Emily's Family Tree

Clockwise, starting at top-right is Bertha Gullett, Dorothy "Dolly" McDowell, Homer Bishop, Loretta Bishop, Emily Newman, Larry Newman, Leonard Newman, Andrew and Emaline Newman, and Frances Kiser.


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Here are my sites for the following ancestors:

Charles Keyser (Surname List)
John Newman (Surname List)
Joseph Marion "Jacob" McDowell (Surname List)
George Bishop (Surname List)
George was the son of John Bishop (1747-1819) and Elizabeth Babb (1746-????).
Download the .rtf version for the Bishops here.

Links to other sites:

Family related sites:
Bishop/McDowell GEDCOM database - This is my database for the Bishop/McDowell lines where you can search and download my GEDCOM, then import the information into your own genealogy program. (Not updated very often though.)
Carl Kayser Genealogical Site - Very informative Kiser family site, esp. about our German ancestors.

I've removed the following lines from my page, but here are some other sites to help you out if you came here looking for them:
The Maupin's, Worix's and Hall's of Kentucky and Ohio
The Halls and Related Familys

Research related sites
Carter County, KY Genealogy - If you have family from Carter Co., you'll want to check out this site!
Shenandoah County VAGenWeb - Many Kisers were from here.
Russell County VAGenWeb - Another county where many Kisers lived.

Personal Ancestral File - This is the program I use to compile my family tree, create webpages, print out reports, etc.. Very useful program, and best of all - it's free!

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May '12

9th - Removed many lines that I didn't research myself and haven't updated in years. Sorry for any inconvenience, but the info can likely still be found from multiple other sources. I've included a few links in the links section to such pages. I also updated the Newman and Bishop lines to include any recent additions/corrections.

October '09

21st - Updated Bishop line to include recent births/deaths and corrections.

May '09

12th - Updated Bishop line to include recent births/deaths and corrections.

February '09

12th - Updated the Bishop line to include any additions/corrections I've made over the last year. I know, I've been getting really lazy with the updates. Also added info about the upcoming 2009 Bishop reunion.

February '08

1st - Updated the Bishop line. Added info about the upcoming 2008 Bishop reunion.

June '07

14th - Updated Bishop line. Corrected marriage info on Margaret and Dana Stockdale.

February '07

18th - Updated the Bishop line; added Mary Ann Bishop's family info (daughter of Sampson and Charlotte), corrected some names, and added the latest addition to the family - Brooklyn Faith Middleton (dau. of James and Mary Maddix Middleton, born Feb 15th).

June '06

22nd - Updated the Bishop line.

March '06

7th - Updated Newman line to include death dates for Mildred Newman and Kim Bowling. Also updated the Jones and Keyser lines.

February '06

16th- Updated the Bishop line to include some of the sources I used. Also updated the Jones, Jessee, and Stacy lines.
6th - Updated both the Bishop and McDowell pages to include any updated information.

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