Ed Howe's Genealogy - Michigan
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Ed Howe's Genealogy - Michigan

William Albert Copeland died in 1934
John Aulbach died on 1 Apr 1922
Peter N Dutmers died on 26 Jul 1980
Myrta Fellows was born in May 1874
Myrta Fellows died in 1927
Matilda "Tilly" ? died on 12 May 1914
John E A Aulbach was born on 3 Jul 1898
Martina ? died in 1924
Timothy A Copeland died on 17 Sep 1991
Gordon Jerome Aulbach and Marguerite Helene Hall were married sometime around 1920
Acme, MI
  Martha Francese Silver was born on 27 Oct 1885
Antrim Co., MI
Alden, Antrim Co., MI
  Alvin Stuart Walker was born on 24 Aug 1910
Bellaire, Antrim Co., MI
  May Ruth Cole died on 8 Feb 1957
Barry Co., MI
Hastings, Barry Co., MI
  Marguerite Helene Eggleston died
Belmont, MI
  Peter N Dutmers was burried on 29 Jul 1980
Calhoun Co., MI
Battle Creek, Calhoun Co., MI
  David L Howe died on 21 Nov 1986
East Lansing, MI
  Eleanore Lorraine Joyce died on 17 Jul 1996
  Eleanore Lorraine Joyce was burried on 20 Jul 1996
Emmet Co., MI
Cross Village, Emmet Co., MI
  Edward Joyce Howe died on 26 Jul 1955
Genesee Co., MI
Flint, Genesee Co., MI
  Florence ? resided in Aug 1937
Grand Traverse Co., MI
Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., MI
  Harold Joyce died on 31 Dec 1978
  Ellen L. Butler died on 2 Oct 1928
Ionia Co., MI
Belding, Ionia Co., MI
  William Andrew Cole died on 9 Nov 1940
  Richard W Cole was born on 26 Dec 1924
  Albert William Cole and Laura Austin were married in Aug 1924
  Charles Andrew "Jack" Cole and Marguriet Christian were married in May 1923
Ionia, Ionia Co., MI
  Nora May Cole died on 21 Mar 1993
Isabella Co., MI
Blanchard, Isabella Co., MI
  Amiel Aulbach was burried on 21 Aug 1937
Kalamazoo Co., MI
Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI
  Martina Theresa "Tracy" Aulbach died on 28 Feb 1931
Kent Co., MI
  Bernard L. West was born on 6 Mar 1900
  Celia Dutmers was born on 29 Jan 1899
  Albert J. Dutmers and Lenora Belle Calkins were married on 11 Jun 1907
Alpine Twp., Kent Co., MI
  Bernard L. West was burried
Comstock Park, Kent Co., MI
  Elizabeth Aulbach died in 1919
Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI
  Judith Howe was born in 1941
  Judith Howe died in 1941
  Judith Howe was burried in 1941
  Austin Joyce resided in 1870
  Henry John "Hank" Aulbach died on 1 May 1938
  Henry John "Hank" Aulbach was burried on 3 May 1938
  Amiel Aulbach died on 18 Aug 1937
  Marguerite Helene Hall died on 26 Oct 1983
  Marguerite Helene Hall was burried in Oct 1983
  Edward Isaac Hall was burried on 6 Dec 1941
  Helene Lisette "Lena" Kritzer died in 1956
  Helene Lisette "Lena" Kritzer was burried in 1956
  Cora Mae Monroe died on 4 Jan 1951
  Cora Mae Monroe was burried on 8 Jan 1951
  Cora Mae Monroe resided in 1887
  Margaret Elaine Aulbach was born on 21 Sep 1927
  Adolph George Aulbach was naturalized on 21 Jun 1920
  Gordon Jerome Aulbach died on 22 Dec 1983
  Gordon Jerome Aulbach was burried on 24 Dec 1983
  Leonard F Howe Jr was burried in 1947
  Leonard F Howe Jr resided in 1947
  Stacy ? died
  Bridgett Toot resided in 1870
  Edward James Joyce was born on 3 Jan 1866
  Edward James Joyce died on 3 Dec 1942
  Edward James Joyce was burried on 7 Dec 1942
  Beulah Marie Joyce was born on 6 Sep 1897
  Beulah Marie Joyce died on 4 Sep 1985
  Beulah Marie Joyce was burried on 7 Sep 1985
  Helen L Joyce died on 16 Oct 1993
  Helen L Joyce was burried on 19 Oct 1993
  Carl E Eggleston was burried on 7 Dec 1981
  Eleanore Lorraine Joyce graduated in 1918
  Eleanore Lorraine Joyce resided in 1904
  Aileen Joyce died on 23 Jun 1986
  John Thomas Howe was born in 1936
  John Thomas Howe was burried in 1939
  John Thomas Howe died in 1939
  Theodore J "Ted" Howe was born sometime around 1930
  Theodore J "Ted" Howe was burried in 1963
  David L Howe was born on 25 Jun 1938
  Robert Allen Williamson resided in 1955
  Elizabeth J Howe was born on 19 Jul 1921
  Elizabeth J Howe was burried on 5 Sep 1978
  Elizabeth J Howe died on 1 Sep 1978
  Elizabeth J Howe resided in 1955
  Edward Joyce Howe was born on 21 Dec 1923
  Edward Joyce Howe was burried on 12 Aug 1955
  Edward Joyce Howe resided in 1955
  Laura Mae "Tootie" Hall was burried
  Ann Harper resided in Aug 1937
  Alvin Stuart Walker died on 22 Jul 1985
  Margaret Aulbach resided in Aug 1937
  Joseph A Potchen was born on 22 Feb 1903
  Joseph A Potchen died on 10 Jan 1984
  Joseph A Potchen was burried sometime after 10 Jan 1984
  Marguerite Helene Eggleston was born on 13 Mar 1941
  Norma Mae Eggleston was burried
  Helene Figuari Eggleston was born on 17 Nov 1924
  Helene Figuari Eggleston died on 24 Nov 1924
  Herbert Jacob Cole died on 5 Jan 1982
  Robert Allen Williamson and Elizabeth J Howe were married sometime before Aug 1955
  Bernard L. West and Celia Dutmers were married on 21 Aug 1923
Lowell, Kent Co., MI
  Carl E Eggleston died on 3 Dec 1981
Paris Twp., Kent Co., MI
  Lenora Belle Calkins was born on 4 Dec 1884
Plainfield Twp., Kent Co., MI
  Albert J. Dutmers was born on 6 Sep 1885
Wyoming Twp., Kent Co., MI
  Edward Isaac Hall died on 3 Dec 1941
  Edward Isaac Hall resided in Dec 1941
Mecosta Co., MI
  Joseph Aulbach and Elizabeth Cornett were married on 20 Aug 1893
Big Rapids, Mecosta Co., MI
  Nora May Cole was born on 21 May 1907
  Robert Burns Cole was born on 13 Oct 1904
  Charles Andrew "Jack" Cole was burried in Nov 1952
  William Andrew Cole and Martina Theresa "Tracy" Aulbach were married on 31 Aug 1892
Millbrook, Mecosta Co., MI
  Jacob "Jake" Aulbach died in 1927
  Mary Cecilia Frank emigrated sometime after 1877
  Mary Cecilia Frank died on 8 Feb 1905
  Albert William Cole was born on 9 Nov 1902
  Charles Andrew "Jack" Cole was born on 16 Oct 1900
  Herbert Jacob Cole was born on 6 Apr 1898
Remus, Mecosta Co., MI
  Mary Cecilia Frank was burried on 8 Feb 1905
Rodney, Mecosta Co., MI
  Amuel John "Ame, Jack" Cole was born on 21 Jun 1896
  Delbert Cole was born on 20 Dec 1895
  May Ruth Cole was born on 16 May 1893
Midland?, MI
  Leonard F Howe Jr was born sometime around 1900
Missaukee Co., MI
Jennings, Missaukee Co., MI
  Gordon Jerome Aulbach was born on 2 Mar 1898
  Harry Heinz Copeland was born on 8 Feb 1890
Montcalm Co., MI
Fenwick, Montcalm Co., MI
  Alvin Stuart Walker was burried in Jul 1985
  Nora May Cole was burried on 24 Mar 1993
Greenville, Montcalm Co., MI
  Martha Francese Silver died on 24 Oct 1955
  Alexander Walter Copeland died on 24 Nov 1955
  Richard W Cole died on 14 Oct 1999
Lakeview, Montcalm Co., MI
  Albert J. Dutmers was burried
  Lenora Belle Calkins died on 15 May 1972
Muskegon Co., MI
Muskegon Heights, Muskegon Co., MI
  Howard T Hannan resided in 1951
  Joyce resided in 1951
Newaygo Co., MI
Big Prairie, Newaygo Co., MI
  William Andrew Cole was born on 23 Feb 1867
Niles, MI
  David L Howe resided in Sep 1978
Oakland Co., MI
Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI
  Robert Allen Copeland died on 24 Nov 1967
Saginaw Co., MI
Saginaw, Saginaw Co., MI
  Charles Andrew "Jack" Cole died on 23 Nov 1952
Sault Ste. Marie, MI
  Evelyn Isabel Hill was born on 11 Feb 1905
Shiawassee Co., MI
Bennington, Shiawassee Co., MI
  Cora Mae Monroe was born on 16 May 1867
Washtenaw Co., MI
Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., MI
  Theodore J "Ted" Howe resided in 1955
  David L Howe resided in 1955
Wayne Co., MI
Detroit, Wayne Co., MI
  Delbert Cole died in 1959
  John Frederick Edward Hellwig resided on 1 May 1862
  Odelia "Tillie" Hellwig was born on 20 Sep 1863
  Robert George Aulbach was born on 23 Jun 1927
  Annie May Aulbach resided in 1937
Taylor, Wayne Co., MI
  Robert T Joyce Sr died on 3 Dec 1984
Wexford Co., MI
Cadillac, Wexford Co., MI
  Robert Allen Copeland died on 1 Aug 1921
  Harry Heinz Copeland and May Anderson were married on 8 Jun 1909

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