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Ohio, Monongalia, and Yohogania Counties

Until the final establishment of the boundary line between Virginia (today West Virginia) and Pennsylvania in 1785, part of the land which is now a part of western Pennsylvania was located in what was known as the District of West Augusta, Virginia in three counties - Ohio, Monongalia, and Yohogania. Map.

Ohio County

Land Records

1778, Sep 10 - Zephaniah Dunn of Ohio County, Colony of Virginia, sold to Thomas Gilleland of the same place, three hundred acres on Buck Run, joining William Duffield, William Johnson, Kennith McClelland and David Williamson. Witness: Ephraim Johnson, Rachel Johnson, Thomas Chapman. "I do assign over all my right, title and interest of the property within mentioned tract of land to Hugh Gilleland, his heirs, etc. as witness my hand this 30 day of March 1780, signed Thomas Gilleland. Witness: David McClure, James Caldwell, Junr. Deed, Book 1, page 37. [Abstracts of Deed Book 1, 1777-1789, Ohio County (W) VA]

1778, Dec 14 - Nathaniel Redford of Buffalow Creek in Ohio County, State of Virginia sold to James Caldwell of said County for hundred acres "on which I now live" called Bair Wallow, near Robert Taylor, John Justice, Thomas Gillelan. Deed, Book 1, page 4. [Abstracts of Deed Book 1, 1777-1789, Ohio County (W) VA]

1787, Feb 5 - Edward Morgan of Ohio County sold to Hugh Gilleland, of said County, one hundred acres on waters of Short Creek joining James Garrison and Morgan Vanmetre. Edward Morgan, Susannah Morgan. Deed, Book 1, page 84. [Abstracts of Deed Book 1, 1777-1789, Ohio County (W) VA]

1795, Sep 7 - Edward Morgan and Susannah his wife sold to Joseph Morgan for one hundred pounds, three hundred acres joining James Garrison, Hugh Gilliland and Morgan Vanmetre. Edward Morgan, Susannah Morgan. Deed, Book 3, page 164. [Abstracts of Deed Book 3, 1789-1795, Ohio County (W) VA]

Court Records [Source: Annals of the Carnegie Museum, Volume 1, Holland, W. J. and J. B. Hatcher, editors]

1778, Nov 2 - Grandjury for County being called, James Clemons was sworn as foreman, and then Jacob Newland, Jacob Peat, James Moore, James Andrew, Samuel Mason, Jesse Dement, Annaniah David, Ezekiel Biggs, Benjamin Biggs, Nicholas Rogders, James Newell, Thomas Gilliland, John Huff, John Mitchell, Jacob Drenning, & Ebenezer Martin was sworn. Page 36.

1779, Nov 1 - Bargain & sale from Isaac Taylor to William Polk, being formerly proved by Thomas Gilliland & now proved by Hugh Gilliland. Page 50.

1780, May 1 - Bargain & sale from Zephania Dunn to Thomas Gilliland, acknowledged & ordered. Page 64.

1780, May 1 - Ordered that Thomas Gilliland be fined in the amount of two hundred pounds of tobacco for not appearing agreeable to Summons as Grandjuryman.

1780, May 1 - Ordered that Thomas Gilliland, Isaac Phillips, & Isaac Ellis be recommended to his Excellency the Governour as Captains & Timothy Downing, John Carpenter, Henry Nelson, James Brownlee & John Bean as Lieutenants. Page 69.

1780, May 1 - Assignment on a Bill of Sale, Dunn to Gilliland, is acknowledged by Thomas Gilliland to Hugh Gilliland & Ordered. Page 70.

Yohogania County

Court Records [Source: Annals of the Carnegie Museum, Volume 1, Holland, W. J. and J. B. Hatcher, editors]

1779, Oct 26 - Philip Gilliland v. William Lynn, then came a Jury, towit, John Kinkaid, John Embly, James Wright, Henry Hogland, John Bowley, Wm. Crow, Hugh Brawdy, Zadock Wright, Joseph Perkerson, Richard Crooks, Isaac Newkirk, Jno. Crow. Verdict for Plaintiff & Judgment £1000. Page 393.

Augusta County

[The following was taken from Lyman Chalkley's Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement of Virginia, volume 2.]

Lists of Delinquents in the Tax Levies

1767 - Mr. Skillern's list: James Capper, Ezekiel Kenedy, Sam'l Lindsey, Jr.; Wm. Napper, John Gilliland, runaway; Robert Linn, Jno. Moffett, Jno. Smith.

1767 - Col. Preston's list: Geo. Alexander, Jno. Bradley, Henry Carter, runaway; Joseph Barker, runaway; James Crawford, Peter Cutright, runaway; Walter Carrick, runaway; Jno. Clark, Sam'l Cowan, Henry Dooley, Jno. Ager, Jas. Gilliland, runaway; ... [A runaway referred to an indentured servant who left before his term of servitude was complete. Indentured servants were considered personal property and as such were counted in tax levies (Slavery and Indentured Servants)]