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Related Families

Lansing Family

I. Gerrit Frederick Lansing, son of Frederick Lansing, of Hassel, Oversell, Netherlands

A. Gerrit Frederickse Lansing, (1610-10/3/1679) m. ca. 1628, Elizabeth Hendricks Ten Cote (ca. 1615-pre-10/14/1691). Arrived in New Amsterdam with his family (3 daus. & 3 sons) in 1640. Settled in Albany Co., NY. Among early settlers of Rensselaer Co., NY.
1. Hillertie Lansing (1630-1709) m. Storm Albertse (Bradt) Van Der Zee (11/2/1636-ca.1679) son of Albert Andries Bradt, “The Norman”, & Annetie Barentse Van Rotmer
a. Anna (Bradt) Van Der Zee (ca.1668-8/9/1734) m. Johannes Becker (6/3/1663-1712)
1) Storm Becker (pre-1/19/1696-pre-1773) m. Beerta Van Slyck
b. Gerriet (Bradt) Van Der Zee (ca. 1671-pre-1761)
c. Wouter Storm (Bradt) Van Der Zee (ca. 1673-8/9/1734) m. Jannetje Swart
d. Albert Storm (Bradt) Van Der Zee (1675-pre-1765) m. Hilletje Gansevoort
2. Aeltie Lansing, b. 1635, m. twice, 1st - Gerrit Van Slichtenhorst, son of Brant Arentse Van Slightenhorst of Newkirk, in Guilderland, he d. 1/9/1684, Kingston, NY. He came to Beverwyck with father in 1646, was one of the commissioners of Schenectady, NY 172, but removed to Kingston, owned several houses & lots in Albany & Claverac. 2nd – 12/9/1684,  Hurley, NY, Aard Martenz Dooren
a. Bata Van Slichtenhorst, m. Johannes Clute
1) Alida Clute, b. 1684, m. Peter Ouderkerk, b. 1686
a) Johannes Ouderkerk, b. 1707, m. Wyntye Van Patten, b. 1709
i) Petrus Ouderkerk, m. Maria Seybert
(1) Frederick Ouderkirk, m. Elizabeth Bond
(a) Richard Bond Ouderkirk, m. Frances Thurman
3. Gerrit Lansing  (10/23/1637-pre10/3/1679) b. Hassel, Provo-Oversell, d.  Albany, Albany Co., NY, m. Elsie Van Wythorst, b. 1630, dau. of Wouter Van Wythorst
a. Sanders Lansing
b. Gerrit Lansing (1654- 7/20/1708) b. Hasselt, Oversel, Netherlands, d. Albany, Albany Co., NY, occ. trader & baker, m. 8/21/1692, Catharine Sanders Glen (3/23/1672-2/15/1731) dau. of John Sanders Glen & wid. of Cornelius Barents Van Ditmars, of Schenectady, NY
1) Gerrit Lansing (8/20/1693-1783) m. 10/23/1718, Engeltje Van Deusen
2) Johannes Lansing, b. 3/10/1695, m. twice, 1st – 11/1726, Catalyntie Hun, d. 10/1727, 2nd – 5/12/1729, Jannetje Van Vechlen
3) Anna Lansing, c. 3/28/1697, NY, m. 10/19/1716, Jacob Egmont, b. 1685, Albany, NY
a) Elsie Egmont, b. 1/28/1717, Albany, NY
b) Maria Egmont, b. 1719
c) Jacob Egmont, b. 1722
d) Gerrit Egmont, b. 1723
e) Nicholas Egmont, b. 1725
f) Catharina Egmont, b. 1726
4) Elsje Lansing, c. 3/12/1699, NY, m. but name unknown
5) Sanders Lansing, c. 4/10/1701, NY
6) Susanna Lansing, c. 1/5/1703, NY, m. 6/29/1736, Evert P. Wendell
7) Evertt Lansing, c. 12/31/1704, m. ca. 1735, Annatje Cooper
8) Jacob Lansing, c. 12/22/1706, d. 7/1746, m. 8/7/1734, Ida Van Wie, d. 8/4/1743
9) Abraham Lansing, c. 2/27/1709, m. twice, 1st – 4/21/1733, Helena Van Deusen, 2nd – 4/20/1741, Catharine DeForest
c. Abraham Lansing (1663-6/20/1745) m. 11/28/1703, Magdelena Van Trecht, d. 11/30/1745 at 75 yrs. old, dau. of Abraham & Elizabeth (Teller) Van Trecht, res. at house on corner of Chapel & Steuben Sts., Albany, NY
1) Abraham Lansing, b. 5/8/1704, m. twice, 1st – 12/27/1731, Ricke Van Schaick, 2nd – 2/11/1731- Catharine Lansing, dau. of Jacob G. & Helena (Sanders Glen) Lansing
2) Gerrit A. Lansing, c. 11/28/1705, d. 1789, m. twice, 1st – 1/18/1739, Machtel Beeckman, 2nd – Ruth ---
3) Johannes Lansing, c. 4/16/1708, bur. 10/27/1723
4) Jacob Lansing, c. 4/23/1710, d. 1/14/1745
5) Elsje Lansing, c. 3/8/1713, d. ca. 1783, m. 5/14/1740, Gerrit John Lansing, son of Johannes & Helena (Sanders Glen) Lansing
6) Elizabeth Lansing, c. 11/10/1717, 1753, m. 3/30/1741, Jonas Oothout
7) Myndert Lansing, c. 1/24/1722, d. at sea 1758
8) Margaret Lansing, c. 4/7/1728, d. unmar., 7/1747, bur. 7/31/1747
d. Susanna Lansing, b. 1670, m. 7/24/1698, Mattys Nack
e. Johannas Lansing, (1/1/1675-8/10/1771)  m. 9/20/1704, Helena Sanders, b. ca. 1683
1) Gerrit Lansing, b. pre-9/9/1705
2) Robert Lansing, b. pre-1/12/1706, m. twice, 1st - Margarita Roseboom (pre-10/19/1712-pre-9/5/1746) 4 ch., 2nd – Sarah Van Schaick, d. pre-4/15/1749, 2 ch.
a) Maria Lansing, b. pre-11/2/1735
b) Hendrik Lansing, b. pre-12/23/1737
c) Helena Lansing, b. pre-3/27/1743
d) Helena Lansing, b. pre-10/6/1745
e) Sarah Lansing, b. 4/16/1749 (twin)
f) Margarita Lansing, b. 4/16/1749 (twin)
3) Elsie Lansing, b. pre-7/4/1708
4) Maria Lansing, b. pre-10/7/1711
5) Johannes Lansing, b. pre-6/30/1718
6) Sander Lansing, b. 1724
7) Thomas Lansing, b. 9/2/1727, m. 6/27/1752, Catarina Ten Broeck
f. Isaac Lansing (5/14/1677-1/27/1772) m. 6/27/1703 Jannetje Beeckman, d. 2/1770 at age 87 yrs., 11 mos. dau. of Johannes & Machtel (Schermerhorn) Beeckman
1)  Machtel Lansing, c. 12/13/1703, m. 1/10/1727, Teunis Visscher (See Barent Egbert Family)
2) Gerrit Lansing, c. 12/12/1705, m. 3/1740, Arriantije Beeckman, dau. of Johannes & Hester (Wendell) Beeckman, Jr.
a) Isaac Lansing, c. 11/2/1740
b) Hester Lansing, c. 7/13/1743, d. 11/30/1826, m. 1/20/1763, Jacob Roseboom, Jr.
c) Jannetje Lansing, c. 1/1/1747, m. 5/20/1767, William Van Wie
d) Geertruy Lansing, c. 11/6/1748, m. 1/17/1767, Peter Schuyler, Jr.
3) Johannes Lansing, c. 9/11/1709, d. 9/16/1745
4) Elsie Lansing, m. 12/6/1735, Harmen T. Hun
5) Susanna Lansing, c. 10/13/1715, m. 1/17/1740, William Hogan Jr.
6) Jacob Lansing, c. 4/27/1718
7) Neeltje Lansing, c. 3/31/1723, d. 1766, m. 12/3/1743, Peter Waldron
g. Jacob G. Lansing (6/6/1681-12/6/1767) Albany, NY, m. ca. 1719, Helena Sanders Glen, c. 11/21/1683, dau. of Jacob & Catharine (Van Vitbeck) Sanders Glen, owned house on corner of Pearl & Columbia Sts., Albany, NY which he built in 1710, “Pemberton House” still stood in 1882
1) Gerrit J. Lansing, c. 3/4/1711, m. twice, 1st – 11/29/1734, Maria Everts, dau. of Johannes & Barentje (Pruyn) Everts, bur. 1/27/1741, 3 ch., 2nd – Jane Waters, d. 3/2/1810, dau. of John & Sarah (Winne) Waters, 7 ch.
a) Jacob G. Lansing, c. 4/4/1736, d. 11/25/1803, m. twice, 1st – 3/14/1807, Neeltje Roseboom, no ch., 2nd – 8/28/1774,  Femmetje Lansing, d. 3/27/1807 at 56 yrs., dau. of Jacob & Maritie (Egbert) Lansing (See Femmetje Lansing below) (See Barent Egbert Family Outline)
i) Gerrit Lansing, b. 12/24/1775, m. E. Hopkins
ii) Maria Lansing, b. 7/19/1779, m. twice, 1st – Rev. John W. Myers, 2nd – Edward Satterlee
iii) Jacob Sanders Lansing, b. 12/21/1781
iv) Janelle Lansing, b. 5/14/1786, unmar.
v) Helen Lansing, b. 1788, unmar.
b) Maria Lansing, c. 10/6/1737, bur. 8/22/1739
c) Alida Lansing, c. 9/7/1738, bur. 9/19/1742
d) John Lansing, c. 3/5/1749, bur. 11/26/1754
e) John Lansing, Jr., (Chancellor) c. 2/3/1755, disappeared 12/12/1829, m. 4/8/1781, Cornelia Ray, d. 1/1834, dau. of Robert & Sarah (Bogart) Ray, of NY. John was last seen on the pier where the Albany steamboats landed, walking towards the boat. No event had caused a deeper sensation in the city since the d. of DeWitt Clinton. He entered the office of Robert Yates as clerk of law, became member of military family of Gen. P. Schuyler, and during the Rev. was member of state convention that conducted civil & military operations of the state. Soon after he was app’ted. mayor of Albany & in 1787 was, with Chief Justice Yates & Gen. Hamilton, delegated as member of convention which formed the constitution of the US. The later 2 withdrew from the convention & were known as anti-federalists. They opposed the adoption of the constitution because it did not secure the rights of the individual states & to those men & co-patriots we are indebted for the 10 amended articles which were added. On his return he was made a judge of the Supreme Court & finally Chancellor of the state.
i) Robert Lansing, b. 7/13/1783, d. young
ii) Jane Lansing (1/27/1785-6/10/1871) m. 5/5/1805, Rensselaer Westerlo
iii) Sara Lansing, b. 2/12/1787, d. young
iv) Robert R. Lansing, b. 11/8/1788, d. young
v) Frances Lansing, b. 6/1791, m. 9/5/1811, John Sutherland, d. in Albany on his way to Geneva
vi) Elizabeth Lansing (7/5/1793-10/21/1834) unmar.
vii) Sara Lansing, b. 1/17/1795, d. young
viii) Cornelia Lansing, b. 1/17/1795, d. young
ix) Mary Lansing, b. 9/16/1800, d. young
f) Abraham G. Lansing (12/12/1756-5/15/1844) m. 4/9/1779, Susanna Yates (7/17/1766-2/26/1840) dau. of Abraham & Jannetje (Bratt) Yates
i) Jannetje Lansing (2/18/1780-11/3/1830) unmar.
ii) Abraham Y. Lansing, b.1/12/1782, d. young
iii)  Gerrit Y. Lansing (8/4/1783-1/3/1862) m. 5/31/1808, Helen Ten Eyck, dau. of Abraham & Annetje (Lansing) Ten Eyck (dau. of Jacob & Maritie (Egbert) Ten Eyck) (See Helen Ten Eyck below) (See Barent Egbert Family Outline)
iv) Cornelius DeRider Lansing (11/17/1785-9/1850)
v) John Lansing, b. 3/10/1788, unmar.
vi) Christopher Y. Lansing (5/27/1796-8/29/1872) m. 10/27/1829) Caroline M. Thomas
vii) Susan Lansing, c. 10/28/1874, m. 12/12/1843, Peter Gansevoort (his 2nd wife)
viii) Anna Lansing, b. 1/26/1799, m. Rev. W. Monteath
ix) Sarah B. Lansing, b. 12/5/1802, unmar.
x) B. Bleecker Lansing, m. Philanda Orcutt
xi) George Lansing, m. Harriet Schermerhorn
xii) Abraham Y. Lansing (9/8/1808-11/24/1857) m. 4/26/1836, Eliza Van Alstyne
g) Sarah Lansing, c. 7/1/1759, d. young
h) Col Gerrit G. Lansing, c. 11/11/1760, Albany, NY, d. 5/27/1831, Oriskany, NY, m. Maria Antill, d. 8/24/1834, Utica, NY, dau. of Col. Edward Antill. Col. Lansing led forces at Yorktown, distinguished & gallant officer serving entire Rev. War.
i) Richard Ray Lansing (7/1789-9/29/1855) m. Susan Platt
ii) Barent Bleecker Lansing (1/17/1793-12/3/1853) m. 1815, Sarah Breese
iii) Edward Antill Lansing, unmar.
iv) Charlotte Lansing, m. Rev. Mills
i) Sarah Lansing, b. 6/22/1763, m. Barent Bleecker, no ch.
j)  Judge Sanders G. Lansing (6/17/1766-9/19/1850) d. Manheim, m. Catharine Ten Eyck (11/17/1769-9/23/1850) dau. of Abraham & Annetje (Lansing) Ten Eyck, g’dau. of Jacob & Maritie (Egbert) Ten Eyck. Catharine d. on 23rd, g’son d. on 20th, and g’dau. d. on 24th, all in 1 week. Judge Lansing moved from Albany to Little Falls, 1820, land agent, Judge of Herkimer Co., NY. He left Little Falls & res. til d. in Manheim, NY.(See Catharine Ten Eyck below)  (See Barent Egbert Family Outline)
i) Jane Ann Lansing (8/19/1790-1/10/1807)
ii) Abraham Ten Eyck Lansing (8/12/1792-2/10/1842) m. Jane Ann Stewart
iii) Maria Lansing, b. 1/10/1797, d. young
iv) Robert Lansing, b. 2/2/1799, m. twice, 1st – Maria Hubbard, 2nd – Cornelia Hubbard
v) Maria Lansing, b. 2/21/1801
vi) Frances Lansing, b. 4/3/1803, d. young
vii) Frederick Lansing, b. 5/30/1806, m. Catharine Alexander
viii) Edward Lansing, b. 6/13/1808
2) Col. Jacob Lansing Jr. (7/12/1714-1/18/1791) Col. in Rev. at battles of Stillwater & Saratoga, m. 11/6/1742,  Maritje Egbert, d. 3/9/1771, dau. of Benjamin & Annetje (Visscher) Egbert (See Barent Egbert Family Outline)
a) Helena Lansing, b. 11/7/1743, m. Jeremiah Van Rensselaer
b) Benjamin Lansing, b. 11/5/1744, d. young
c)  Annetje Lansing (7/11/1746-11/7/1824) m. 4/14/1769, Abraham Ten Eyck (See Barent Egbert Family Outline)
i)  Catharine Ten Eyck (11/17/1769-9/23/1850) m. Judge Sanders G. Lansing, son of Gerrit J. & Maria (Everts) Lansing (See Judge Lansing previous)
ii)  Helen Ten Eyck, m. 5/31/1808, Gerrit Y. Lansing, son of Abraham G. & Sarah (Yates) Lansing (See Gerrit Lansing previous)
d) Elsje Lansing (7/28/1748-7/28/1811) m. 12/4/1797, Abraham Lansing, no ch., his 2nd wife. He d. at “Cherry Hill,” near Alabany 2/21/1822
e) Benjamin Lansing, b. 6/30/1750, d. young
f) Femmetje Lansing (7/2/1751-3/27/1807) m. 8/28/1774, Jacob G. Lansing (4/4/1736-11/25/1803) son of Gerrit J. & Maria (Everts) Lansing, ch. listed under spouse. (see Jacob G. Lansing previous)
(g) Jacob J. Lansing (8/19/1753-1794) m. 1/21/1790, Anna Quackenbush, b. 1/30/1767, dau. of Col. Henry & Margareta (Oothont) Quackenbush. res. in house still stood in 1882, on corner of Broadway & Quackenbush Ssts., Albany, NY, which his wife inherited from her father. Pending battles of Stillwater & Saratoga, many families in the “Colonie” had boats ready on the river in the rear of this house, then occupied by his father-in-law, to convey their families to a place of safety should the enemy succeed in reaching Albany.
i) Margarita Lansing, b. 11/5/1790, m. 10/19/1814, Gideon Hawley
ii) Jacob Lansing (12/17/1792-3/20/1858) m. 6/22/1819, Eleanor Stafford
iii) Elizabeth Lansing, b. 12/1/1794, d. Florence, Italy, m. Absalom Townsend
h) Mary Lansing, b. 12/5/1755, m. 5/16/1779, Munloke Woodruff M.D.
i) Benjamin Lansing, b. 8/6/1757
3) Catharine Lansing, c. 9/7/1718, m. twice, 1st – ca.1742, Abraham Lansing, son of Abraham & Magdelena (Van Trecht) Lansing, 2nd – 11/23/1761, Abraham Douw
4) Abraham Lansing, c. 4/24/1720, m. 5/20/1744, Elizabeth Cooper
5) Isaac Lansing, c. 1/28/1722, unmar.
6) Sanders J. Lansing, c. 8/18/1723, d. 4/3/1807, unmar.
7) Elsje Lansing, c. 10/24/1725, d. 4/1730
8) Isaac Lansing, c. 10/24/1725, m. ca.1746, Annetje Van Woert
h. Myndert Lansing, d. young
i. Wouter Lansing, c. 8/12/1683
j. Elizabeth Lansing, c. 1/20/1689, d. 9/1730
4. Hendrick Lansing (1638-7/11/1709) m. 1670, Elizabeth Caspers Hollenbeck, (Lysbeth) b. ca. 1655
a. Alida Lansing, m. Isaac Douws Fonda, b. 3/10/1683
b. Maria Lansing, m. 10/20/1693, Hubert Gerritse
c. Elizabeth Lansing (Libbitie) (ca.1677-pre-4/17/1732) m. 4/18/1697, Daniel Bradt
d. Hendrick Hendricks Lansing (ca. 1680-pre-2/19/1709) m. 3/4/1704, Jannetje Knickerbacker, dau. of Harmen Janse & Lysbet Janse (Bogart) Knickerbocker of Duchess Co., NY, Jannetje remar. 3/3/1709, Anthony Bogardus
1) Elizabeth Lansing, (Lysbeth) b. 8/5/1705, m. ca. 1722, Egbert Bratt (See Barent Egbert Outline)
2) Jacob Lansing
3) Isaac Lansing
4) Abraham Lansing
e. Jacob Hendricks Lansing (ca.1680-10/17/1756) bur. near his home, m. 9/27/1701, Helena Pruyn, dau. of Frans Janse & Aldia Pruyn
1) Alida Lansing, b. 1702, c. 7/26/1702,  m. 7/11/1721, Abraham Van Arnhem
2) Hendrick Jacobs Lansing, b. 1703, c. 12/1/1703, m. 2/23/1735, Annetije Ouderkirk, b. 1709
a) Jacob Hendricks Lansing, b. 1742, m. Maria Ouderkerk, b. 1744
i) Annatije Lansing, b. 1764
ii) Maria Lansing, b. 1766
iii) Helena Lansing, b. 1768
iv) Elizabeth Lansing, b. 1771
v) William Lansing, b. 1774
3) Elizabeth Lansing, b. 1706, c. 6/30/1706, m. 7/18/1729, John D. Van Arnhem
4) Franciscus Lansing,  b. 1708, c. 7/18/1708, m. 7/6/1737, Marytje Lleverse
5) Gerrit Jacobs Lansing (1711-1746) c. 10/7/1711,  m. twice, 1st – Yda Van Wie, 2nd – ca.1745,  Elizabeth Van Schaick (1717-1783)
a) Garret I. Lansing (1745-1837) m. Sarah Scherp (1747-1844)
i) Ephraim Lansing (1780-1844) m. Elizabeth Wendell (1783-ca.1850)
(1) Garret Yates Lansing (ca.1802-1888) m. Anne M. Rector (ca.1811-1873)
(a) Ann Elizabeth Lansing, b. 1834, d. inf.
(b) John H. Lansing (1835-12/23/1922)
6) Jacob Jacobs Lansing, b. 1713, c. 11/29/1713, m. 5/13/1738, Hyrbertje Yates
7) Anntije Lansing, b. 1716, c. 7/15/1716, m. 2/3/1743, Gerrit Van Schoonhoven
8) Johannes Lansing, b. 1718, c. 10/19/1718, m. ca. 1745, Catharine Lleverse
9) Abraham Jacob Lansing, b. 1720
10) Isaac Lansing, c. 12/25/1725
5. Gysbertje Lansing, b.1639, m. 1679, Albany, NY, Hendrick Jans Roseboom, d. 11/4/1703 in Albany, NY
a. Elizabeth Roseboom, m. Willem Jacobsz
1) Jacob Jacobsz, b. 9/4/1692
2) Margriet Jacobsz, b. 4/14/1695
3) Catelyntye Jacobsz, b. 11/21/1697
b. Hendrick Hendricks Roseboom, d. pre-1721, m. Deborah Staats, d. pre-10/2/1749
1) Jacob Roseboom, m. Geertruy Isabella Kydius
a) Sara Roseboom
b) Johannes Jacobse Roseboom, b. pre 2/4/1718, m. Magtel Ryckman
i) Jacob Roseboom, b. pre-11/23/1740, m. Hester Lansing (1744-11/3/1826)
(1) Johannes Roseboom (9/15/1776-3/15/1829)
c) Hendrick Roseboom, b. pre-5/28/1721
d) Hendrick Jacobse Roseboom, b. pre-9/4/1726
2) Elizabeth Roseboom, b. pre-6/6/1697
3) Rijkie Roseboom, b. pre-10/13/1700, m. Robert Gerrits Roseboom (5/20/1693-4/1764)
4) Hendrick Hendricks Roseboom, b. pre-3/3/1703, m. Catharina Schuyler
a) Jacobus Roseboom, b. pre-8/8/1731
b) Suzanna Roseboom, b. pre-8/8/1731
5) Catharine Roseboom, b. pre-6/16/1706
6) Margarita Roseboom (pre-10/19/1712-pre-9/5/1746) m. Robert Lansing, b. pre-1/12/1706
a) Maria Lansing, b. pre-11/2/1735
b) Hendrik Lansing, b. pre-12/23/1737
c) Helena Lansing, b. pre-3/27/1743
d) Helena Lansing, b. pre-10/6/1745
7) Abraham Roseboom, b. pre-1/9/1714
c. Johannes Hendricks Roseboom, m. Gerritje Coster
1) Anna Roseboom
2) Hendrick Roseboom (pre-8/4/1689-pre-10/29/1754) m. Elsie Cuyler
a) Johannes Roseboom, b. pre-1/19/1725
b) Elsie Roseboom, b. pre-12/17/1727
c) Elizabeth Roseboom, (pre-6/14/1730-pre-3/8/1731)
d) Elizabeth Roseboom, b. pre-3/8/1731
e) Gerritje Roseboom (pre-7/26/1738-pre-11/23/1746)
3) Johannes Roseboom, b. pre-4/23/1692
4) Johannes Roseboom, b. pre-4/29/1694
5) Gerriet Roseboom, b. pre-2/17/1697
6) Elisabet Roseboom, b. pre-4/28/1700
7) Geertruij Roseboom, b. pre-12/27/1702
8) Margarita Roseboom (pre-4/21/1706-8/16/1794) m. Nicholas Bleecker, d. pre-1/4/1750
d. Myndert Hendricks Roseboom, d. 10/20/1722, m. Maria Vinhagen, d. 2/28/1760
1) Hendrick Myndertse Roseboom (9/15/1707-4/23/1803), m. Maria Ten Eyck (6/3/1708-5/9/1790)
a) Maria Roseboom
b) Myndert Roseboom, b. pre-5/26/1735, m. Geertruid Zwits
c) Barent Roseboom, b. pre-10/24/1736
d) Johannes Roseboom (pre-10/14/1739-4/5/1805) m. Susannah Veeder, b. 4/6/1744
i) Abraham Roseboom (8/10/1777-1/5/1867) m. Ruth Joh
(1) Garret Roseboom, m. Gertrude McNeill, b. ca. 1787
(2) Catherine Roseboom, b. 4/12/1824
e) Neeltje Roseboom, b. pre-11/15/1741, m. 3/14/1807, Jacob Garretse Lansing, b. ca.1740 (See earlier in this outline)
2) Maria Roseboom, b. pre-10/23/1709
3) Margarita Roseboom (pre-10/7/1711-pre-4/9/1741)
4) Alida Roseboom, b. pre-9/20/1713, m. twice, Harmen Hun, and, Sybarnt Van Schaick, b. ca. 1710
5) Johannes Myndertse Roseboom, b. pre-1/15/1716
e. Gerrit Hendricks Roseboom, m. Maria Sanders (1667-post1740)
1) Elsie Gerrits Roseboom
2) Gijsbert Gerrits Roseboom, m. Christina Bries
a) Maria Roseboom, b. pre-11/20/1721
b) Anthony Roseboom, b. pre-7/23/1727
c) Elizabeth Roseboom, b. pre-10/24/1731
d) Catharina Roseboom, b. pre. 10/7/1733
e) Catharina Roseboom, b. pre-6/28/1738
f) Hendrick Roseboom, b. 9/2/1739
g) Elsie Roseboom, b. pre-5/31/1741
3) Ahasuerus Gerrits Roseboom, m. Maria Bratt, d. pre-11/30/1745
a) Maria Roseboom, b. pre-9/25/1726
b) Dirck Roseboom, b. ca. 1728
c) Gerrit Roseboom (pre 1/9/1731-7/7/1787)
d) Hendrick Roseboom, b. pre-6/3/1734, d. inf.
4) Johannes Gerrits Roseboom
5) Elizabeth Gerrits Roseboom
6) Hendrick Gerriets Roseboom, b. 12/15/1690, m. Debora ---
a) Gerrit Hendricks Roseboom, b. 7/19/1722, m. Gertrude---, b. 3/26/1731
i) Mary Roseboom, b. 3/14/1754
ii) Robert Roseboom (10/9/1755-2/7/1816) m. Jesijntie Dumont, b. 6/18/1751
(1) Garrett Roseboom, b. 11/27/1777, m. Mary Adams, b. 3/21/1793
(a) Robert Roseboom (2/16/1816-10/6/1875) m. Hannah Groff
(b) Garrett Roseboom, b. 8/10/1820, m. Emma Skinner (10/10/1820-9/20/1894)
(c) Emily Roseboom (4/8/1824-1/15/1872) m. Miles Comstock
(2) Brachin Roseboom (12/22/1781-4/27/1815) m. Mathew Van Horn
(3) Patres Roseboom, b. 10/5/1785
(4) Gitty Roseboom, b. 2/19/1795
(5) Fasentic Roseboom, b. 2/19/1795
iii) Hendrick Roseboom (5/27/1757-4/1/1843), m. Rachel Smalley (4/25/1756-7/24/1836)
(1) Garret Roseboom, m. Gertrude McNeill, b. ca. 1787
(a) Benona Roseboom
(b) Elizabeth Roseboom
(c) Rachel Roseboom
(d) Thomas Roseboom
(e) Hendrick Roseboom
(f) Andrew Roseboom
(g) Garret Roseboom (10/6/1817-2/7/1881), m. Alice Jane Sammons (9/25/1822-3/22/1810) 5 ch.
(2) John Roseboom
(3) Giertrude Ann Roseboom (1/31/1779-12/6/1857), m. John McNeill (3/19/1779-2/25/1862)
(a) Rachel McNeill (11/4/1803-3/8/1846) m. Osamus Rowe
(b) John McNeill (4/12/1807-8/27/1865) m. Rebecca Wiley (1807-1878) 7 ch.
(c) Strawder McNeill (6/18/1810-2/11/1888)
(d) Abraham McNeill, b. 12/8/1813, m. twice, 1st –name unknown, 1 ch.,  2nd – Mary Ann Grisham, 5 ch.
(e) Rhesa McNeill (11/23/1815-1/14/1886) m. twice, 1st - Rebecca Harper (11/5/1820-11/2/1846) 3 ch., 2nd – Francis Pancake, 2 ch.
(f) Mary Ann McNeill (6/7/1818-1/30/1892) m. twice, William Harvey, & Joseph Sanford
(g) Gertrude McNeill, b. 10/10/1819, m. Tilghman Porter
(4) Andrew Roseboom (9/15/1781-7/22/1867) m. Elizabeth Pancake (11/23/1784-4/7/1863)
(a) Hendrick Roseboom, b. 2/20/1806, m. Rebecca Beaver (3/14/1800-9/30/1875)
(b) John Pancake Roseboom (12/12/1807-11/14/1808)
(c) Catharine Roseboom, b. 7/31/1809, m. Presley Jinkins (9/30/1808-1/21/1867) 6 ch.
(d) Rachel Roseboom, b. 1/26/1811, m. Thomas Nesbit
(e) Wesley Roseboom (9/8/1812-10/16/1815)
(f) Gertride Roseboom, b. 6/21/1814, m. Samuel Smith
(g) Isaac Pankake Roseboom
(h) Andrew Smalley Roseboom, b. 12/11/1817, m. twice, 1st - Henrietta Ogden (9/3/1826-12/17/1847), 2nd – Mary Ogden
(i) John Wesley Roseboom (6/4/1819-pre-7/26/1858) m. Mary Bateman (ca.1827-1864) 3 ch.
(j) James Quinn Roseboom (10/8/1822-4/26/1825)
(k) Jesse Deming Roseboom (11/9/1828-7/9/1831)
(5) Maria Roseboom, b. ca. 1782
(6) Abraham Roseboom (8/10/1789-3/4/1882) m. Elenor Post (12/17/1794-4/20/1881)
[7] Hendrick Roseboom, m. Mary Ann Barkley   (5/12/1823-12/30/1890)
(a) Gilbert Roseboom, m. Lydia Lininger
(b) Isaac M. Roseboom
(c) Mary Roseboom, m. Michael Hire
(d) Lucinda Roseboom, m. Edward Hopkins
(e) Mahala Roseboom, m. William Hopkins
([f) Abner Roseboom, m. Sarah Holloway (1821-7/18/1858)
(g) Eliza Roseboom, m. ---Negly
(h) Elza Roseboom (4/9/1813-2/3/1896) m. Mary Ann Barkley (5/12/1823-11/30/1890) 5 ch.
(i) Catherine Roseboom (1/25/1819-post-1858), m. Isaac Barkley (4/11/1819-6/23/1910) 4 ch.
(j) Rachel Roseboom (6/10/1832-8/10/1865)
(k) Ashford W. Roseboom (4/6/1848-8/7/1865)
iv) John Roseboom (1/20/1760-pre-2/28/1839), m. Phoebe Van Neste (10/16/1767-1826)
(1) Maria Roseboom (ca.1782-ca.1861), m. Samuel Howery (ca.1770-ca.1835)
(a) William Howery (ca.1812-ca.1847) m. Catharin Colclazier, b. ca. 1815
(b) Julia Ann Howery  (10/30/1813-3/2/1891) m. Ephraim Hoover
(c) Isaac Howery (4/15/1814-4/3/1891) m. twice, Cordelia Thomas, and Catherine Foust (1819-pre1857)
(d) Jane A. Howery, b. ca. 1816, m. Samuel Alexander, b. ca. 1810
(e) Phebe Howery, b. 1818
(f) Daniel Howery, b. 1823, m. Ruth Huffman, b. ca. 1825
(g) David King Howery (12/11/1827-2/28/1924) m. twice, 1st - Sarah L. Ashworth (8/28/1828-5/4/1859), 5 ch., 2nd – Elizabeth Ann Colclazier (10/16/1836-ca. 1926) 11 ch.
(h) Sarah Howery (12/18/1828-4/23/1912) m. thrice, 1st - Dunlap Hudson (1827-5/1854) 3 ch., 2nd – John Owens, 3rd – John Snyder
(2) Henry Roseboom (4/19/1787-10/15/1826) m. Rachel Meeker (11/7/1795-5/7/1857)
(3) Guysbert Roseboom, b. 9/27/1790
v) Garret Roseboom (9/21/1762-1840) m. Charity Compstom, b. 1769
(1) Garret Roseboom
(2) William Roseboom (1796-1869) m. Johanna Clark, d. 1882
(a) William Roseboom, m. Olive Ann Mason
(b) Miriam Roseboom (1825-1902) m. Charles Clark (1822-1883)
vi) Peter Roseboom, b. 8/17/1764, m. Catherine Van Arsdalen
(1) Gertry Roseboom
(2) Mary Dumont Roseboom
(3) Catherine Roseboom, m. William W. Wilson (1789-2/22/1868)
(a) Catherine Wilson
(b) Maria Wilson
(c) William W. Wilson, Jr.
vii) Gilbert Roseboom, b. 10/12/1768, m. Ann Brokaw
(1) Benjamin Brokaw Roseboom
viii) Mary Roseboom, b. 3/14/1770
ix) Deborah Roseboom, b. 10/4/1773
x) Margarita Roseboom, b. 12/3/1775
7) Robert Gerrits Roseboom (5/20/1693-4/1764) m. Rijkie Roseboom, b. pre-10/13/1700
f. Margarita Roseboom, m. Pieter Thomase Mingael
6. Johannes Lansing (1640-2/26/1727) (also have him listed as burial 2/28/1728) b. Hasselt, Overijssel, Netherlands, d. Albany, Albany Co., NY, m. 1678, Albany, NY, Geertye (Gertie) Goosen Van Schaick, wid. of Hendrick Coster, dau. of Goosen Gerritse & Geertie Brantse (Peelen) Van Scheick
a. Elizabet Lansing, (Libbetie) b. 1679, m. 7/16/1699, Stephanus Groesbeck, d. 7/1714
b. Geertruij Lansing, (Geertruy) c. 11/2/1684, m. 4/23/1704, Ryer Gerritsen, no ch.
c. Johannes Lansing, (Jan) b. 1687, c. 9/4/1687, m. 6/13/1714, Geertruy Schuyler
1) Peter Lansing, b. 1721, m. Elizabeth Wendel, b. ca. 1723
d. Engeltje Lansing, c. 8/12/1690, m. Everet Wendell
e. Gerrit Jans Lansing, b. ca.1692, m. 10/27/1715, Elizabeth Bancker
f.  Abraham Lansing, b. ca.1694