Ed Howe's Genealogy - Germany
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Ed Howe's Genealogy - Germany

Emeline Hellwig was born on 8 May 1822
Martha Stolz was born sometime around 1825
Jacob Karst was born sometime around 1825
Amelia Karst was born sometime around 1875
Hellwig and ? were married
Frankfurt, Germany
  Mary Cecilia Frank was born on 21 Jan 1832
  John George Aulbach was born on 20 Jun 1824
Geisson, Germany
  Clara Hellwig was born on 14 Nov 1854
Schliesen, Germany
Waldenburg, Schliesen, Germany
  Johanna Anna Rosina Faulick was born on 18 Feb 1830
Ulm, Germany
  George "Bobby" Erhardt was born sometime around 1850
Waldenburg, Germany
  Emma Hellwig was born on 5 Nov 1851
  John Frederick Edward Hellwig and Johanna Anna Rosina Faulick were married on 26 Oct 1850

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