (Marie) PICOT are:

         Philippe MACHON, bap. 4 August 1802, d. 15 February 1812 (St H).

         Jean MACHON, bap. 14 September 1803 (St H).

         Henri MACHON, (builder) bap. 21 January 1805 (St H), + 16 October 1825 Ann WELLS, b. Dorchester.

         Josue MACHON, bap. 19 September 1806 (St H).  Godparents: Josue MACHON et Marie BISSON sa femme (oncle et tante)

         Elizabeth (Betsy) Esther MACHON, bap. 13 January 1808 (St H), + 17 May 1827 (St H) Jean Philippe GODFRAY, bap. 3 October 1800 (St H),  s/o Jean GODFRAY and Marie LE VAVASSEUR DIT DURELL. Jean Philippe's godparents: Philippe GAUTIER & Jeanne LE VAVASSEUR DIT DURELL.

         Charles MACHON, bap. 1809 (St H)

         Rachel MACHON, bap. 17 March 1811 (St H)

         David MACHON, bap. 23 June 1813 (St H)

Generation 5

Children of Elizabeth (Betsy) Esther MACHON and Jean Philippe GODFRAY:

         Elizabeth Marie GODFRAY, bap. (St H)13 April 1828 (Gp. George Machon et Marie Le Vavasseur)

         Marie GODFRAY, bap. (St H)1830 (Gp. Charles Machon et Marie Mowatt)

         Jean GODFRAY, bap. (St H) November 1832 (Gp. Jean Francois Godfray et Catherine Angelique Elizabeth de Mitre)

         Durell GODFRAY, bap. (St H)1836 (Gp. George Charles Durell et Jane Grant)

         Eliza GODFRAY, bap. (St H)1837 (Gp. Henry Machon (oncle) et Miss Eliza Forbes)

         Walter Frederick GODFRAY, b. 17 October 1841 (St H) (Gp. Me Jean Le Sueur & Mse Elizabeth Belford)

See GODFRAY line.

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