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This page is dedicated to the Emmon's family of Southern Indiana. They arrived in Floyd Co., IN in approximately 1815 and spread their wings to many other counties including Martin, Orange, Dubois, Jackson, Knox, Lawrence, Lake, Montegomery,Clark, Daviess, Vanderburg,and Crawford in Indiana and Lawrence Co, IL.

This page is also dedicated to the many allied families. These include: Anderson, Beatty, Beyers, Campbell, Clark, Combs, Crowder, Dorsett, Freeman, Gammon, Hayes, Hendrix, Hopper, Howerton, Jones, Lewis, Moore, Powell, Qualkenbush, Qualkinbush, Quinn, Stackhouse, Waggoner and Wininger and many others.

This page also includes my ancestors. I know who my great-grandparents were on all sides and in most cases know who my great-great-greatgrandparents were. My direct lines include: Andrew, Arnett, Batts, Beaufort (Buford), Bennington, Campbell, Carter, Chew, Dickerson, Emmons, Fulton, Gallagher, Gibbons, Green, Grissom, Harvey, Huffman, Hunter, Jones, Klepper, Lamb, Lewis, Love, Maris, Martin, Maynard, McCutcheon, McPherson, Merritt, Miller, Munholland, Noble, Nutthall, Paxson, Price, Rennard, Romine, Seek, Shiress, Simcock, Stanfield, Stephenson, Stover, Sullivan, Waln, Walters, Weaver, Wilsmith, Wineinger, Wininger, Yarbourgh

I hope you enjoy these pages as much as I have and please let me know if you are related in any way to these lines. I would really like to include you in my Family Tree Maker Files.


The 10th Annual Serinus and Lydia Romine Emmons Family Reunion

Will be held the 4th Sunday of July 26, 2009 at 1 PM EST

Pitch- in Lunch

At the West Baden Springs Park upper shelterhouse.The park is located off of Ballard Street to the east of the West Baden Dome Hotel. Come up the hill, veer to the right. The Shelter house will be on the right overlooking the park and baseball diamonds.


Accomodations in French Lick area

Map of West Baden Ballard st area

2nd Annual Emmons Reunion

3rd Annual Emmons Reunion

4th Annual Emmons Reunion

5th Annual Emmons Reunion

6th Annual Emmons Reunion

7th Annual Emmons Reunion

8th Annual Emmons Reunion

9th Annual Emmons Reunion

Family Happenings*** updated 6/04/06

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