The Emmons's Family 3rd Annual Reunion

Notes from the Reunion

By Lori Stephenson - Jul 22, 2001

The Reunion was a great hit this year... 80+ cousins in attendence!

We had cousins from CA, TX, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois in attendence.

Richard Emmons of California travelled the farthest to get to the reunion. He's a descendent of William Emmons through George Washington Emmons.

We had 3 of the 5 children of Cyrenius and Lydia Emmons represented. The most went to Cyrenius II, but William and Johnathan were also represented.

Next years reunion will be July 28, 2001 at the French Lick Senior Citizens Center at 1 PM. A Pitch-in Luncheon again so mark your calanders now!

Roger Wininger was re-elected president.
V.P went to Jerry Emmons
Secretary went to Jenny Emmons
Treasurer is Phyllis Emmons Wininger
Games went to me (Gee thanks LOL)

Prizes went to: 
Youngest boy: James Cameron Emmons Jr... JC. 9 months
Youngest Girl went to Skyla Emmons ... 2 months
Oldest man went to Merle Emmons .... age 82
Oldest woman went to Edith Emmons age 80

Door Prizes went to: Ryan Emmons, Bob Stalhman, Brenda Snyder

Guess the Candy prize went to Travis Butler

Guess the picture went to Virginia Emmons

Emmons family Reunion Word find was won by Clydia Emmons

Emmons family Bingo was won by: Amanda Butler, Kyle Friedman,
Dolly Kendall, Brenda Snyder, Richard Emmons, and Linda Clingersmith.

We took family group pictures that I hope to scan and get online soon.

I'll see if I can give a run down of the day... It's been really long. I got there at 11:30 AM to help set up. People started arriving at about 12:00. Most everyone was there by 1:00 PM and Virginia Emmons said Grace. At about 2:15, Roger called the business meetting to order and election of officers for next year was held. Then I was called to read the Emmons family Memorial List of those Emmons's who departed this life since last reuion as a candle was lit in their memory. (The candle remained lit through the rest of the reunion.) The Oldest, Youngest and Farthest in attendence was figured out as well as that of Special anniversaries, weddings, births and deaths. Next we did the Guess the candy and picture prizes. That was followed by the Door Prizes.

After the business meeting was concluded... I called the names of the descendents of each of the 3 sons of Cyrenius (I) in attendence for group photo's. After that we played Emmons family Reunion word find and then Bingo.

The reunion ended about 4:15 PM with many cousins having found closer cousins and relatives. Most everyone said they would be back next year.

Some of our new attendents were the descendents of Elmer Emmons... He was the son of George Washington Emmons, who in turn was the son of William. Also descendents of George Washington Emmons's son George were there.

Then there was Dolly, Pat and Brenda who represented William Leslie Emmons' lines. William Leslie was a son of Phillip C. Emmons who was a son of David and David in turn was the son of Cyrenus (II).

All of you that couldn't attend this year were greatly missed. I looked for some of you who had said you were coming but didn't make it in the end. Maybe next year.

Anyway, a great time was had by all!

Hugs, Cousin Lori

Reunion Pictures

lt to rt: Warren Stephenson, Richard Emmons, Tyrus Emmons, Linda Emmons Clingersmith

Descendents of Jonathan Emmons

Descendents of William Emmons

lt to Rt: ? (Husband of Brenda), Pat Stalling, Dolly Emmons Kendall, Pat's Husband(Hidden) and Brenda.

Estell Emmons, his granddaughter and great-granddaughter, Kiona

Me during the mermorial of Games

Cyrenius Emmons II descendents part 1

Cyrenius Emmons II descendents part 2

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