Egbert Family History

Section E   

George L. & Frank Egbert Families

(This section is devoted to the Egbert families that have yet to be connected to the main outlines.
 If any further information comes to light showing a connection between any of the families, the outlines will be updated)

I. Names unknown, res. Staten Is., NY

A. George L. Egbert (1862-8/5/1957) b. Egbertville, Staten Is., NY, which was named for one of his ancestors. Last surviving charter member of Staten Is. Chamber of Commerce and a member of local school board 53 of Staten Is., civic leader, res. 35 Eddy St., Grymes Hill, Staten Is., NY. occ. haberdasher, former Deputy Superintendent of the State Banking Dept., board chairman of the Thomplinsville Fed. Savings & Loan Assoc., former trustee of the old Staten Is. Nat. Bank & Trust Co., and trustee of the Kingsley Meth. Church and Staten Is. Hospital, also member of Staten Is. Rotary Club, Masons, Conference House Assoc., the Staten Is. Historical Society & the Blizzard Men & Ladies of 1888. There was a high school in Midland Beach named for him.
1. Rae L. Egbert (8/15/1891-5/11/1964) lr. FL, SS# 129-20-6763 (NY) Demo., 1935-1940 state senator, 24th district, res. Staten Is, moved to Gulf Port, FL in 1958, was staying at sister Grace’s home in Stapleton for dedication of high  school to his father at his death. Associated with family haberdashery for 47 yrs. The Egbert-Methfessel bill would have set minimum speed on open highways to 30 mph. but wasn’t passed. Egbert bill to pay double or time & a half for Sunday work by employees of NY City board of transportation passed 2/20/1936. Egbert bill created authority for construction of bridge over narrows between Staten Is. and Brooklyn passed 4/29/1936, another bill for same bridge in 5/1936 to ask war dept. for permit to build bridge across Narrows.
2. Faith Egbert, m. ---Heap, res. Staten Is., NY
3. Grace Egbert, m. --- Clark, res. 77 Ward Ave., Stapleton, NY
B. Frank Egbert, occ. electrician, res. Staten Is., NY
1. Arthur Cary Egbert, served on US Aroostock (minesweeper in North Sea) moved family to Washington, D.C. in late 1930’s to assist in wiring of the Pentagon, which was under construction. Returned to Staten Is. after WWII. Res. Westerleigh, Staten Is., NY. occ. electrician with his father, m. 1926, Daisey Mable Griffiths, d. 1991
a. Kenneth Griffiths Egbert, b. 1929, NY City, NY, m. Beverly Sherwood, b. 1929, NY City, NY, dau. of Robert & Charlotte (Staats) Sherwood Jr. [Robert 1893-1963) and Charlotte (1893-1979)] occ. in advertising & promotion, commercial artist, working for American Management Assoc. as art director 1962-1977, & his own ad agency, Kenneth Egbert Graphics, since then, res. Ocean, NJ. He works on family history.
1) John Andrew Egbert, b. 1965, NY City, NY, co-owner of electronics contracting firm since 1988 with father, res. Ocean, NJ
2) Ann Egbert (1963-1963) NY City, NY
3) Gavin Sherwood Egbert, b. 1958, NY City, NY, m. Sharon MeKenna, b. 1960
a) Ian Egbert, b. 1988, Lake Placid, NY
b) Conor Egbert, b. 1990, Lake Placid, NY
4) Susanne Ellen Egbert, b. 1956, NY City, NY, m. Thomas Chew, b. 1955, res. Tuckerton, NJ
a) David Chew, b. 1991, Little Egg Harbor, NJ
b) Isabel Chew, b. 1994, Little Egg Harbor, NJ
5) Kenneth Egbert, Jr., b. 1955, m. Meg A. Krilou, (1956-1993) works on family history
a) Aaron Egbert, b. 1989
b) Sarah Egbert, b. 1991
2. Lloyd Egbert
a. Jean Egbert (dau.)
b. William Egbert (?)
c. Richard Egbert
3. dau.
4. dau.
5. dau.