Rev. Abraham L. and Sara Eitzen Family

Abraham Eitzen Family

"Abraham S. Eitzen, son of Cornelius Eitzen (1800-1860) of Lindenau, Molotschna, was first married to a Susanna Isaac of Blumstein, Molotschna. In 1861 they were rebaptized by immersion and became members of the Brudergemeinde (M.B.) Several years after she died of "Nervenfieber, Abraham and his four children moved to the Kuban settlement. He married Sara Block. In 1876 the family emigrated to Marion Township, Kansas. Abraham Eitzen served as a deacon for 30 years and his wife was a famous midwife." see Delbert Plett Dynasties of the Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde in Imperial Russia and North America or The Family of Abraham Eitzen 1830-1969 by Esther Hiebert Ebel for more information.

The reason I chose to highlight this family on my website is because he (Abraham L. Eitzen) was a first cousin to my great-grandfather Abraham E. Eidse though 27 years his senior. They ran amazingly parallel lives, both in ministry and having wives who were midwives. I have good reason to believe they knew each other well since my great-grandpa made several trips to Kansas to preach and visit relatives. It was an oral tradition that we were heavily related to the American Eitzens and it is now a surety!


Family photos

The Eitzen Family

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Abraham (1830-1906) and Sara (1841-1917 nee Block) Eitzen  
Katherine I Friesen nee Eitzen (1857-1893)  
John I. Eitzen (1861-1953)
Abraham I. Eitzen Jr.
Daniel I. Eitzen (1863-1943)
Sara Hiebert nee Eitzen (1871-1951)
Anna Hiebert nee Eitzen (1880-1962)
Mary Petker nee Eitzen (1882-1928)

Eidse / Eidsen Family

Helena Brandt Klassen - Midwife

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