Henry Mundy came from North Carolina to Indiana. Also researching Monday/Mondy family.
Research on the...
Mundy/Monday/Mondy Family
This page is for coordinating research
on the Family of
Henry Mundy
who's family came from North Carolina
through Kentucky
and settled in Indiana and Illinois.

You are welcome to browse awhile, enjoy the links, and share
your research with us. We would be happy to
link to your Mundy site, or post other family information.
Additional information will be posted as it is found,
so check back often.
Just a note about the spelling of our surname. Remember that few people on the frontier could
read and write in the early 1800's, so most were at the mercy of the record keepers they encountered.  Henry Mundy's name is spelled both Mundy and Monday in his probate records, so the record keepers were not even totally consistent.
Only the underlined links are active at this point. The others will be activated as time permits and information is found. The family of Henry and Mrs. Mundy The family of Henry S. Monday (Son of Henry) The family of Larkin Mundy (Son of Henry) The family of Lucinda Mondy (Daughter of Henry) and Henry Myers The family of Samuel Mundy (Son of Henry) The family of John Mundy (Son of Henry) Marriage Records

Death and Cemetery Records

Census Records  - Lots of new census information added!


The Sons of Larkin Mundy and their Descendants , by Paul S. Crane. Our thanks to Russell Bauer for all his time and effort.

Links to other Mundy/Monday/Mondy families

Let us know how you are related to Henry Mundy!

Ellie Grover < ellieb @gmail.com >  Descended through Henry Green Mundy, son of Larkin.

Russell Bauer< pater@netusa1.net > Descended from  Larkin, son of Henry Mundy.

Allison Adair Patterson< rae@qni.com > Descended from Robert Stevens, brother of Stacy Stevens the wife of Larkin Mundy.

Janie Mundy Hodges< Njhodges@aol.com > Descended from Isaiah Daniel Mundy, son of Larkin.

Joy Call< chuckjoy@ez2.net (This email is not active) > Descended through Samuel, son of Henry Mundy.



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