The Emmons's Family 7th Annual Reunion

This year marked the 7th Emmons reunion. It was held today July 24th at the French Lick Senior Citizen's center. About 50 cousins and relatives were in attencence this year. That is down from the last couple years sadly. Hopefully next year will be better.

Anyway, At about 1:15 President Fran Emmons Shields lead Grace. Then we all dove into the many varied fixings supplied by the great cooks of the family. After lunch cousin Keith Emmons annoced the upcoming marriage of his granddaughter, Amanda Butler and invited those present to her wedding.

Fran then introduced me to read the memorial for this year. We had 6 known family members to pass on since last years reunion. A candle was lit and remained lighted through the reunion in their memory.

Fran then asked if we wished to continue the reunion a show of hands indicated that there will be an 8th family reunion to be held tentatively the 4th sunday of July 2006 at the French Lick Senior Citzens center. The vote also was called for officers for next years reunion. It was decided that the same cousins would remain in their offices for next year.

Officers were nominated as the following:.

President: Frances Emmons Shields
Vice President: Roger Wininger
Secretary: Linda Emmons Self
Treasure: Phyllis Emmons Wininger
Games: Norma Emmons Stephenson

Games were played next.

Oldest Man went to Merle Emmons who is 86 years young Oldest woman went to Clois Rominger Emmons at age 80.

Youngest Girl went to Emily Macy granddaughter of Fran Shields Youngest boy went to Ryan Emmons son of David and Jeanette Emmons .

Persons to travel farthest: Tim and Jackie Emmons Roberts from down around Austin, TX.

Jackie Emmons Roberts then played the piano and we played name that tune: Warren Stephenson (my father) had 19 right but declined the prize. Martha Zehr Emmons I think had the next highest number of songs correct. She recieved two tickets to visit the West Baden historical Dome.

Next we played Pocket pick: Where if you had an Indiana Quarter in your pocket you could claim a prize. I think 4 people had the prerequist quarter: Martha Emmons, Alma Qualkenbush and 2 others that I forget their names.

After pocket pick we played Chrustmas in July. My mother, Norma Emmons Stephenson and I had raided the Christmas Decorations and stuffed 70 items in a Christmas bag. Then we asked everyone to write down as many christmas things they could come up with that might be in the bag. After about 20 minutes Mom started pulling things out of her bag. Trust me it was some of the strangest things you would see in the middle of July. Thinsg ranging from Christmas gift boxes to tinsel and ornament hooks, Rugs, plates and towels. Heck we even had Christmas confetti.
I think 4 people claimed prizes here too. Phyllis Emmons Wininger I think was one,The daughter of Ted and Clydia Emmons was another. And Virginia Emmons wife of Kenneth Emmons was a 3rd and I missed who was 4th.

Reunion donations were taken to pay for the costs of renting the senior citizen's center and to pay for games and prizes.

The reunion is set for the 4th Sunday of July 2006 at 1 pm at the French Lick Senior Citizen's Center. The date is July 23rd so mark your calendars.


Reunion Pictures

Dolly Emmons Kendall

Fran Emmons Shields

Jackie Emmons Roberts

Kayla Emmons

Merle Emmons- Oldest Emmons in Attendence

Bob and Pat Schroyer Stahlman

Amanda Emmons

Warren Stephenson, my Dad

Donald and Laurie Anderson

The people with their backs to the camera,

I can only name 2 of them. The man at the far end with a solar panel and glasses is Roger Wininger, The older woman in Blue is Pat Pate Emmons. From lf-rt facing the camera: Phyllis Emmons Wininger, Clois Rominger Emmons, Virginia Pruett Emmons, Ted Emmons, and Jill Emmons Tow holding Keely Tow.

Lf-rt: Sharon Chestnut Emmons(glasses),

Marilyn Stevens Emmons (long hair),Alma Emmons Qualkinbush (coffeecup), Jerry Emmons, Martha Zehr Emmons.

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