The Emmons's Family 5th Annual Reunion

Well another year has come and gone and so has yet another reunion! This year was the sixth Emmons Family Reunion. I'm rather proud that it continues to go strong.

I'm sorry to say that because of how busy I was last July when the reunion took place that I didn't write a report on what went on. I do have a copy of the minutes but can't give you a play by play as I have in the past. I will tell you what I can remember and hope that this year I do a better job with getting things updated as they should be. (Lori)

Grace was given at about 1:15 and then we all dug into all the fixing's that had been brought by our numerous cousins in attendance.

After lunch the reunion business meeting was called to order by predident Keith Emmons. The minutes from the 2004 reunion was read by Roger Wininger and the financial report was given by Phyllis Emmons Wininger. Then I, Lori Stephenson, was called upon to read the names of our cousins who have passed away since the last reunion. A Candle was lit and remained burning in their memory throughout the reunion. Then Norma Emmons Stephenson read a poem to remember or Troops over seas.
Births, and Marriages were then announced. Virginia Pruett Emmons announced the Birth of three grandchildren. Twin daughters born to Vicky Emmons Kelly and a son to Tara Emmons Lynch. Merle Emmons announced a new great grandson and Joshua Quinn, son of Donna Emmons Quinn, announced his marriage to Dana Kalb in Sept of 2003.

Games were played next.

Merle Emmons was the oldest man in attendance. He's a youngster at 85 years of age. Edith Jones Emmons was the oldest woman in attendance. She is a youngster at 83 years of age.

Ryan Emmons was the youngest boy in attendance. Son of Mr. and Mrs. David Emmons. Skylar Emmons was the youngest girl in attendance. (I don't remember who Skylar's parents are but I think she was the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Estel Emmons.

Fred and Barbara Emmons came the furthest distance. They came from Texas to attend the reunion.

Winners of guess the picture were Phyllis Emmons Wininger and Tim Roberts, husband of Jackie Emmons Roberts.

Winners of pocket and purse pick were: Virginia Pruett Emmons and Tim Roberts

Winners of Bingo were: Micheal Wininger, Pat Stallman, Phyllis Emmons Wininger, Kayla Emmons, Ranza Emmons Keely Tow, Hallie Emmons, Emily Macy, Clois Rominger Emmons, Pat Emmons, Amanda Emmons, Amanda Butler, David Emmons, Dolly Emmons Kendall, Virginia Emmons and Bob Stallman

Winner of the cover all was Bob Stallman

The children's game of guess the marbles was won by Ryan Emmons.

Reunion donations were taken to pay for the costs of renting the senior citizen's center and to pay for games and prizes.

Officers were nominated as the following:.

President: Frances Emmons Shields
Vice President: Roger Wininger
Secretary: Linda Emmons Self
Treasure: Phyllis Emmons Wininger
Games: Norma Emmons Stephenson

The reunion is set for the 4th Sunday of July 2005 at 1 pm at the French Lick Senior Citizen's Center. The date is July 24th so mark your calendars.