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The sources for the Armistead Trees presented are listed at the top of each column of the table below.

The first column of the table is extracted from the Virginia Garber book "The Armistead Family" Published in 1910.  Only the Armistead line is presented here.  I have heard of errors in the work, and will document them on these page as I am informed of them.  Also, I may have made errors in extracting the information.  It is a poorly organized book.   If you see something in error please notify me and I will correct it!

Each unrelated or unlinked family from the book is presented on its own page, each page will also be color coded to tie related pages together.

I have all the Armistead's from Virginia's Book.  The information listed in the table below have been verified as to being accurate to Virginia's Garbers book, and any identified corrections that have been provided, have also been incorporated.

If you can; please help tie all these pages together.  These pages are meant for all the Armistead's.  In my search I found wealth of data.  It looked like it could be complete. It just had to be gathered together in one place.   That is what I'm trying to do here.  I still have lots of pieces to include so stop by frequently. 

If you find the info useful please let me know. 

If you would like a link to your "Armistead" site let me know.

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Armistead Records

Virginia Garber Book (corrected)
Shenna Diana Grandstaff
LDS Pedigree
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Anthony of Yorkshire
John of Cumberland
Francis With Sources
John of Gloucester, VA
124James, Lucy Middlebrook
English Line 1506
[7]William7 Eastmost River, Matthew's Co

Francis born 1690 in , , Gloucester, Va
William & Phoebe Walton The Immigrant

Maj [82]William7

Lt Col [83] Anthony7


Ralph  Kingston Parish

Ralph 3


William3 of Lynchburg

John3 of  Muddy Creek

George Reade Armistead


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