An Endean Odyssey

An Endean Odyssey

The story of William & Betsy Endean of Horrabridge, Devon and the movements of their descendants throughout the world.

Family ties are special threads
No matter where we roam
They draw us close to those we love
And pull our hearts towards home

In 2001, descendants of William & Betsy Endean overcame the restrictions of time and place via the Internet. Although they had never met in person, they shared the common bond of ancestry. Together they have launched this website with the view of documenting the family name of Endean and of discovering new “cousins” who might share in their interests.

The Endean name can be traced as far back as the 16th century around the St Columb Minor area. Although we have only traced our branch back as far as William (1785-5 Feb 1859) and Elizabeth (1789-10 Mar 1875), or Betsy as she was known, we believe that one day we will find the link back to the original Endean family.

Our story begins in Devon, where William & Betsy were married and then moves north to Cramlington, Northumberland. From there, the Endeans, spurred by the desire to build a better life for their families, or simply by the spirit of adventure, began to move to all corners of the globe. The present authors reside in the UK, USA, Australia & Spain and would like to hear from anyone with information pertaining to this site. All dates, names and places are correct as far as we have been able to verify.

Through family history we discover the most beautiful tree in the forest of creation-our family tree. Its numerous roots reach back through history, and it's branches extend throughout eternity. Family history is the expansive expression of eternal love. It is born of selflessness. It provides opportunity to secure the family unit forever.
J. Richard Clarke