The Emmons's Family 5th Annual Reunion

Well another year has come and gone and so has yet another reunion! This year was the fifth Emmons Family Reunion. I'm rather proud that it continues to go strong.

First off Tony Quinn, husband of Donna Emmons Quinn, said grace at about 1:15 and then we all dug into all the fixing's that had been brought by our numerous cousins in attendance.

After lunch I, Lori Stephenson, was called upon to read the names of our cousins who have passed away since the last reunion. A Candle was lit and remained burning in their memory throughout the reunion.

Games were played next.

Merle Emmons was the oldest man in attendance. He's a youngster at 84 years of age. Edith Jones Emmons was the oldest woman in attendance. She is a youngster at 82 years of age.

The person with the most descendants in attendance was Edith Emmons. Four of her children were present with their families.

Terry and Marlane Flack came the furthest distance. They came from Utah to visit with family and attend the reunion. Marlane Sheetz Flack is a double Emmons descendent. She descends from William Mitchell Emmons and Lydia Emmons Emmons. William Mitchell Emmons represents William Emmons line while Lydia Emmons represents Cyrenus Emmons (II) line.

The children's game of standing on one leg the longest was one by Kayla Emmons, daughter of David and Jeanette Emmons and Jadon Hinkle, son of Jack and Rita Emmons Hinkle.

Billie Trueblood Freeman supplied 2 Geode rocks at which the attendants were asked to guess the weights. The woman's rock winner was Sharon Fink, wife of Lonnie Fink. The man's rock winner was Jerry Emmons. There were 4 winners to the guessing game. And a whole bunch of door prizes won by many people of which names were not recorded. Christmas song Bingo was played. Roger Wininger, husband of Phyllis Emmons Wininger, sang "I saw 3 Ships" while we played bingo. Bingo winners I believe were Vivian Emmons, widow of Kenneth Emmons, and Tamara Logan Kline.

Reunion donations were taken to pay for the costs of renting the senior citizen's center and to pay for games and prizes.

Officers are the same as last year with the exception of some how I got nominated and elected without even knowing it as being in charge of games again. Gee thanks.

So the officers are:

President: Keith Emmons Vice President: Tony Quinn Secretary: Sharon Chestnut Emmons Treasure: Phyllis Emmons Wininger Games: Lori Stephenson

Sharon Emmons read the minutes last.

The reunion is set for the 4th Sunday of July 2004 at 1 pm at the French Lick Senior Citizen's Center. The date is July 25th so mark your calendars.