Regenauer Family Genealogy

Regenauer Family Genealogy

Welcome to my Regenauer family website. This site is devoted to listing the descendants of Michael Regenauer (1834-1901) who was born in Bavaria Germany and immigrated to the United States in the mid-1800's.

Please click to see a Short List of Descendants of Michael from both of his wives, or...

Click on my Index of Names to look at the genealogical information I have on individual members of the family. Please note that for privacy reasons I do NOT list any living Regenauer descendants, so if you do not find someone you expected to be listed here, it is because they are still alive, or I am uncertain as to whether or not they are alive.

If you have any changes or additions to make to my family genealogy, or any scanned photographs to add to this website to please e-mail me.

Thank you,
Ernie Mabrey

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