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Mennonite Ancestors: Eidse, Klassen, Loewen, Rosenort E.M.C.

My Mennonite Ancestors: From Russia to the Scratching River in Manitoba.

Copyright � 2002 Lorilee Scharfenberg.

Welcome Home! My objective with this web page is to share my written family and church history with any cousins or interested parties around the world. Photos will be added as time permits. The surnames Klassen, Eidse, Loewen, Bartel are investigated. Please read/sign the guestbook and say hello!

My Family Webpages

My Dad: Cornie B. Loewen
Eidse Eidsen Family
American Eitzen cousins
The David K. Klassen Story (1874 delegate) 
The Loewen history
Bartel Family:Russia, Kleefeld and Morris
The Isaac Family 
Jacob Barkman history
Helena Brandt Klassen
My Tribute to My Foremothers
War and Our Mennonites
Empty so far

Rosenort and Rosenhoff were the names of 2 villages on the Scratching River Mennonite Reserve near Morris Manitoba. The webpages below explore the history of these villages.

Our Local Churches
Rosenort E.M.C. Morris Fellowship Rosenort Fellowship Pleasant Valley Church of God in Christ-Mennonite  

Scratching River Reserve Membership 1874-77
Scratching River Reserve Baptisms 1878-1900
Original Pioneers of Rosenhoff-Rosenort

Our Ministers and Leaders of the Scratching River Kleine Gemeinde
Rev. Peter M. Kroeker Aeltester Jacob M. Kroeker Rev. John K. Friesen

Early Years -Mexican Evangelical Mennonite Church Membership

A Mennonite Dream

Education in Rosenort-Rosenhoff

Rosenhoff School System

Rosenhoff Village School Reminiscings

Rosenhoff North School Reminiscings

Rosenhoff South School

My Personal Rosenort School Experience

My World Connect GEDCOM Surnames 1996 R.M. of Morris Census

My Favorite Links

Tim Janzen's website with Mennonite links

Delbert Plett's Preservings - Newsletter of the Hanover Historical Society

Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society

Credits:I recommend that anyone of Kleine Gemeinde Mennonite descent purchase or read Delbert Plett's Kleine Gemeinde Historical Series. Most important to any researcher are the four volumes entitled: Profile, Pioneers and Pilgrims, Leaders, and Dynasties. The Grandma-CD ROM project is also excellent although I do not have access to it myself. The warning regarding just purchasing the CD-ROM is that you may miss the many interesting details and letters written in Delbert's books regarding your ancestors. With the CD all you get is the names and dates which for some is satisfactory, however to create a lifestory about your great-grandma or great-grandpa it is better to get the details. Check local tax records, newspapers, locate their obituaries and interview as many people as possible. It is hard but worthwhile work! Enjoy the site.

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