Rosenort Rosenhoff Manitoba Mennonite Education history

Early Education

According to Furrows, a local history book, the Mennonites came and organized the first schools in the municipality.

The early schools were conducted in private homes large enough to accommodate students and benches. Following a petition by KG Aeltester Peter P. Toews, Rosenort and Rosenhoff became district public schools Rosenort #60, Rosenhoff #61 in 1878. The agreement was that the communities could run and teach their own schools, however the government would supervise education by appointing school inspectors to monitor progress. The schools would receive a $100.00 grant for the school year.

The first licenced teacher for the area was a woman, Miss Maria R. Friesen (1844-1925) later Mrs. Radinzel. She taught Rosenort children for the 1879-1800 year and a few years previous. For the 1880 year she moved to Blumenhof. Oral history suggests David B. Klassen taught in Rosenhoff at the same time. The following school year Johann K. Friesen took the position in Rosenhoff and David Hiebert in Rosenort. At the time of the 1881 census there were approximately 20 students combined.

The reading program consisted of the Fibler for the primary class, Catechism, New Testament and the Old Testament as well as the Gesangbuch and the Choralbuch. All teaching was in German.

Both Rosenhoff and Rosenort built new church-schools in 1889. It is believed that JW Dueck conducted school in the newly built Rosenort church school. He describes the situation as follows ” the winter of 1893-94 , my wife and I, lived there in the north end of the building, all by ourselves. There were many people lying outside there, only a few steps away; these, however, did very little to take away the feelings of loneliness, for they were lying in the ground an dead. On the contrary one would have to steel himself, whenever someone had just been laid to rest, and we would return home from our parents.” In 94-95 they lived in a “small one-roomed teacherage.”

Some Rosenorters used the old Froese house as a private school for a number of years (approx. 1907-1924?). “John Thiessen, Abram F. Friesens, and the Jacob Klassens children attended the private school."Mrs. Dave K. Dueck remembers playing with dolls and playing German games like: "Eck vell nem vaste fohre-vest met?", Luttschen and Duttschen", Adam has seven sons...Other entertainment included Knipsbrat and catch. The Froese house was a large 2 story. The main floor was gutted to make one large room.

The Rosenort Public school # 60 served both the KG and Holdeman people during the week. On weekends the Holdemans and KG’s alternated using the school for services. This meant that when the KG church met in Rosenhoff, the Holdeman’s met in Rosenort. When the KG met in Rosenort, the Holdemans had their service in Rosenhoff. The north end of the school was the sanctuary while the south was the school. The blackboards that divided it were raised up to the roof during services. Games played during recess include pom-pom-pollaway, anti-over and hide and go seek. Typically the school year was 2 terms of 22 weeks: mid-Oct to December and then January to mid-April.

In 1907 the government passed a decree forcing district schools to fly the Union Jack. Immediately the Mennonite schools were privatized. No difference in curriculum -only the absence of the Union Jack.

The Holdemans initiated the change to fully English school in Rosenort #60 in 1914, hiring Peter T. Kroeker as a teacher for that first year. The private German school continued til about 1924 with many of the KG’s electing to send their children there instead.

In 1916 the government passed the Compulsory Schools Act. All schools were to be conducted in English and with certified teachers.The schoolteachers then taught Catechism and German in the last 1/2 hour of the school day and added on another 1/2 hour of instruction.

In 1919 the Holdeman people built their own church building and in 1920 the Kleine Gemeinde followed suit. School and church were separated.

Two Schools Rosenhoff North and Rosenhoff South began in 1926. More information on these school in the community history book Furrows in the Valley. It will be added to this site eventually.

In 1933 two schools were serving the community: Rosenort West (original) and Rosenort East (2 miles east of the school). In 1939 Rosenort East became Clover Plains and Rosenort West became just Rosenort. In 1947 the two schools amalgamated and the Rosenort school was sold by auction. A new two-room school was built one mile west of the original site. By 1957 another classroom was added and 10 years later 1967 a new school built and it became a consolidated school.


Surname Name School Year Year
Klassen David B. Rosenhoff 1879 1880
Friesen John K. Rosenhoff 1880 1883
Klassen David B. Rosenhoff 1884 ?
Enns Heinrich Rosenhoff 1890 1898
Dueck John W. Rosenhoff Village School 1898 1905
Vogt H. Rosenhoff Village School 1906 1907
Friesen John K. Rosenhoff 1907 1909
Dueck John W. Rosenhoff Village School 1909 1914
Kroeker Peter T. Rosenhoff Village School 1915 1916
Friesen Jacob H. Rosenhoff Village School 1916 1918
Friesen Jacob H. Rosenhoff Village School 1918 1919
Wohlgemuth Peter Rosenhoff Village School align="right" x:num>1922 1924
Dueck Peter K. Rosenhoff Village School 1924 1927
Suderman Abram J. Rosenhoff South 1926 1932
Suderman Abram J. Rosenhoff South 1927 1933
Rieger Sebastian Rosenhoff South 1933 1933
Goossen George P. Rosenhoff South 1933 1953
Dyck Martha Rosenhoff South 1953 1955
Sawatsky Frank Rosenhoff South 1955 1962
Rempel Margaret R North 1927 1928
Willems Frank R North 1928 1929
Toews C. L. R North 1929 1930
Wiebe Peter T. R North 1930 1931
Toews Cornelius R North 1931 1934
Rieger Sebastian R North 1934 1942
Janzen Jacob R North 1942 1945
Neufeld Eleanor R North 1945 1948
Neufeld Cornelia R North 1945 1948
Rempel Peter J. R North 1948 1964
Rempel Elfrieda R North 1948 1953
Rempel Elaine R North 1953 1955
Cornelsen Nettie R North 1956 1961
Friesen Maria Rosenort 1879 1880
Hiebert David Rosenort 1880 ?
Enns Heinrich Rosenort ? 1889
Toews Peter Rosenort 1889 1891
Dueck John W. Rosenort 1891 1898
Enns Heinrich Rosenort 1898 1903
Dueck John R. Rosenort 1903 1904
Froese Henry Rosenort 1907 1908
Enns Abram Rosenort 1910 1911
Enns David Rosenort
Froese Heinrich R 1912
Kornelsen GB Rosenort 1911 1916
Neufeld Jacob Rosenort 1916 1917
Toews Cornelius Rosenort
Kornelsen GB Rosenort 1924 1926
Goossen George P. Rosenort 1927 1930?
Kroeker Peter T, RE 1914 1915
Kornelsen Wilhelm RE 1916 1917
Friesen John R. RE 1917 1918
Ferguson Mrs. Susie RE 1918 1919
Toews Aaron L. RE 1919 1923
Toews Aaron L0 RRE 1924 1925
Toews Cornelius RE 1925 1926
Goossen Gerhard RE 1926 1927
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