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Spickler and Rockwood Genealogy


King Louis VIII LionHeart of France

Reigned 1223-1226, invaded England (1216) but was defeated at Lincoln (1217). Resuming the Albigensian Crusade (1226), he conquered Languedoc.

King Philippe II Auguste of France

One of the greatest of French medieval kings, he doubled size of royal domain; consolidated royal power at expense of feudalism; created advisory council to replace hereditary offices; created royal court of justice with wide powers. Repeatedly at war with England, he supported Arthur I of Brittany against King John, whom he forced to surrender Normandy, Brittany, Anjou, Maine, and Touraine. His victory at Bouvines (1214) established France as leading power; his campaigns against Albigenses (1215, 1219) prepared annexation of So. France. Philip joined in the Third Crusade in 1990 but after a quarrel with
Richard I of England returned to France (1191). His reign saw the virtual disappearance of serfdom, the growing prosperity of the cities and the merchant class, and the building of the greatest cathederals.

Source: Columbia Viking Desk Encyclopedia

Earl of Warwick William De Beauchamp

of Elmley Castle, created Earl of Warwick per V 5 #151