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         All families who lived and live in Eastern Kentucky did not stay put in the same county all their lives. As families grew and branched they moved to a neighboring county or state.  When researchers try to document the origins and genealogy of a particular family in Eastern Kentucky, they usually research as many as four or five counties in two or three states. 

        This site is to give researchers a central spot to find resources for the places of origins for founding Eastern Kentucky families to help them research the family history of Eastern Kentuckians.

Share what you know!

There is a list for researchers who would like to share and get information about the origins of their Eastern Kentucky researchers. The list is almost two years old and over 300 members strong. To subscribe to the list:

Send the word SUBSCRIBE to

Our list has created a set of migration maps. If you don't see your family on it, its because you or someone else hasn't sent in your family's Eastern Kentucky migration data to me.
SUBMIT your migrations data on this form


You can view submissions that members sent on this MESSAGE BOARD Please do not reply on this board. It is only for viewing.

You might also want to post your migrations data or check for migration data at the Kentucky Migrations Project. They are a stand alone project developed to help researchers find where families moved from and to.

We do not have a chat time officially organized but you are welcome to use our chat room anytime you like. You are welcome to plan a topical chat and use this room if you want to. PASSWORD NOT required.

Our members have submitted information about themselves and their families.
You may view their entries HERE
        You may enter your information HERE

For more information on the origins of Eastern KY families, I have placed a gedcom of over 7000 names at my personal website. You might want to come and visit for a minute!


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