Pleasant Valley Church

History of the Pleasant Valley E.M.C.

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The Rosenort EMC was bursting at the seams. Instead of one huge church it was decided that a smaller church be started farther west. All those living one half mile or more west of the Meridian (Now #422) were strongly encouraged to become a part of this new group - the Pleasant Valley E.M.C. Church. Mr. Jacob P.D. Reimer donated a piece of land adjacent to the Pleasant Valley School yard. Elm trees and willows were planted. A church building was purchased from the Homewood Mennonite Church and moved to Pleasant Valley in December of 1961.

The first service took place on December 31, 1961. Mr. Abe J.L. Friesen had helped set up the church building. He died accidentally Dec. 28, 1961 - three days before the first service.

On June 24, 1962 the official organization took place and Dave F. Eidse was chosen as pastor and his brother Nick F. Eidse. 68 members were registered. The church dedication took place July 15, 1962. Mr. Peter J.L. Friesen led the newly formed Pleasant Valley Church Choir. They stood outside on the front steps of the church and sang: "‘Tis a Glorious Church Without Spot or Wrinkle".  The first baptism took place on  July 22, 1962 with Bishop Pete L. Friesen officiating. Daniel Loewen, Florence Eidse and Annie Kornelsen were the candidates. On the 29th the first communion service was held as a church body.

Interestingly the church body was comprised of 24 couples and 20 single members. The only set of grandparents were Mrs. and Mrs. JPD Reimer.  With the years, more room was needed as families were growing. A bungalow was built near the church and used as Sunday School facilities.

 In 1985 a new church was built. Building committee members were: Danny and Florence Loewen, Ken & Esther Loewen, Leo & Eva Reimer and Levi & Rosaline Remple.

Charter Members

Henry & Annie Bartel        
Jake & Joyce Cornelsen        
Cornelius & Annie Dueck Adeline Mary Elisabeth    
Henry and Anna Dueck Ronald      
Nick and Mary Eidse Mary Ann      
Dave & Susie Eidse        
Frank K. & Nettie Friesen        
Andrew and Alma Friesen        
Jacob P. & Florence Friesen        
Bill & Helen Friesen        
Cornelius & Marg. Kornelsen Mary Tina Menno  
David & Tina Loewen Esther Linda Ernest Elizabeth
John and Lena Loewen Betty Ann Doris    
Ken & Esther Loewen        
Alvin & Eleanor Loewen        
Jacob PD & Eliz. Reimer Minna Mary Elizabeth Paulina
Jacob L. Reimer        
Leo & Eva Reimer        
Allen & Mary Reimer        
Peter & Tina Reimer        
Levi & Rosaline Remple        
John & Eleanor Remple        
Frank P. & Elsie Siemens Doris Helen      
Clarence & Charlotte Siemens        
Jacob & Tina Siemens Marilyn      


Name Ordination Pastoral Dates
Rev. Dave Eidse Aug 20, 1961   Rosenort EMC 1962-1976
Rev. Frank K. Friesen Sept. 13, 1964 P.Valley EMC Jul. 1, 1976-Jul. 31, 1989
Rev. Ernie Loewen Sept. 14, 1976 P. Valley EMC Aug. 1, 1989-Jan. 31, 1994
Rev. Bert Kornelsen Dec. 2, 1979    P.Valley EMC lay minister
Rev. John Reimer June 1985        P. Valley EMC Feb. 1, 1994-Jun. 30, 1997
Rev. Darren Plett June 1990      Blumenort EMC May 1, 1998-present


Name Ordination Commissioning Retired/Term Completed
Deacon Nick Eidse Sep. 23, 1962   1986
Deacon Bill Friesen Jul. 28, 1974   1993
Ken & Esther Loewen June 7, 1987   June 1999
Ed & Lena Harder   Apr. 1993 1998
Leo & Eva Reimer   May 24, 1998  
Rick & Karen Friesen   May 24, 1998  
Clarence & Marlene Dueck   June 6, 1999  


Outreach and Missions

Pleasant Valley young people used to sing about once a month for people in Brunkild and Sperling area.

For many years, groups went out to teach Sunday School during the summer months. One area was Opawaka School District near Miami, MB. Another one was Columbine and St. Daniel Schools north of Carman. These areas also had VBS during the summer. Bible Studies were held in Roland and Columbinee. The C.F. Duecks and Henry Bartels were both involved for many years. Sperling and Sanford are also areas where VBS was taught. The Children’s meetings and VBS still continue in Sanford.

Several couples have also been involved in prison ministries: Les and Pauline Siemens, Ken and Esther Loewen and Bill and Helen Friesen.

More missionaries are listed below:

Pleasant Valley E.M.C : 2000 +

Currently the church membership stands at 142 souls. Pleasant Valley has only had a full-time paid pastor for a few years. The Youth leaders are volunteers from the congregation. The musical worship style is contemporary. The membership recently made a decision to disband the church board concept and proceed with leadership primarily from the ministerial, which is composed of the ministers and deacons.

1961-2000 there were only eleven deaths in the church. Two of them were infants. These include Linda Loewen, Frank P Siemens, Alvin Loewen, Mrs. JPD Reimer, Mrs. JPD Reimer, Mrs. Marg. Kornelsen, Mrs. Lena Loewen, Mrs. Tina Loewen, Mr. John L. Loewen, Ivan Friesen and Timothy Friesen.

Missionary (ies) Place Term
Jake and Joyce Cornelsen  Pelly, Sk           Nov.1967-Apr. 1969
Dave & Susie Eidse Mexico                        Oct. 1976-Oct. 1986
Ibid Southern  Ont. Apr. 1988-Sep.1991
Ibid                                  Iowa              Sep.  1991-Oct. 1993
Rebecca Eidse YWAM-Hawaii  
Andrew & Alana Friesen Mafeking-Pastor  
Alana Harder Siemens Paraguay Aug. 1995-Jun. 1999
Carl & Lisa Loewen Phillipines                    Jan. 2000-present
Donovan & Beth Loewen YWAM Colorado                                 
Ed & Joy Loewen TEAM-Pakistan 1978-88
Ibid Int. Students 1989-present
Ernie & Mary Ann Loewen Paraguay Aug.1979-Nov.1985
Jennifer Loewen Mexico Sep. 1996-Jul. 1998
Terry Loewen Living Bible Explorers  
Gayle Reimer YWAM  
Gerald Reimer Mexico 1992-1996
John & Connie Reimer Nicaragua  
Don & Adeline Warkentin Gouldtown, Sk                                  


Resources for this article were Sesquicentennial Jubilee published by the E.M.C., research by Ernie and Mary-Anne Loewen, and minutes kept by the REMC Home Mission Board.