Calvin Levy Eiland Family


Calvin Levy Eiland Family

Husband: Calvin Levy Eiland

Born: 25 Oct 1887at: , Milam Co, Tx
Married: 17 May 1914at: , Milam Co, Tx
Died: 09 Jul 1978at: Rockdale, Milam Co, Tx
Buried: at: International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery (IOOF), Rockdale, Milam Co, Tx
Father: Thomas Jefferson Eiland
Mother: Ruth Mariah Thomas


Born: at: 
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 


Name: Thelmer Mae Eiland
Born: 20 Mar 1915at: , Milam Co, Tx
Died: 18 Aug 2004at: Rockdale, Milam Co, Tx
Buried: at: International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery (IOOF), Rockdale, Milam Co, Tx
Spouses: Harold Frank Staffelbach  Roland Hugh Fisher  

Name: Elmer Levy (Dub) Eiland
Born: 13 Apr 1917at: Rockdale, Milam Co, Tx
Died: 22 Mar 2010at: Waxahachie, Ellis Co, Tx
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Olga Rose Kamenicky  

Name: Elbert Lorenza (Dump) Eiland
Born: 12 Apr 1919at: , Milam Co, Tx
Died: 03 Apr 2006at: Taylor, Williamson Co, Tx
Buried: at: International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery (IOOF), Rockdale, Milam Co, Tx
Spouses: Tennie Gertrude Tumlinson  

Name: Margaret Lee Eiland
Born: 28 Oct 1921at: , Milam Co, Tx
Died: 28 Dec 1994at: , Milam Co, Tx
Buried: at: International Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery (IOOF), Rockdale, Milam Co, Tx
Spouses: Louis Guinn Gifford  

Name: Lona Marie Eiland
Born: 03 Mar 1924at: , Milam Co, Tx
Died: 01 Mar 2005at: Temple, Bell Co, Tx
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Edward Austin Whiteley  

Name: Calvin Levy (Clifford?) Eiland Jr.
Born: 17 Mar 1927at: Rockdale, Milam Co, Tx
Died: 05 May 1927at: Rockdale, Milam Co, Tx
Buried: at: Hickory Grove Cemetery Rockdale, Milam Co, Tx

Name: Delphia Euteva Eiland
Born: 04 Jul 1931at: , Milam Co, Tx
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Dale Floyd Talley  

Name: Lois Evon Eiland
Born: 14 Mar 1935at: , Milam Co, Tx
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: David Lee Wilkins  

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About the Calvin Levy Eiland Family:

Rockdale Reporter May 1914
Marriage - C. L. Eiland and Miss Freda Henke, both of Gay Hill community, were married Sunday
afternoon. The bride is the daughter of Wm. Henke and sister of Ed Henke. Rockdale Reporter

About Calvin Levy Eiland:

Eiland, Calvin L. of Rockdale. Age 90. Died 7/1978 (Sunday) in Richards Memorial Hospital after being in failing health for several weeks. Services held (Tuesday) in the Phillips & Luckey Chapel. Burial in IOOF Cemetery, Rockdale. Rev. Millard Brown of Full Gospel Chapel officiated. He was born 10/25/1887 in Gay Hill to M/M. Thomas Eiland. Married Miss Freda Annie Henke in 1914 near Rockdale. He was a retired farmer and rancher. Preceded in death by wife in 1974, Also an infant son. He was a member of above church and the last of 16 children of the Thomas & Marie Eiland family of Gay Hill. Survisors: 2 sons, Elmer Eiland of Dallas and Elbert Eiland of Houston; 5 daughters, Mrs. Thelmer Staffelbach of Rockdale, Mrs. Margaret Gifford of Thorndale, Mrs. Lona Whiteley of Killeen, Mrs Euteva Talley of Houston and Mrs. Lois Wilkins of Pasadena; 22 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren.

This narrative was written in 1983 for the Milam Co. book "Matchless Milam"
Calvin & Freda Eiland History written by Thelmer Eiland Staffelbach

Calvin Eiland was born October 25, 1887 to Tom Eiland and Ruth Thomas in the Gay Hill Community near Rockdale, Tx His parents were born in AL. Freda Henke was born October 16, 1894 to Julias and Elvena Henke near Rockdale. Her parents were born in Germany. Julias and Elvena came to Milam Co.. Living in Rockdale for a period of time they purchased the farm in the Gay Hill Community, November 1st, 1894.

Calvin Eiland and Freda Henke were married May 17, 1914 near Rockdale, Tx Eight children were born to this union. One child died in infancy. In 1916 they moved to the farm that her father and mother left. Thelmer was the only child at this time. In 1922 an Evangelist came to Gay Hill Community. Mom and Dad were converted and for years we had church in an old dance hall. I cannot recall that we missed many services. Dad was always ready to go to church. They started going to Rockdale in the late 30's and continued until death. They were attending the Rockdale Full Gospel Chapel. Freda passed away at the age of 79, February 1974. Calving passed on at the age of 91 in 1978. They are survived by their seven children.

In December of 1924, our home burned to the ground. There were five of us kids age 9 months to 9 years at this time. This happened about a week before Christmas. We saved a very few things out of the house. No one was hurt. That was the days that people helped people. We spent a few days with Uncle Eugene Eiland's family. Dad had a model T Ford truck and on Christmas Eve, he covered the truck bed with sheet and bows to keep out the cold and wind. We gathered up the Aunts, Uncles, Cousins. There was a truck load, about twenty people on our way to town (Rockdale) on Christmas Eve. After the holidays we moved into a small house on the farm. The people we knew, and strangers alike helped us get things we needed clothing, dishes, house furnishings. Then Dad bought the material for a house with a loan that was $660.00. The neighbors and friends came in and built the house it was a glad and thankful day when we moved into it.

Calvin and Freda farmed on a diversified basis, cotton, corn, fruits, berries, vegetables, melons, syrup making, raising hogs, trading and peddling. In later years he grazed cattle. Calvin was a leader in our community working for the Bartlett Electric Cooperate in the 1940's. It was 1947 when we got electricity in our community. He was a School Trustee for years.

We kids helped on the farm. We had to share the work, chopping and picking cotton were two jobs we spent lots of time doing. Picking peaches, pears, plums and berries was not easy but we enjoyed eating them. There is one thing we can always say, "We were taught to work and take care of our things." When the great depression in 1930's was on, we managed to keep soul and body together. We did not have everything we might but by GOD's help we made it by the sweat of our brown. We did not feel we were so bad off because our friends and neighbors were in the same shape. Calvin and Freda went out of Tx one time in their life. They went to visit their daughter in Oklahoma.

Registered for WWI draft, Milam Co, Tx
1930 Census - Precinct 4, Milam Co, Tx

1920 United States Federal Census about Calvin L Eiland
Home in 1920: Justice Precinct 4, Milam, Texas
Calvin L Eiland 33, Tx, Al, Al, Farmer, Gen Far
Freda Eiland 25, Tx, Germany, Germany
Thelmar Eiland 4, Tx, Tx, Tx
Elmer Eiland 2, Tx, Tx, Tx
Elbert Eiland 0 [10/12] , Tx, Tx, Tx
Marcus Eiland 28, brother, Tx, Al, Al, Farmer, Gen Farm

1930 United States Federal Census about Calvin Eiland
Home in 1930: Precinct 4, Milam, Texas
Calvin Eiland 42, head, married at age 26, Tx, Al, Al, Farmer, own farm
Frieda Eiland 35, wife, married at age 19, Tx, Germany, Germany
Thelma Eiland 15, dau, Tx, Tx, Tx
Elbert Eiland 10, son, Tx, Tx, Tx
Elmer Eiland 12, son, Tx, Tx, Tx
Margurell Lee Eiland 8, dau, Tx, Tx, Tx
Lona Eiland 6, dau, Tx, Tx, Tx

1940 United States Federal Census about Calvin C Eiland
Name: Calvin C Eiland
Respondent: Yes
Age: 53
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1887
Gender: Male
Race: White
Birthplace: Texas
Marital Status: Married
Relation to Head of House: Head
Home in 1940: Milam, Texas
Street: Handy - Salty Road
House Number: 44
Farm: Yes
Inferred Residence in 1935: Milam, Texas
Residence in 1935: Same House
Occupation: Farmer
Industry: Farm
House Owned or Rented: Owned
Value of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented: 800
Attended School or College: No
Highest Grade Completed: Elementary school, 5th grade
Hours Worked Week Prior to Census: 60
Class of Worker: Working on own account
Weeks Worked in 1939: 52
Income: 0
Calvin C Eiland 53
Frida Eiland 45
Elmer Eiland 23
Elbert Eiland 20
Margrette Lee Eiland 17
Lone Marie Eiland 15
Eutiva Eiland 10
Loyce Evon Eiland

About Calvin Levy (Clifford?) Eiland Jr.:

Name on birth certificated dated Sept 1, 1927 is CLIFFORD

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