P.J.B. Reimer's dream for the Fellowship was "...that it would preserve the best of the old Kleine Gemeinde and EMC traditions of evangelical fervor with strong emphasis on discipleship and Gelassenheit within a more progressive and better educated communion, made up of younger, English speaking members rapidly moving towards main-stream society." Al Reimer (his son)

On October 1, 1968 the Rosenort Fellowship had its first worship service in the former Greenbank school, just north of the village of Rosenort. The Rosenort Fellowship began with 44 charter members and two associate members (listed below). 38 of the first members transfered membership from the "big" church (Rosenort E.M.C.). Rev. Melvin Dueck was elected as head pastor while Rev. P.J.B. Reimer served as a lay minister. 150 people attended the worship service that morning. Pastor Dueck spoke on II Samuel 7:25-29 in a sermon entitled, "Dedicated Unto God". Rev. Reimer also spoke emphasizing the spiritual and historical importance of the occasion.

Pete and Evelyn Friesen were the first couple to be elected as deacons in the early 1980's. Rev. P.J.B. Reimer taught the German adult Sunday School class, while the English adult class was taught by Pastor Dueck. On December 8, 1968 a dedication service was held for the new church.

In 1976 a new church building was constructed and completed within the village of Rosenort. The largest baptism took place in 1990 with 20 youth joining the church and two adults transferring in.

The church is known for producing many fine musical groups such as "They Joyful Notes" (1974-83), "The Gospel According To" (late 70's), the Schellenberg Family, "Mission", Heaven's Gate", "Josiah", "Elias". "His Very Own",the latest group to serve the church and community, recently released their first CD.

The church has had excellent choirs under the direction of the late Dick Zacharias and the late Walter Dueck, who were passionate about four-part harmonies. Cam Rempel, Helen Reimer and Earl Braun have also lead the choir at various times in the churches history. The musical worship is currently lead by a team of musicians in the praise and worship style.

In 1993 the Fellowship celebrated its 25th Anniversary. A short history filled with photographs was published by Ang Brandt, Rose Cornelsen, Marj Heinrichs and Ang Siemens.

The Rosenort Fellowship has an active youth group, Ladies Fellowship, and several care groups. The leader in 2000 was Pastor John Klassen with Cam Rempel serving as youth pastor.The membership numbered 176. In 2012 the Pastor was John Driedger.

"Many of the aims, goals and objectives of the early days have been realized and charter members may reflect on many blessings received. But our community still needs a clear, sincere, Spirit-filled witness, and we must continue to strive in presenting the Holy Word in our chapel, in our province, and in our world. Elizabeth Rempel (longtime missionary)


Title,Given Name,Surname Life Dates Minister Deacon
Pastor Melvin Dueck 1968-1975  
Assistant Pastor Peter J.B.Reimer nbsp; 1968-  
Pastor Fred Friesen nbsp; 1975-1980
Pastor Stan Plett 1980-1990
Associate Pastor Darryl Crocker   1988-1990
Pastor Michael Derksen 1991-1994?
Youth Pastor Ken Quiring  
Pastor John Klassen 1994-2000
Youth Pastor Cam Rempel
Pastor John Driedger 2001-current

List of Charter Members of the Rosenort Fellowship

Barkman Leroy and Emily
Brandt Jacob and Marie
Brandt Elmer and Anne
Brandt Harry
Cornelsen Art and Rose
Friesen P.J.L. and Evelyn
Friesen Elma
Friesen Henry R. and Elma
Friesen Tina
Friesen Allan
Friesen Florence
Kornelsen Roy and Elma
Kroeker Irwin
Martin Peter & Susie
Plett Abram D.
Reimer P.J.B. &Roy and Elma
Reimer Syd & Helen
Rempel Jac D. & Lena
Rempel Elisabeth
Siemens Jake & Tina
Thiessen John & Gladys
Warkentine Peter & Helena
Warkentine Wilbert
Warkentine Lena
Warkentine Victor & Wendy
Warkentine Don & Adeline
Wiebe Peter & Tina
Hoeppner Ron & Norma

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