After creating your page using Netscape Composer, you are now ready to put it on your webspace by using the Composer's pubish function.

Click on File/Publish:

You'll be presented with a panel to fill in.

Note the format of the location to publish to. You must specify an FTP location instead of an HTTP location. This is due to the way that RootsWeb manages the server name on the FreePages server. The host name will always be and you will follow it with the directory in which you wish your page to appear. So, since I want my page to ultimately appear in, I publish to

Be sure to put the userid and password that was assigned to you in the appropriate places in the form, and click Save Password if you don't want to have to reenter your password each time you publish a page.

Now click on the OK button and you'll see a series of panels indicating the progress of your upload:

As soon as all the files have been uploaded, you will get this panel:

Click on OK and you're done.

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