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Welcome to the New Enderlin Family Exchange!

    Our Enderlin family originated in the Breisgau region of southwest Germany.  Our emigrant ancestors to America were Wilhelm Enderlin (1846-1914) and his wife, Maria Magdalena Gumbert (1851-1938).  Both were born in the town of Bötzingen am Kaiserstuhl in what was then the Grand Duchy (Großherzogtum) of Baden.  They left Baden in 1885, destined for San Francisco, leaving family, friends and most of their "badisch" culture behind.

    In recent years, our family has tried to learn more about our ancient Germanic roots, as well as the culture and traditions that were left behind in old Baden.  This website explores that culture, and pieces together what it means to be an Enderlin.

    The following links will take you to various pages that explore our heritage...

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NOTE:  This site is under construction.
Some links are not yet active.  I'm working on it!
Family Bible
Image of our old Enderlin family bible (German with translation).
Page containing my notes on the heraldry of various people bearing the name Enderlin.
(under construction)
Legends of Enderlins and other related families in our part of Germany.
Parish Records
Pedigree chart containg links to scanned original parish records documenting baptisms, marriages, and deaths of our Enderlin and Gumbert ancestors.
Regional History
(under construction)
Page containing brief sketches of regional history in southwest German (Breisgau and Markgraeflerland region)
(under construction)
Page containing descriptions of villages of our German ancestors.

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