Egbert Family History

Section C

Barent Egbert Family

I. Barent Egbert, (aka Egbert Teunise Egbert, or Sanderson, Metselaer, Egbertsen) son of Paumelus & Lemniken (Gerrits) Egbert, will 6/7/1684, d. ca. 1687 at Albany, NY, m. 11/1657, Aechji Albert (in Genealogies of 1st Settlers of Albany the last name is Egbertse) came to New Amsterdam, 4/16/1663, from Schutterop, Germany with wife and 2 ch., ages 1 & 3yrs., on the ship ‘Spotted Cow.’  Granted "Burgher right" & living in New Amsterdam 1657. Settled in Beverwyck, (Albany) NY in 1641. On 4/1/1655 Solomon LaChair’s wife hired him, in Netherlands, to work for her husband as tailor in New Amsterdam. He is recorded as alderman in New Amsterdam, 4/13/1657. (possibly the trip on the Spotted Cow with his family was his second voyage to New Amsterdam) on assignment roll of British 1675, on 8/1/1678 he bought woodland called ‘Kruypel Bosch’ from Garret Stoothoff for 6000 gl. 25 morgens.  Signed his name to documents as Barent Egberssen. On assignment rolls of Breuklen, 9/1676 with 1 poll, 1 cow, & 3 morgans of land totaling 68£. Barent also said to be a mason brought over by Killian Van Rensselaer. His name appears in “Settlers in Rensselaerwick.” also in “Books of Monthly Wages and Other M.S.S., 1641) He is recorded as Councilman for North Ward beyond the bridge.  By 1674 Barent & his friend, Dr. Thomas Spry, had moved to New Castle Co., DE, surveys being made for them 5/28/1675 and patents issued to them 11/5/1675. The survey made for Barent, called "BlackSmith's Hall," suggests he may have changed his occ. when he moved. Barent made a will 10/20/1674, shortly after arriving in DE, proved 6/6/1677 by Dr. Spry, and letters of admin. were granted to the widow, Rebecca. This suggests Barent married a 2nd time to Rebecca --- ca. 1663 since they have 3 ch. listed after that date.  Rebecca remarried Dr. Thomas Spry after Barent's death (after 1677) and d. pre 4/6/1685, the date of Dr. Spry's will. Rebecca & Dr. Spry had no ch. In 1688 records show Ann Egbert Green & Abiah Egbert Garretson were mentioned as co-heirs of the estate of Barent Egbert.   (See Jelte Egbert Family Outline)

A. Maritie Egbert (1/1657-1/1757) m. ca. 1683, Herman Lleverse
B. Egbert Teunise Egbert (1656-6/1716) will 12/2/1704, proven 1/26/1716, m. ca. 1680, Maritie Barentse Bradt (Brady) dau. of Barent & Susanna Bradt, probably the sister of Dirk B. Bradt. Egbert was deacon of DRC, Albany, NY in 1687. In 1703-4 the consistory of the DRC, Albany, dealt with him for refusing to pay his seat debt for the benefit of the domin’s salary, after standing out for a time he yielded. He paid 12 fl. for a pall 12/25/1704, res. Brewer’s St., Albany, NY.
1. Teunis Egbert, b. 10/6/1680, m. 2/28/1716, Engeltji Beeckman (Angelica) dau.  of Martin Hendrick & Susanna (Jans) Beeckman, res. Albany, NY (See Story Section about Beeckman {Beekman} Family )
a. Maretie Egbert, c. 7/15/1716
b. Neeltje Egbert, c. 6/30/1718
c. Susanna Egbert, c. 3/13/1720
d. Lena Egbert, c. 8/30/1721, d. inf.
e. Egbert Egbert, c. 6/16/1723
f. Lena Egbert, c. 8/30/1725, d. young
g. Anna Egbert, c. 10/1/1727
h. Maria Egbert, c. 1/4/1730
i. Lena Egbert, c. 3/11/1733, m. Hendrick Schermerhorn, Columbia, Linlithgo, NY
j. Martin Egbert, c. 6/3/1736, m. 1/28/1772, Josina Schermerhorn (also listed as Martin Egberson, m. 10/28/1771, Sinea Scharmehorn)
i. Johannes Egbert, c. 1/26/1778
k. Jacob Egbert, c. 6/3/1736
2. Dirk Egbert, b. 8/20/1682, m. 9/25/1709,  Anna Margrietje Teller (8/1/1694-ca.7/1754) bur. 8/1/1754, dau. of Jacob & Christina (Wessels) Teller
3. Barent Egbert, b. & d. in Albany, NY (5/6/1684-11/1752) c. 5/10/1684, will 6/18/1753, b. & d. Albany, NY, m. twice, 1st 8/26/1704, Albany,  Maria (Maritje) DeGarmo, bur. 1/9/1725, dau. of Pierre DeGarmo (alias Villeroy) & Caatje Van Der Hayden, 2nd 6/1/1727, Elsie Van Loon, b. 1677, wid.  of  Omny LaGrange, who she m. 3/28/1697, she d. 10/22/1742 (or 3/26/1753), dau. of Jan & Maria (Albertie) Van Loon. no ch. by her. He was on list of freeholders of Albany, 1720, as Barent Egbertsen. Warranty deed to Barent Sanderson recorded in Book 6, p1238, of the Albany Public Records. His marriage to Elsie was recorded in Albany where they were both listed as of New Amsterdam.
a. Egbert Teunis Egbert,  b. 1/10/1705, c. 1/13/1705, m. 6/3/1727, Rachel Van Loon,(1709-1785),  eldest dau. of Jan & Rebecca (Halenbek) Van Loon, (Elsie Van Loon’s brother and wife) they res. in schoolhouse next to parsonage of Pastor Berkenmeyer, Loonenburg, NY. member of Church Council of Lutheran Church of Loonenburg. Also lived Klinkenberg, Athens Long Point. A son, Barent Egberts, may have signed the Coxsackie Declaration, 1775.
i. Marya Egbert, b. 10/5/1737
ii. Elizabeth Egbert, b. 4/5/1744
iii. Rachel Egbert, b. 7/6/1745
iv. Jacob Egbert, b. 8/11/1751
v. Barent Egberts
b. Pieter Egbert (Peter), b. 8/21/1708, c. 9/19/1708
c. Marretjen Egbert, c. 2/10/1712, d. 3/10/1760, m. 5/11/1734, Jacob Ruth Van Woerdt, d. 4/25/1782
d. Catrine Egbert (Catherine), c. 1/23/1715, , bur. 8/18/1733, DRC of Albany
e. Susanna Egbert, c. 4/6/1718, d. ca. 1765, m. Gerrit Van Vraken
f. Jacob Egbert, b. 9/13/1724 at Coxsackie, NY, c. 9/13/1724, d. in Coxsackie, NY date unknown, m. twice, 1st Mary Kuis(Ruis) 2 ch., 2nd 3/9/1750, Coxsackie 1st DRC, Susanna (Sanje) Van Loon, b. 1730, youngest dau. of  Jan & Rebecca (Halenbek) Van Loon.  Jacob Egbertsen, Jr. signed Coxsackie Declaration of 1775.
i. Mary Egbertse, c. 9/20/1749
ii. Barent Egbertse, c. 8/19/1750, m. Catrina ---
iii. Rebecca Egbertse, c. 9/9/1751, wit. Petrus & Rebecca Van Loon, m. Jan Cook
iv. John Egbertse (son), c. 5/30/1753 at Coxsackie, NY, d. 5/31/1822, at Athens, NY, m. 7/7/1793, Zion Lutheran Church of Athens, NY, Jane Gass, b. 1760, dau. of William & Eleanor Gass. William Gass was the 1st settler of Jewett, NY. He emigrated from Northfield, Scotland, 1773. Eleanor Gass was dau. of John & Rosina Gass, b. 5/28/1735. William & Eleanor were cousins. Graves of John & Jane in family cem. at mouth of the East Kill, Jewett, NY. Listed on the assessment rolls of Greene Co. as of 3/6/1780. John listed, 1776, in Muster Roll of 4th Reg., Albany Co. Militia under Capt. David Palmer. Also listed in Barent Dubois Memoir as signer of enlistment paper to serve 3 yrs. He pd. 1£ for right to bounty land ca. this time.
1. Susanna Egbertse, c. 8/22/1784
2. Jacob Egbert(son),  (12/11/1788-12/1/1870) b. Loonenburg (Athens), NY, d. South Jewett, NY, c. 3/8/1789, at Catskills, NY, m. 3/26/1812, Anna Artman, dau. of Justus & Elizabeth (Perry) Artman. Justus Artman b. 11/6/1757, Goodlingberg, Germany & was brought over as a soldier under Burgoyne, joining the American cause 5/10/1778. Listed as Overseer of Highways at Jewett/Lexington, 3/4/1832. Census 1855 show them living in Jewett. Numerous mentions of land sales/purchases in Catskill, Greene Co., NY 1815-1865, most seem to be to family members
a. John Egbertson, (7/14/1813-9/18/1875) m. Polly Brandow, he had a stable at 430 6th Ave., NY City, in 1872, listed in Directory
b. Obidiah Egbertson (1/1/1815-5/15/1823)
c. Elizabeth A. Egbertson (2/23/1817-1/5/1875) m. David Botchford
d. William Egbertson (3/16/1820-11/9/1834)
e. Jane Egbertson (11/27/1822-7/19/1881) m. William Jones
f. Sally Ann Egbertson (12/9/1824-4/2/1863) m. John W. Austin
g. Thomas Tully Egbertson (11/11/1826-9/5/1889) bur. M.E. Church Cem., Hunter, NY, m. Sally Jones (8/2/1835-12/11/1894) dau. of James & Polly Jones. Thomas listed as head of family in Jewett Census of 1855,1860,1870, & 1880, Sally as head of family 1892. Thomas’ will leaving his estate to Sally probated 11/4/1889, he then owned 55 ½ acres sw. corner lot 69 to ne. corner lot 69, subdivision of Great Lot 23, Hardenburgh Patent. Thomas yielded estate rights to land of Jacob Egbertson on 6/4/1871 to Justus Egbertson (100acres)
i. William Egbertson (2/27/1852-2/6/1936) bur. Attica, NY Cem., m. Hepsie Osborn(e), b. ca. 1853, d. possibly 6/27/1927, dau. of George & Abigail Osborn. William listed as head of household with Hepsie & Cora at Jewett, NY,  in 1880 Census, but in 1892 Census he is listed with Cora & Charles under Sally Egbertson as head of household. In 1900 Census William is listed as head of household with Cora & Charles. In 1905 Chales is listed under Milton Jones, with William, Cora, and LeRoy Murta moved to Batavia, NY. William listed as defendant in suit by John C. Keller, 12/7/1897. In Cairo, NY Cem. records 1931 there is listed a Hepsi Egartson, widow, bur. Maplewood Cem. Jewett, NY, however the family tradition is that Hepsie d. shortly after the birth of Charles.
(1) Cora Egbertson (8/18/1879-1943) bur. Attica, NY Cem.
(2) Charles Egbertson (10/14/1883-10/28/1956) bur. East Park, NY Cem.,  m. 12/8/1915, Ida E. Billings (3/13/1885-8/8/1974) b. 114 Main St., Poughkeepsie, NY bur. East Park, NY Cem., dau. of John J. & Victoria E. (Porter) Billings. (John Billings b. Liverpool, England, &  vet. of Civil War serving with the Zouaves at Gettysburg, & in US Navy. In the US Army he was a paid substitute for another American.) Charles came to Poughkeepsie ca. 1910, occ. engineer at Poughkeepsie Chair Factory until its closing during the Depression of 1929. Several res. in Poughkeepsie, then in early 1930s family moved to East Park, NY
(a) Frances Evelyn Egbertson, b. 8/19/1920,  only ch., m. twice, 1st - 6/27/1937, Harold Behr, 2nd – 4/3/1982, Thomas M. Weber
ii. Milton Egbertson (1/5/1860-8/11/1928) bur. Maplewood Cem., Jewett, NY
iii. Anna Egbertson (6/5/1867-2/4/1880)
h. Justus Egbertson (1/4/1830-2/2/1907) m. Clarissa Lindsley
i. Caroline Egbertson (6/29/1832-3/12/1900) m. James H. Young
j. Harriet R. Egbertson (9/20/1834-10/30/1884) m. Amos Goodsell
k. William Egbertson (9/3/1846-2/12/1911)
l. Maria Egbertson (4/12/1839-12/1/1888) m. Samuel Straughan
3. William Egbertse, d. 1830, m. Elizabeth Van Hoesen
4. Nicholas Egbertse, c. 5/26/1792, m. Elizabeth Hallenbeck
5. Petrus Egbertse, b. 7/1/1795, c. 8/2/1795, m. thrice, 1st – 1/2/1818, Hannah Schermerhorn, 2nd – 11/8/1822, Rebecca Evertsen, 3rd – 10/12/1850, Elizabeth Hallenbeck. bought out rights to family farm of John Egbertse from his siblings, 6/27/1822, located on the border between Catskill and Athens in sw corner of Athens, bounded on the west by John Rouse, on the n. by Francis Van Hoesen & Jacob Hadden, on the e. by a sm. lake, on the s. by Jacob & Aaron Hallenbeck (Deeds, Greene Co. Courthouse, Catskill)
6. Eleanor Egbertse (Nelly) m. 1821, John Vosburg
v.  Mary Egbert(son) (Maria) c. 1756, m. 1779, Andrew Flower (Slover)
vi. Catarina Egbertse, b. 1759
vii. Petrus Egbertse, b. 1760,  wit. Casper & Sarah Hallenbeck
viii. Ebbert Egbertse,  b. 1760, wit. Petrus & Rachel Ebbertson
ix. Johanna Egbertse, c. 10/26/1761, wit. Johan Ebbers, m. 11/30/1780, Nicholas Van Loon
x. Catarina Egbertse, c. 3/9/1764, wit. Jacob & Catharina Van Loon, m. Willemus Brandow
xi. Rachel Egbertse, c. 8/30/1767, Coxsackie, NY, m. Jacob P. Richtmyer
xii. Lisabeth Egbertse, b. 2/1771, possibly m. Casper Hallenbeck, c. 1/28/1787
4. Benjamin Egbert, c. 3/29/1686, Albany, NY, m. ca. 1710, Anne Visscher, bur. 10/22/1753, dau. of Tierck Harmense & Femmetje (Jants) Visscher. on the list of freeholders of Albany 1720 as Benjamin Egbertsen. Benj. brought Pastor Berkenmeyer to Loonenburg, NY on his boat, 11/18/1731.
a. Egbert B. Egberts (or Egbertse) c. 3/4/1711, will 10/21/1771, m. twice, 1st Rachel ---, 5 ch., 2nd 8/14/1740, Maria Linch  (Molly) (May Van Dam Lynch) dau. of Anthony & Sarah (Van Dam) Linch (who m. 1708, Sarah, dau. of Rip Van Dam, the gov. of the province of New York) g'dau. of Gov. Van Dam, former Dutch Gov. of the Provinces,  her gg'dau.,  J. L. Newman,  loaned Mrs. Egberts'  wedding dress for theAlbany Bicentenial Exhibition of 1886, it was 150 yr old at the time.  Ms Newman also gg'dau of Mrs. May Egbert Ten Eyck, loaning a locket worn by Mrs. Egberts in 1778.  His will 4/17/1762, 6 ch. All ch b. Albany, NY. In his will is mentioned his wife & estate that came to him by right of his mother, Anne. According to the will of her father, Egbert was capt. & owner of sloop that was mentioned in story of 1752. In 9/6/1731, he was listed as 1 of 2 fire masters in 1st fire dept. organized in Albany, NY. It wasn’t until 2/29/1732 that an engine and fire equipment was bought. (See Story Section)
i. Barent Egbert, c. 8/10/1728, d. before 1784
ii. John Egbert, c. 2/25/1731, d. before 1784
iii. Petris Egbert, c. 3/18/1733, d. before 1784, probably m. Maria Clauw, Albany, NY
1. Evert Egbert, c. 2/6/1764, Albany, NY
iv. Rebecca Egbert, c. 4/13/1735, d. before 1784
v. Benjamin Egbert, c. 5/17/1741, d. after 1784
vi. Maria Egbert, c. 12/12/1739, d. before 1784
vii. Abraham Egbert, c. 7/6/1743, m. Margaret Garretson (there was a Margaret Egbertson in Catskill, NY in 1810 census)
1. Sarah Egbert, c. 1/29/1770
2. Henry Gerritson Egbert, b. 11/6/1774, m. 8/8/1800, Jenny Day

a. Henry Day Egbert, b. ca. 1802
viii. Annatje Egbert, c. 4/25/1746, d. after 1784, given slave wench named Saer by her brother Jacob in his will.
ix. Maria Egbert, c. 7/6/1748, d. after 1791 (in Genealogies of 1st Settlers of Albany, her last name listed as Egbertse) m. 11/10/1775, Anthony Ten Eyck (9/26/1749-ca.1817) son of Jacob C. & Catharine (Cuyler) Ten Eyck. (Jacob was mayor of Albany 1748) of Schodeck, Albany, NY. Anthony was member of the Convention of 1787 which ratified the US Constitution. 1st judge of Rensselaer Co., NY until 60 yrs. old & member of Senate 8 yrs., served as pvt. In NY Militia, Rev. War & member of Committee of Safety of Albany, and wagoner in NJ Militia. In 1790 Census, town of Rensselaerwick, Anthony Ten Eyck listed with 2 free white males over 16, 3 under 16, 4 females & 5 slaves.
1. Catharine Ten Eyck (12/14/1779-1855), unmar., res. with brother, Anthony, & his family
2. Egbert Ten Eyck, b. 4/18/1779, m. Rebecca Pearce (See
a. Anthony Ten Eyck,  m. Harriet Fairchild
b. Catharine Ten Eyck, m. Jacob Foster
c. Lydia Maria Ten Eyck, m. Hon. Joseph Mullin
d. Robert Ten Eyck, m. Catharine Greene
e. Egbert Ten Eyck
3. Anthony Ten Eyck, b. 7/9/1783, d. young
4. Anthony Ten Eyck, (12/23/1784-1859) m. Catalina Johnson (1809-1860) bur. Schodeck Landing Cem.
a. Anna Ten Eyck, b. 1832
b. Mary Ten Eyck, b. 1834
c. Catharine Ten Eyck (Caty), b. 1837
d. John Ten Eyck, b. 1841
e. Egbert Fairchild Ten Eyck (1839-6/21/1888) d. of stroke. Changed his name to Tom F. Egbert for acting. Was on stage 25-30 yrs. as supporting actor to most of the famous stars of the day. Was in Standard Dramatic Co. in Lockport Depot with his wife when he d.
f. Sarah Ten Eyck, b. 1849
5. Jacob A. Ten Eyck, (1781-1859) Schodeck, Albany, NY m. Sarah Van Alstyne (1795-1848)
a. Dr. Alfred Ten Eyck, b. 1827, m. 4/26/1859, Maria Lovejoy, Essex Co., Newark, NJ
b. Catharine Ten Eyck, b. 1829
c. Charles L. Ten Eyck, (1829-1898) Essex Co., Newark, NJ, m. 5/29/1867, Emma Lyons
d. Sarah Ten Eyck, (1831-1832) d. at 13 mos.
6. Coenraad Anthony Ten Eyck, (10/19/1789-6/10/1845) m. 1819, Hester Ganesvoot Ten Eyck, (1795-1848) dau. of Jacob & Magdelena (Ganesvoot) Ten Eyck
a. Leonard Ten Eyck, b. 3/12/1821, m. Ellen Bullock
b. Anthony Ten Eyck, b. 6/22/1824
c. Jacob Ten Eyck, b. 7/4/1826, m. Eliza Folger Coffin
d. Anthony Cuyler Ten Eyck, b. 10/1/1830, m. 11/27/1855, Matilda Haswell
e. Clinton Ten Eyck, b. 5/31/1833, m. Kate Montreath Wilson
i. Janette Ten Eyck, b. Albany, m. S.H. Selloy, member DAR
f. Catharine Ten Eyck, b. 5/28/1836, d. unmar.
7. Maria Ten Eyck, m. J. Van Allen
a. Mary Van Allen
b. John Van Allen
c. Egbert Van Allen
d. Harriet Van Allen
x. Anthony Egbert (1752-1/23/1833) c. 7/10/1752. Continental Line of NY, clerk & paymaster, hospital dept. 1777-9, asst. commissary, hospital dept. ens. NY Militia, Rev. War. Bounty land Warrant #15193-160-55, res. Coxsackie, NY. m. 2/20/1791, Albany City, NY, Eva Van Der Zee, she appl. service benefits 12/2/1847 & BLW in 4/26/1855 & Henry Adams & Egbert Egberts were witnesses to her aff’dt.
1. Egbert Egbert(s),b. 12/6/1791,  c. 2/5/1792, Greene, Coxsackie, NY, moved to Cohoes, NY, became partners with T. Bailey in knitting business.  (See Story Section)
2. Agnietje Egbert(s) (Agnes), (4/5/1793-1/13/1861) b. Rensselaer, Schodeck, NY, d. Greene, Coxsackie, NY, 1st DRC Cem., m. 4/19/1820, Henry Adams, MD, (7/6/1781-7/6/1857) son of Peter C. (or H.) & Christina (Van Bergen) Adams (Christina dau. of Henry & Neeltje (Salisbury) Van Bergen) (see Story Section)
a. Charles Henry Adams, b. 4/10/1824, c. 6/12/1824, m. Elizabeth Platt
i. Mary Adams, c. NY, m. Robert Johnson
b. Eveline Maria Adams, (10/23/1825-9/8/1826) bur. 1st DRC Cem.
c. Emeline Adams, (1/25/1827-12/21/1853) c. 9/7/1827, m. Rev. C.W. Waldron
i. Maria Waldron, d. 12/21/1853, bur. 1st DRC Cem.
d. Anthony Egberts Adams, (8/17/1829-8/17/1830) c. 6/26/1830
e. Anthony Egberts Adams (10/9/1831-9/7/1832)
f. Egbert Egberts Adams (10/9/1832-7/24/1848)
g. Herman Cuyler Adams bought lg. sec. of cem. for family plot & monument to parents, 1st DRC Cem. (See Story Section)
3. Cornelius Egbert(s), b. 8/31/1796, Albany, Corymans, NY, m. Elizabeth Waters
4. Ann Egbert(s), c. 4/18/1803, Albany (b. shown as 4/10/1810 in Rev. file) d. 1858, m.  8/19/1841, Oliver Phelps Steele (1800-1861) bookseller & pub. in Albany, Bethlehem, NY
a. Evelina Egberts Steele, b. NY, m. John Ludlow Newman. She was member of DAR
5. Caroline Eliza Egbert(s) (3/26/1806-1809) Albany, NY
xi. Jacob Visscher Egbert, c. 1/29/1758, Albany, will 10/25/1784, d. 1786, unmar.. He inherited parent’s homestead. In his will homestead divided between his brothers, Benj. & Anthony, and his sister Ann. Had slave, Saer, who was also provided for in his will. Pvt, serving as a surgeon’s mate in general hospital dept. 1780-83, Rev War Bounty Land Warrant given to Anthony Egberts #691-200-20 as executor of estate on 7/1797
b. Marretje Egbert, c. 2/21/1714, m. 11/6/1742, Col. Jacob Jacobse Lansing Jr. (7/12/1714-1/18/1791), son of Jacob G. & Elsie (Van Wythorst) Lansing (who owned home, corner of Pearl & Columbia Sts., Albany, that he built in 1710 called ‘Pemberton’, still standing in 1882) res. corner of Broadway and Quakenbush Sts., Albany. He commanded reg. at battles of Stillwater & Saratoga. Col. in NY Militia. In 4th reg. men under him included ensign Peter Ten Eyck, and pvts. Anthony Egberts, Benjamin Egberts, & Martin Egberts. When Capt. he was in the ‘middle fort’ at Schoharie when it was attacked bye Sir John Johnson & the Indians under Brandt. (See Lansing Family Outline)
i. Lena Lansing, c. 2/6/1743
ii. Benjamin Lansing, c. 1/3/1745
iii. Annatje Lansing,  (7/11/1746-11/7/1824) c. 7/26/1746, m. 4/14/1769 Abraham J. Ten Eyck (11/29/1743-10/7/1824) son of Jacob C. & Catharine (Cuyler) Ten Eyck. res. Albany, NY (See Lansing Family Outline)
1.Catharina Ten Eyck, b. 11/17/1769, m. Judge Sanders G. Lansing (See Lansing Family Outline)
2. Jacob Ten Eyck, (2/17/1772-7/26/1862) m. 3/6/1795, Magdelena Ganesvoot (8/17/1777-5/14/1863) dau. of Leonard & Hester (Cuyler) Ganesvoot. both d. at Whitehall, near Albany, NY. he was Rep. Albany Co. in NY State Assemby 1800-03, app’ted. Co. judge 5 yrs., moved from Albany to Whitehall 1800.
a. Hester Ganesvoot Ten Eyck, b. 1/4/1796, m. Coenraad Anthony Ten Eyck son of Anthony & Maria (Egbert) Ten Eyck (see ch. under husband’s name)
b. Abraham C. Ten Eyck, (7/6/1797-4/6/1861) unmar.
c. Anna Ten Eyck, b. 1/3/1800, d. young
d. Leonard G. Ten Eyck, (10/12/1801-10/23/1881) unmar.
e. Jacob L. Ten Eyck, b. 12/20/1803, d. unmar.
f. Herman G. Ten Eyck, (1/7/1806-1881) killed, m. Catharine Britton
g. Peter G. Ten Eyck, b. 12/19/1809, m. Rachel Berhants b. 1812, no ch., both listed in 1850 census
3. Maria Ten Eyck, b. 6/28/1774, m. Charles Briggen
4. Abraham Ten Eyck, b. 10/23/1777, m. G. Schuyler
5. Lena Ten Eyck, b. 8/26/1779, d. young
6. Coenraad Ten Eyck, b. 7/17/1782
7. Jeremiah V.R. Ten Eyck, b. 5/13/1785, d. young
8. Lena Ten Eyck (Helen), b. 6/13/1787, m. 5/31/1808, Gerrit Y. Lansing (8/4/1783-1/3/1862) (see Lansing Family Outline)
9. Jeremiah V.R. Ten Eyck, b. 4/3/1790
iv. Elsie Lansing, (7/28/1748-7/27/1811)
v. Benjamin Lansing, c. 6/31/1750
vi. Femmetje Lansing (7/2/1751-3/27/1807) m. 8/28/1774, Jacob G. Lansing (4/4/1736-11/25/1803) son of Gerrit J. & Maria (Everts) Lansing. (See Lansing Family Outline)
1. Gerrit Lansing, b. 12/24/1775, m. E. Hopkins
2. Maria Lansing, b. 7/19/1779, m. twice, 1st – Rev. John W. Myers, 2nd – Edward Satterlee
3. Jacob Sanders Lansing, b. 12/21/1781
4. Janelle Lansing, b. 5/14/1786, unmar.
5. Helen Lansing, b. 1788, unmar.
vii. Hermanitje Lansing, c. 8/19/1753
viii. Jacob Lansing, c. 8/19/1753
ix. Maria Lansing, c. 12/9/1755
x. Benjamin Lansing, c. 7/3/1757
c. Femmetie Egbert, c. 1/16/1717
d. Lena Egbert, c. 5/22/1720
5. Jeremias Egbert, c. 12/4/1687
6. Susanna Egbert, b. 1/20/1689, d. before 1762, m. 6/21/1709, Jacob Tierck Visscher, will 11/10/1762, proved 10/24/1763, brother of Anne Visscher who m. Benjamin Egbert. Jacob was elected alderman of 4th ward, 1743, Albany Co., NY. He was a slave owner.
7. Gerretje Egbert, c. 12/6/1690-1, m. Martin Beeckman
C. Tryntje Egbert, (Catherine) c. 8/16/1658, New Amsterdam
D. Gerritje Egbert,  d. before 1699, m. ca. 1684, Andries Hanse Barheit
E. Dirkje Egbert, (Gertrude) d. 4/1739, m. ca. 1683, Bastraan Sebastian Harmense Visscher son of Harmen & Hester (Tierske) Visscher of Hoorn, who were parents of Tierck Visscher who m. Femmetje Jants. Bastraan d. 4/23/1737
1. Hester Visscher, c. 5/17/1684, m. 10/28/1709, Eldert Cornelius Tymensen
2. Maria Visscher, c. 10/10/1686, m. 11/14/1709, Evert Ryckse Van Vranken
3. Geertruy Visscher, c. 8/20/1693, m. 5/20/1716,  Samuel Cregier
4. Anna Visscher, c. 4/26/1696, m. 10/19/1718, Dirk Newkirk
5. Harmense Visscher, c. 1/5/1700, m. 8/4/1731, Sarah Wyngaart (2/15/1708-ca.1764) dau. of Gerrit Lucase & Sarah Haarmense (Visscher) Wyngaart
a. Basiaen Visscher, c. 1/23/1732, d. unmar., will proven 12/20/1793
b. Gerrit Visscher, c. 10/6/1734
c. Teunis Visscher, c. 3/13/1737, d. 10/17/1794, m. Barbara Fonda. He was alderman in 1761
i. Annatje Visscher, b. 11/9/1766
ii. Teunis Visscher, b. 8/25/1769
d. Sarah Visscher, c. 12/19/1739, d. young
e. Sarah Visscher, c. 9/20/1741, m. 4/22/1765, Barent J. Visscher
f. Lucas Visscher, c. 1/4/1745
g. Dirkje Visscher, c. 8/24/1746, m. 12/10/1768, Jacob Fonda
h. Anne Visscher, c. 11/12/1752
6. Teunis Visscher, c. 4/3/1702, m. 1/10/1727, Machtel Lansing, b. 12/13/1703, dau. of Isaac & Jannetje (Beeckman) Lansing (see Lansing Family Outline)
7. Egbertie Visscher, m. 10/9/1719, Johannes DeGarmo
F. Anna Egbert, b.  1664, m. 9/12/1686, Dirk B. Bradt
G. Willemtie Egbert, b. ca. 1662, m. 12/9/1685, Anthony B. Bradt, Albany, NY
1. Anthony Egbertse Bradt, (1753 listed after his name, reason unknown) (possibly the Egbert Bradt who m. Elizabeth Lansing ca. 1722, dau. of Hendrick H. & Jannetie (Knickerbacker) Lansing- (See  Lansing Family Outline)
H. Martyn Egbert, b. 1666
I. Henrietta Egbert (ca. 1664-pre 4/6/1685)  m. John Hayley
J.  Anna Egbert (Annokey or Amnesky) b. ca. 1666, m. post-4/6/1685, John Green, no apparent ch.
K. Abiah Egbert, b. ca. 1670, 
d.  post-1710, m. pre-1695, John Garretson, b. Christiana Head, New Castle, DE. In the will of Dr. Thomas Spry, 4/6/1684, 12/7/1685 in Delaware records it mentions children, Amnesky Egbert and Abiah Egbert. To Abiah was given a plantation in Christiana Creek Hundred called "Abiah's Refuge." On 3/16/1695 John & Abiah deeded the Egbert grant on St. George Creek to Edward Gibbs. Tax lists of New Castle Co., DE of 1685-8 show John the owner of 400 acres, perhaps the 400 acres granted to a John Garretson by WIlliam Penn 6/5/1684. Abiah was living 2/20/1716 but when John divided property among his ch.  & g'ch. 3/10/1729, his wife was Jean ---. Jean d. before 11/20/1734 when John conveyed his interest in "Abiah's Refuge" to his son and only heir John Garretson Jr.

1. Mary Garretson, b. ca. 1707, d. post 12/31/1760, m. 5/16/1728, William Patterson (5/16/1728-pre-9/17/1794) b.  Philadelphia, PA, bur. Presby. Church Cem., Head of Christiana Creek, New Castle Co., DE, will of 7/7/1794 probated 9/17/1794. res. Ring's End, New Castle Co., DE, master & owner of the ship Shallop Jane with Samuel Patterson, also master & owner of Shallop Marabella registered in Philadelphia 7/28/1730,  part owner of the ship Philadelphia, & owner of the brig Mary & Sally. He served as Lt. Col. in King George's War, 1747/48, living in White Clay Creek Hundred, New Castle Co., DE and Justice of the Peace. Mary's father conveyed to them 143 acres in 3/10/1730.  Mary & William had 5 ch., William remarried Susanna Williams, & they had 4 ch.  In William's will  he made bequests to his grandson William Parkinson, and to the ch. of Catherine Hyatt his deceased gr'dau.  He also made bequests to Nashua Hall College (Princeton Univ.) , for "the fund for assisting widows of poor Presby. ministers," and in a codicil provided that his son, Joseph, was to be bound out to "some decent trade or occupation" until he was 21.  He gave Susanna 700 pounds, his negro woman, Phyliss, his negro girl Flora, his best bed & furniture, his horse, chair, watch, Bible & a book of sermons.

a.  Jane Patterson (Jean) (1733-pre-11/1/1797) m. Evan Rice Jr., res. Mill Creek Hundred of New Castle Co., DE.  5 ch. It is possible Jane was 1st m. John Parkinson. In the will of John Parkinson is mentioned a son William and wife Jean. William Parkinson was named in will of William Patterson. William Parkinson was a merchant in Philadelphia in 1790 and handled merchandise for John Patterson, the planter in "Damarara." Following Jane's death the estate was distributed in 1799, a third to Mary Black, a third to John Hyatt in right of his deceased wife Catherine, & a third to Henry Barry in right of his wife Elizabeth.

i.  Mary Rice (1757-9/10/1833) m. pre-1785, James Black (1731-10/30/1794) both bur. Presby. Cem., Head of Christiana. James Black left a will in which his ch. were named.

1)  Elizabeth Black, m. George Wallace. She was a widow in 1794
2) James Black, m. Mary Scott
3) Ann Black, minor in 1794
4) James R. Black
, minor in 1794
5) Sarah Black, minor in 1794
6) Catherine Marie Black, minor in 1794
7) Jane Black, minor in 1794

ii. Catherine Rice (ca. 1760-pre7/7/1794) m. John Hyatt

1) John Price Hyatt

iii. Sarah Rice (1766-10/1/1783)
iv. Martha Rice  (1772-1/26/1787)
v. Elizabeth Rice, b. ca. 1774, m. 6/25/1795, Old Swede's Holy Trinity Church, Wilmington, DE, Henry Barry. Elizabeth was living at time of distribution of estate of Samuel Patterson 6/6/1800.

b. Samuel Patterson (1734-5/27/1785) res. White Clay Creek Hundred, New Castle Co., DE. occ. miller. In 1776 he was Col. of DE unit of a "Flying Camp," or mobile reserve unit, later becoming Brig. Gen. of DE Militia.  his will of 1785 mentions cousins, Catherine Morgan & Abiah McElroy, who were perhaps ch. of either Dorothy Garretson Faries or Catherine Garretson McGlachlan.
c. Mary Patterson (1743-2/1/1790) b. New Castle Co., DE,  d. Philadelphia, PA, m. 12/1/1760, Old Swede's Holy Trinity Church, Wilmington, DE,  Archibald Gardner (1721-11/9/1796) Archibald was the master of several ships registered at Philadelphia 1757-60, and later became a tallow chandler in Philadelphia. He purchased a tract of 256 acres in Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle Co., DE, 5/20/1777, which he sold 8/19/1783.  Archibald made his will 9/27/1796, proved 11/24/1796.

i. Mary Gardner (4/6/1762-post1843) b. Philadelphia, PA, d. Washington D.C., m. 8/6/1791, Christ's Church, Philadelphia, PA, Ezekiel King, b. Gloucestershire, Eng., d. 10/14/1825, Washington, D.C. Ezekiel had 4 parcels of land in Northumberland Co., PA surveyed by him in 1795. Since Archibald & William P. Gardner purchased land at the same time in the area, it is assumed the Gardners & King were associated in that venture. In 1794 King was a merchant in Phildelphia, PA. In 1796 he was in partnership with his brother-in-law Peter Odlin as King & Odlin, with a res. at the southeast corner of Union & Second Streets. Ezekiel & Mary later moved to Washington D.C. where he became a clerk in the Treasury Dept.  with res. in Georgetown 1805-1808. 

1) Archibald Gardner King (1796-10/15/1814) b. Philadelphia, PA, d. in an action with a band of pirates near New Orleans. He was attached to the US Schooner, Carolina.
2) Dorcas King, m. twice, 1st - 9/4/1822, Washington D.C., James Lovell, 2nd - 11/19/1829, Washington D.C., Capt. Thomas F. Hunt, a capt. in army serving mostly in the commissary dept.
3) Mary Ann King, bought the Esther Gardner house in Washington D.C. in 1837

ii. Hester Gardner (Esther, Hetty) (10/2/1763-pre11/1/1832) d. Washington D.C. In 1797 she lived at 38 N. 8th St., Philadelphia, PA & had a boarding house. After 1802 she moved to Washington D.C. where she owned a home sold in her estate.  She had lived for some years, in 1831, at the home of James R.M. Bryant, "Prospect Farm" "out near the locks of the Old Canal about a mile from the little falls in the District of Columbia."
iii.  Jane Charlotte Gardner (8/11/1765-12/17/1801) b. Philadelphia, PA, d. Washington D.C.
iv. Eleanor Gardner (3/5/1767-9/7/1821) m. twice, 1st - 3/29/1785, Old Swede's Church, Philadelphia, PA, Gustavious Brown,  owner of ships registered at Philadelphia, PA, 2nd - 8/20/1795, First Presby. Church, Philadelphia, PA, Peter Odlin Sr., d. 1800, 1 son.  After Peter's death she moved to Washington with others of the Gardner family,  then to Somerset, OH, where she d.

1) Peter Odlin Jr., m. 10/14/1821, Ann Maria Ross

v.  William Patterson Gardner (12/6/1768-3/15/1826) b. Philadelphia, PA, d. Washington D.C., occ. attorney in Washington & handled legal matters for Peter Odlin Jr.
vi. Elizabeth Gardner (2/3/1771-4/5/1804) d. District of Columbia, m. 7/30/1789, First Presby. Church, Philadelphia, PA, Benjamin Betterton Jr., son of Benjamin & Rachel (Harvey) Betterton. In 1800 he was a clerk in the War Dept. living at 80 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, PA. They later moved to Washington D.C.

1) Benjamin Betterton III, b. 1800, in 1850 he lived in Piqua, OH, m. Anna C. ---, b. 1809

a) Benjamin Betterton IV (ca. 1830-1854) d. Piqua, OH

i) Mary E. Betterton, d, 1908, Dayton, OH, m. --- Temple

vii. Ann Gardner (Agnes, or Nancy) (4/13/1773-pre 1820) m. 8/20/1794, First Presby. Church, Philadelphia, PA, John Ross Jr., d. 1800,  a descendent of a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

1) Ann Maria Ross, b. 11/12/1797, Philadelphia, PA, orphaned with death of parents, moved to Somerset, OH with the Odlin family, m. 10/14/1821, Peter Odlin Jr.

viii.  Samuel Patterson Gardner (10/7/1775-pre 1785) bapt. First Presby. Church, Philadelphia 11/5/1775
ix. Dorcas Gardner, b. ca. 1778, probably in Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle Co., DE, m. 3/10/1796, First Presby. Church, Philadelphia, PA, Robert Ellis
x. Archibald Gardner Jr., b. ca. 1781, Samuel Patterson's estate showed payment of his share made to him 8/19/1803 when he was of age

d. John Patterson, b. ca. 1748, was a planter in "Damarara," possible m. 5/4/1770, St. Paul's Church, Philadelphia, PA, Elizabeth Matson

i. Elizabeth Patterson

e. William Patterson Jr. (1752-11/27/1785)
Deborah Patterson (1768-8/2/1816) m. 12/27/1791, Philadelphia, PA, William Dixon (1754-6/6/1795) both bur. Presby. Cem., Head of Christiana.
g. Rebecca Patterson  (1770-3/10/1797) m. Levi Adams (1763-7/7/1803) son of George & Elizabeth (Hilles) Adams

i. George Adams

h. Benjamin Patterson (ca.1774-5/9/1809) d. Baltimore Co., MD, m. Abigail L. ---, 6 ch.
g. Joseph Patterson  (ca. 1776-pre 11/26/1802) minor in  1794, his estate was probated 11/26/1802 in New Castle Co., DE

2. John Garretson, d. pre-6/31/1749, New Castle Co., DE m. Hester Turner, her brother Daniel Turner was exec. of John's will.

a. Abiah Garretson, given a tall chest of drawers & a looking glass, with provisions for her maintanence & education in her father's will. She m. 1/15/1760, Old Swede's Church, Wilmington, DE, Peter Peterson.
b. John Garretson III, replied to a petitons to McGlachlan in 1770. John was heir to his father's lands with provisions for his mother to continue living there. John also received 1/3 of profits when he became of age. He must have been a minor at the time of his father's death since the will instructs Hester to teach the boy to read, write & do arithmetic.

3. Elizabeth Garretson, d. pre-3/10/1730, m. Jeremiah Pratt, d.  pre-12/4/1764

a. Elizabeth Pratt, m. Leanoard Stoops, Elizabeth was a widow by 12/4/1764, who with the McCredens were 1/6th owners of land they deeded to Samuel Patterson, of White Clay Creek Hundred for 100 pounds.
b. Mary Pratt, m. Morris McCreden, both living in 12/1764

4. Dorothy Garretson, m. pre-3/10/1730, Arthur Faries, both d. pre 1766 and had ch. living then.
5. Catherine Garretson,  m.  post-3/10/1730, Philemon McGlachlan, d. pre1766. They had a daughter.

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