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John F. Ely, Sr.
This is the Family History Site for
John F. Ely, Sr. and Joyce Stroman Ely.

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13 November 2007 John F. Ely, Sr.

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This is the Family History Site for John F. Ely, Sr. and Joyce Stroman Ely.

Original was December 1999
Revisions were made 28 Mar 2000. 24 Oct 2000, 31 Jan 2001, 1 May 2002, 4 Sep 2002, 4 Jun 2003, 23
Aug 2004, 1 Sep 2004, and 1 Nov 2004

8th revision 27 March 2005 has additions and corrections from cousins PLUS several extensive and
important additions.

The sources for these major additions were brought to my attention by the Norris-Elye family in
Canada, Genealogist Duncan C. Ely, and Tom Hacker. References 92, 94, and 99 concern these major

Harley Bruce Markham Jr. was the founder of the Markham Tree web site from which I have
copied the data on the branches from 550 AD to 1136 and then to 1544. Questions concerning a number of
the dates and relationships on these branches have been inserted so that those with additional data can make
clarification. Mr. Markham's daughter informed me that her father died in 2001 and that she was not as
familiar with the data as was her father. See Ref. 92

9th revision 28 December 2006. This current tree contains 7205 names of people in 5021 families.
For years I had been up against a wall trying to find out when and how and when my mother’s family, the
Marrs, traveled to the USA.

Cousin Charles "Chuck" Marr discovered which ship the 8 Marr children and mother, Mary, used to
come from Scotland to USA in 1883.

Later, using Chuck’s lead I then found the only trace of the father (my Grandfather), Alexander, a Steam
Engine Fitter. The data for A. Marr (Alexander) from the ship’s register record is below. His departure
from Scotland to his 15 Jul 1882 arrival at Castle Garden NY was on the ship The State Of Nevada. So he
preceded the family to the USA by a year.

Name Occupation Age Sex
A. Marr Laborer 38 M
Alexander Marr b. 1 Jan 1844, St. Andrews, Fifeshire, Scotland. Age on ship 39 years and 7 mon.

Then came the family’s departure from Scotland to their arrival on 11 Jul 1883 at Castle Garden NY on the
ship The State Of Nebraska. Their data is listed below.

Data from ship’s register was
Name Relation Age Sex

To the ship’s register data I have added actual name, birth date, place, and "age" on ship

Mrs. Marr Wife 33 F
Mary Ann (Wilson) Marr, b. 9 Nov 1947/1948,
Aberdeenshire, Old Machar, Scotland.
Use 1948 from 1871 census and age on marriage certificate.
Age on ship 33 yr and 11 months

Alexander Marr Child, Youngster 11 M
Alexander Wilson Marr, b. 23 Feb 1871
, Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland.
Age on ship 12 yrs and 5 mon.

Jessie Marr Child, Youngster 10 F
Jessie Marr, b. 4 Mar 1869,
Aberdeenshire, Old Machar, Scotland.
Age on ship 14 yrs and 4 mon.

Jeannie Marr Child, Youngster 9 F
Mary Jane Marr, b. 15 Aug 1872
Drumoak, Aberdeenshire, Scotland,
Age on ship 10 yrs and 11 mon.

Katie Marr Child, Youngster 7 F
Catherine W. M. Marr, b. 1875

Age on ship 7 or 8 years

Arthur Marr Child, Youngster 4 M
Arthur Fife Marr, b. 1 July 1876,
Peterculter, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Age on ship 7 years 10 days.

Duncan Marr Child, Youngster 4 M
Duncan Anderson Marr, b. 1 July 1876
, Peterculter, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Age on ship 7 years 10 days.

Nellie Marr Child, Youngster 3 F
Hellen Isabella S. Marr, b. 1878

Age on ship 5years

Willie Marr Child, Youngster 2 M
William Marr, b. 7 Aug 1879.

Age on ship 4 years.

Other Marr Children born in Scotland but not on ships

Jane Ann Marr b. 31 Aug 1867 Andersier, Inverness, Fort George, Scotland
No further records after 1871 census

Charles Wilson Marr b. 9 Apr 1874, Clovencraigs, Peterculter, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, d. Lung
congestion 2 May 1874 in Scotland

My mother born in Chicago (No birth certificate or records to confirm except a sworn statement by her sister Kate)
Bessie (Marr) Ely, b. 24 July 1894, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.

On Oct 30 2006 Charles Marr furnished the following about the ship:

STATE OF NEBRASKA - 1880 - 1890
Code letters: TPVH Official Number: 82347
Master: Captain A. Brass
Rigging: iron single screw, 3 masts, steamer; 3 decks; 6 cemented bulkheads
Tonnage: 3,986 tons gross, 3,846 under deck and 2,577 net
Dimensions: 385.2 feet long, 43.3 foot beam and holds 32.2 feet deep;
Bridge 130 feet
Construction: 1880, London & Glasgow Co. Ltd. in Glasgow
Propulsion: compound engine with 2 cylinders of 51 & 91 inches diameter respectively;
stroke 60 inches; 650 horsepower; engine by the builders
Owners: J. & A. Allan / The State Steam Ship Co. Ltd.
Port of registry: Glasgow

An historical article and photograph from a Dupage County Illinois newspaper about Minnie Brinkman, Joyce’s Aunt, has been added

10th revision 13 November 2007. This current tree with corrections, additions, and deletions contains over 7000 names of people in over 5000 families.

Please write us with corrections (typos keep coming in), additions, comments, or if you are interested in
more details or photographs of the ELY and MARR families. All the people from the book, "Ely, Revell, Stacye Families" are now in this site. Many great additions have been made thanks to many cousins.

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1014 Canterbury Road
Raleigh, NC 27607
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1014 Canterbury Road
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 787-6628