The Emmons's Family 8th Annual Reunion

Well another year has come and gone and so has yet another reunion! This year was the ninth Emmons Family Reunion.

I really can't tell you much at what happened this year. My father was in the hospital in Indianapolis and life has erased my memory.

Grace was given at about 1:15 and then we all dug into all the fixing's that had been brought by our numerous cousins in attendance.

I do know after lunch the reunion business meeting was called to order by Norma Emmons Stephenson. I, Lori Stephenson, was called upon to read the names of our cousins who have passed away since the last reunion. A Poem was read while a Candle was lit that remained burning in their memory throughout the reunion.

The business meeting continued with discussion about officers and games and whether we even wanted to contiinue the reunion. It was decided to have a 10th reunion with a mere 20 in attendance. The next reunion in 2008 will decide if the reunion continues. More people must attend and be willing to help if we are to continue. THere is a new senior citizen's building and the charge for rental is now $100. This year's reunion couldn't begin to cover the cost of that. Luckily the price is the same for 2008 as it was in 2007 since the reserve was paid before the new building announcement.

It was also decided that Norma Emmons Stephenson would be President for the 4th or 5th time and I will be running games for the 8 or 9th time. Phyllis Emmons Wininger has agreed to be Tressure for like the 8th time.

The reunion is dying. I am left with asking how can I ask people to travel hundreds of miles to sit and eat and leave? I'm devestated that the reunion has come to this. So that leaves me to one thing if you want to save the reunion from implosion please come next year amd voice your opinion help me save our connection to the past. So please do come.

Treasure: Phyllis Emmons Wininger

The reunion is set for the 4th Sunday of July 2008 at 1 pm at the French Lick Senior Citizen's Center. The date is July 27th so mark your calendars.


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