Ely, Isaac Descendants, Branches and Genealogy Descendants of Isaac Ely of Hampshire County, Virginia (WV) All questions, comments or suggestion regarding information on this page should be address to: Charles Ely, elfam@juno.com. There are mistakes in this database. When the information is not correct, please send a note with the correct information and source. Creation date is December 31, 2016. For everyone who has provided information, THANKS. For the information that is still to come, I would be honored to update this record. Thank You to Ronald Leake, Delores March, Charleen Kellogg, Fred Funk, Marilyn Buck, Carol Nordt, Jeanette Kennedy, Anita Dennis and others for sharing this information. ELY, Isaac is listed as death before 1796 and according to family story, came to America with three brothers.

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