(In.) Great altar tomb, chancel N. 3 shields on N. (Nothing decipherable).
(N). 2 tombs with rails.


(E). Here lieth Margaret Elizabeth, only child of Christopher Askewood and Anne his wife who d. 1. July 11, 1871 aged 7 m.

(S). In M. John, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Atkinson of Beckhead who d. Feby. 28th 1780 Aged 11 Y. And of Thomas (Atkinson) who d. Jany. 30 1815 Aged 71 Y. And of Richard their Son, who d. April 23, 1847 Aged 81 Y.


(N). In M. Mary Thompson, da. of James and Alice Atkinson of Dale Foot, Mallerstang, B. 1794, d. at Maulds Mebrn (sic) November 19th 1867.

(S). In m. Thomas Atkinson yeoman, of Beckhead, who d. October 22nd 1805 aged 78 y. Also Elizabeth his Wife who d. August 26th 1812 aged 81 y. Also Margaret their Da. Who d. July 1842 aged 82 y.


(S). To m. Agnes, wife of John Bell of Maulds Meburn who d. l. June 28th 1816 Aged (38) y. She was a good Wife and Mother and a good Neighbour and truly honest and industrious.


(S). Near this place layeth the Body of Robert Betham who d. l. the 5th of December in the y. of our Lord 1734 Aged 45. William his eldest Son erected this Monument.

*Mr Bellasis visited the late Canon Weston, at Crosby Ravensworth Vicarage, 13th to 18th Dec., 1876, during which time all the inscriptions in and out of the Church were carefully taken, and much help received from the Canon and his daughter, now Mrs Benson. In the autumn of 1886 his MS. Was unfortunately lost in London, so that a second visit to Crosby was rendered necessary, and the Canon wrote 4th April, 1887:- "I forward you according to promise copies of the monumental inscriptions inside this Church; those in the churchyard I hope you will come and take for yourself sometime during the summer." This second visit was delayed till the November following, when, in the very week that Mr Bellasis was coming, the good Canon died. R.I.P. A day was spent, however, at Crosby, 24th Nov. 1887, and the re-transcription effected, the Rev. E.G. Wales, Curate, kindly helping in the task.


(N. urn on pedestal). Erected in m. John Bland, yeoman, of Reagill, who d. Nov. 30 1837 aged 74 y. also Elizabeth his wife who d. Jan. 22 1835 aged 68 y. also Jane wife of William Bland of Wyebourne, their son who d. Sep. 8, 1862, aged 62 y.


(N. coffin shaped tomb with painter’s pallet and brushes). + Here rests the body of John Salkeld Bland, son of William Bland of Wyebourne, Yeoman, and Elizabeth his wife, who d. l. Jan. 4. 1867 in his 28 y.


(N. flat tomb, cross flory, pallets, brushes, hammer, compass). Here rests the body of Thomas Bland of Reagill, Yeoman, who d. l. Sep. 18, 1865 in his 68 y.


(N. coffin-shaped tomb with cross). + S. m. William Bland of Blandsgarth, Reagill, b. Feby. 27 1800, d.Nov 25 1882.


(Loose, churchyard wall, N.) Here lies the body of Joseph Bowerbank of Lanckaber, who d. March 31, 1765, aged 63. (Faint)


(Loose, and in two pieces, churchyard wall, N.) (M)onument Erected . . . . . . . ory James (Bu)rra of Maulels(sic) Meaburne, Interd, the 3d of June 1737 Agd. 88. Here likewise lies the Body of William Burra his Son, who D. November the 17th 1748 Aged 56.


(N). I.H.S. Here rests the body of David Carr, who d. l. at Beaconside, Penrith, Dec. 17, 1879, aged 73 y.


(N) In m. Margaret, wife of Robert Carr of Trainriggs, and da. of the late Thomas and Ann Robinson of Crosby Ravensworth who d. January 14th, 1864 aged 50 y. The above Robert Carr d. January 15th 1869 aged 55 y.


(N). Here lieth Robert Clark of Thurgarton, Notts., late gardener at Flass House, who d. l. Oct. 6, 1860, in his 37th y. Jesus said, I am the vine, you are the branches, he that abideth in Me, and I in him the same bringeth forth much fruit. John 15.


(E). S.M. Sarah Clark of Appleby who d. June 9th 1835 Aged 74 Y. Also Sarah Agnes his Da. who d. March 23rd 1836 aged 30 y., also John Atkinson who d. January 11th 1864 aged 67 y., also of Mary Atkinson who d. January 19th 1883 aged 80 y.


(E.Cross). Charles Cockburn, b. April 29, 1849, deceased December 27, 1859. O stay with the Lord.


(N. Cross). Here lieth Thomas Dennison who d. l. Nov. 20, 1864, aged 59 y. Ellen da. of the above and of Nany Maria his wife d. l. Oct 9. 1866 aged 21 yrs. I will ransom them from the power of the grave. I will redeem them from death. Hosea 13, ver. 14.


(S. transept). In the vault beneath are laid the remains of Charlotte Sophia Dent (the eldest da. of Thomas Williamson John Dent and Sophia Amelia his Wife) who was b. Oct. 2, 1862 and d. Nov. 2, 1884.


(S. transept, window E.). In m. Elizabeth Dent, d. 17 Dec. 1847 aged 55.


(E. flat tomb, rails). Arms (in lozenge): (ar.) on bend (sa.) 3 lozenges erm. (Coll. Arms K. 7. 20) in chief label. In M. Elizabeth Dent of Trainlands and Flass, the eldest and only da. of William and Jane Dent of Trainlands b 21st September 1792, buried 21st December 1847.


(S. flat tomb, rails). In M. Lancelot Dent of Canton in China and of Skirsgill; the fifth son of William and Jane Dent of Trainlands d. 28th November 1853 aged 54. L.D. 1853. Arms: on bend 3 lozenges crest, tiger’s head erased.


(S. transept window). Alleluia, alleluia. In m. Robert DENT d. March 28, 1835, aged 42.


Ditto. Alleluia, alleluia. In m. Lancelot Dent of Canton, China, d Nov. 28, 1853, aged 54.


(E. window). To the glory of God and in m. Thomas Dent,d 19th November 1872 aged 76. Perfect through suffering. Cricified with him. Partaker of his death. Risen with him.


(S. transept). Wilkinson Dent the sixth son of William and Jane Dent of Trainlands, D. May 10, 1886 aged 85 y. He erected this Transept A.D. 1871-72. His nephew John Dent caused the above Fresco to be painted in affectionate remembrance of him.


(S.). S. m. Thomas Garnet of Wickerslack who d. Feby. 14th 1803 aged 83. Also of Mary Garnet his Wife who d. Septr. 3d, 1820, aged 70. And of George Preston their Grandson who d. Octr. 23d 1800 aged 3.


(Under the Tower N. with figures, a woman with two children, a third in her arms, and another figure, with cross). This monument was erected by an approving Public as a token of respect to m. George Gibson, Gentleman, late of Crosby Ravensworth, who passed his life in this his native valley, in the modest exercise of every social and domestic virtue. Youth profited by his precepts, and old age grew better from his example, the poor, the desolate and the afflicted, alike bemoan his departure, and good men looked upon his death as a public bereavement. After religiously superintending the reconstruction of this Church, and aiding with his own skilful hand so excellent a work, he died as he had lived, meekly trusting in the merits of his Redeemer, full of Christian hope and resignation on the 12th of October MDCCCXXXV , in the 81st Y. of his age. The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance. Ps. cxil . (Scroll below, music). Psalm 122.

O twas a joyful sound to hear
Our tribes devoutly say
Up Israel to the temple haste
And keep the festal day.


(N. transept, W.). S. M. Jane Gibson, The Wife of Thomas Gibson of Oddendale, and the da. of Robert and Barbara Wilkinson of Maulds Meaburn, Who d. on the 13th of September 1841, in the fifty-third y. of her age. Her Husband, sorrowing for her loss, but hoping to meet her again in a better state, caused this monument to be erected as a last token of his esteem and affection.



(E. Column, rails. One side). Obt. Thomas Gibson, 1796, 77. Frances Gibson 1757, 41. Elear. Hutchinson 1796, 80. Robert Wilson 1823, 71, Frances Wilson 1788, 31, Robert Wilson 1819, 32, Arthur Gibson 1878, 3, George Gibson, 1878, 89, Richard Gibson 1880, 88. (Another side). John Gibson 1824, 77, Ruth Gibson 1828, 77, Margaret Gibson 1821, 40, Michael Gibson 1835, 37, Jane Gibson 1841, 53, Frances Gibson 1852, 70, Revd. John Gibson 1867, 80, Thomas Gibson 1869, 90. (Another side). George Gibson 1835, 80, Jane Richardson 1819, 66. Frances Sewell 1831, 20, John Sewell 1855, 78, Frances Sewell 1858 , 80, George Sewell 1870, 60. (Another side). Isabella Gibson 1779, 22, Agnes Harrison 1812, 80, Ann Gibson 1819, 66, William Betham 1814, 54, Mary Betham 1843, 81, Ann Betham 1864, 18.


(Window N. aisle). In m. Thomas Gibson of Oddendale who d. l. June 27, 1869, in his 91st y. Go and do thou likewise.


(N. Transept). This Transept was re-erected A.D. 1872-3 to the glory of God in l. r. Thomas gibson of Oddendale, who after passing a long life in the home of many generations of his family, a bright example of Christian living, "pure in heart", "pitiful", "courteous", departed to his rest on the 20th day of June 1869 in his 91 y. He was the eldest son of John Gibson of Oddendale Esquire, J.P. and Ruth his Wife, the former of whom d. on the 12th day ofDec. 1828 aged 76. The latter, da. of Arthur and Margaret Bousfield of Ravenstone dale, on the 21st day of Dec. 1828 aged 77. + The other children of the said John and Ruth Gibson were Margaret, B. May 28, 1780 D. Jan. – 1821. Frances, B. May 11 1782, D. Dec 3, 1852. Arthur, Vicar of Chedworth Gloucestershire, formerly Fellow of the Queen’s College, Oxford B. Dec 31 1784 D. Aug. 7, 1878. John, Vicar of Newbold Pacey Warwickshire formerly fellow of the Queen’s College Oxford B. May 6 1787 D. June 23 1867. George, B. Oct 11 1789, D. Dec. 26, 1878. Richard, B. Apr 24 1792, D. Aug 25 1880. Michael, B. Jan 10 1798 D. Sep - 1835. + My Son hear the instruction of thy Father and forsake not the law of thy mother, for they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head and chains about thy neck. Proverbs Chap 1. Vers 8 & 9. +


(S). + Here lieth Ann, Widow of John Hewertson who d April 26th 1865 aged 76 y. The above John Hewertson late of Crosby Hall farmer d. November 5th 1818 aged 45 y. Thomas their son d. Aug. 31st 1856 aged 44 y.


(S. flat tomb). Here lyeth the body of Ann wife of Henry Holme who d. l. March 2, 1877, aged 75.


S. flat tomb. Here lieth Henry Holme who d. l. June 11, 1855 in his 60th y.


(S). Here lyeth Thomas Holme of Barnskew who d. Dec. 27, 1843 aged 84 y. Catherine his wife d. May 1815 aged 54 y. Thomas their son d. Dec. 1837 aged 36 y. John their son d. Aug 14 1848 aged 49 y. Barbara, wife of John Holme who d. at Reagill February 25 1874 aged 77 y.


(E). Erected in m. Thomas Holme of Woodfoot, Crosby, yeoman, who d. the 26th day of July 1831 aged 63 y. Ann his wife who d. the 19th day of May 1838 aged 66 y. John their son who d. in his infancy July 5th 1798. Thomas their son d. Oct 20th 1868 aged 71 y. Ann widow of the last named Thomas Holme d. July 3rd 1872 aged 79 y.


(E. box tomb, cross). + Here lieth Robert Horn who d. l. March 8m 1858 in his 88 y. Bella wife of Robert Horn d. l. Feb. 10 1834 in her 59th y. (Brass). Agnes, Robert John William, children of Robert and Bella Horn, d. l. 1811 aged 7 weeks, 1814 aged 4 m., Aug 31, 1840 aged 38 y., Sep. 21, 1843 aged 37 y. (respectively).


(Loose Churchyard wall N.) Here lie the bodies of John and Thomas, Sons of Thomas and Elizabeth Hugill of Reagill, John Aged 27, D. 1771. Thomas, Aged 21, D. 1769.


One man’s fall to death the victory gave;
‘Twas Sin first made us subject to the grave
Therefore o mortals fear not death: Fear Sin,
Which makes our life so short, our death doth bring.

Christopher Jaques, Feb. 6. 1699. - (Bp Nic. Visit. 1703).


(S. alter tomb) . In m. Elizabeth Jaques wife of Anthony Jaques of Lankaber who d. l. April the 2, 1729, aged 7….Y. A. …..her husband d. l. August the ………1732 Aged 7(6 or 0) Y. Robert Jaques (son of) Anthony and Elizabeth d. l. September the 1(9)th 17.. John Jaques their Son Grandson of Anthony and Elizabeth d. l. November the (2)7th 1774 Aged 6….Y. Arabella Noble (a) Grand Da. to Anthony and Elizabeth d. l. June the 29th 1787 aged 7(4) y. (Elizabeth wife of Anthony Jaques, bur. 2 Ap. 1729; Anthony Jaques of Lankaber buried 23 Aug. 1732; (Mr.) John Jaques of Lankaber, single man bur. 27 Nov. 1774; no burial entry in 1787. –Par. Reg).


(S. column). Here lies the body of Eleanor Kitching, Wife of James Kitching, she d. May 25th 1790 Aged 83.


(N). In l. m. John Hewer who d. Novr. 23rd. 1873 aged 6 yrs. & 4 mos. Also of Joseph who d. Jany. 26th 1876 aged 7 yrs. & 4 mos. The beloved & only children of Thomas & Mary Kitching of Penrith.


(E). I.h.s. In m. Elizabeth, wife of John Langhorne of Haber House who d. on the 24 Nov. 1876 aged 70 y. also of Mary their da. who d. on the 17 Jan. 1863 aged 24 y. and is interred in the adjoining grave.


(E). I.h.s. Here rests the Body of John Langhorne of Haber House who d. l. on the 27th day of Decr. 1881 in his 77th y.


(S). Here lieth the body of Henry Langhorne of High Dalebanks, Yeoman, who d. May 23rd, 1870 aged 75 y. Also of Jane his wife who d. June 11th 1866 aged 63 y. Erected in a. r. the above by A. Williamson. "Take ye heed, watch and pray for ye know not when the time is." St. Mark 13, ver. 33.


(S). S. m. Thomas Langhorne of Dalebanks who d. l. June 27th 1812 aged 57 y. Also James his eldest son who d. Feby. 25th 1814 aged 21 y. Also of Barbara his wife who d. January 11th, 1816 aged 82 y.


(Loose, churchward wall N). Gulielmus, Comes de Lonsdale Illustrissimus, In Dei honorem et Suorum gratiam Cancellos hosce, vetustate lapsos dirutosque reponendos, curavit, Anno Salutis humanae 1812.


(N). In m. James Loy of Low Dale Banks who d. August 24th 1880 aged 81 y. also of Barbara his wife who d. May 24th 1882 aged 82 y. also of Elizabeth their da. who d. Novr. 16th 1859 aged 18 y.


(N. cross). + Here lieth John loy, who was b. Jan. 8, 1802, and d. Sep. 27, 1849. Mary da. of the above and Catherine his wife b. Mar. 12, 1835, d. Dec. 22, 1845. John their son b. Dec. 29, 1837, d. Nov. 26, 1858. Henry their son b. July 12 1840, d. May 21, 1865.


(E. iron fence). S. A. M. 1883.


(E). Here are deposited the remains of Eleanor Morton, Wife of John Morton of Kirkland, eldest Da. of Thomas Hodgson of Reagill low field whose regretted departure took place on the 7th day of Jany. 1813 aged 30 y. Also the remains of Thomas Hodgson, younger son of the above mentioned Thomas Hodgson who d. much lamented on the 4th day of April 1813, Aged 24 y.


(N). In m. Annie eldest dau. of Thomas and Hannah Moss of Maulds Meaburn who d. Sept. 14th, 1859 in her 14th year. Also of Thomas their youngest son who d. June 11th, 1875 aged 22 y. also of Elizabeth Moorhouse their third da. who d. at Burnley May 26, 1878 aged 26 y.


(N). I. h. s. In l. r. Thomas Ross of Maulds Meaburn who d. Nov. 18th 1884 in his 70th y.


(N. cross). + Here lieth Elizabeth wife of Robert Nicholson of Gilse who d. l. Feb. 3, 1864, in her 75th y.


(S.E). In M. Mary, wife of George Nicholson Junr. Who d. June 5, 1872, aged 41. & two of their children who d. in infancy also of Ann, mother of the above George Nicholson who d. Oct. 21, 1855 aged 50.


(N). + Here lieth Robert Nicholson of Gilse who d. l. April 1, 1867 in his 89th y.


(N). + Here lieth Martha da. of Robert and Hanaah (sic) Parkin d. Jan. 7th 1860 aged 8 yrs. Mary Agnes d. Sep. 9th 1865 aged 8 mts. Em(is) d. Feb. 2nd 1867 aged 3 wks. Jane Elizabeth d. Sep. 8th 1850 aged 1 y. 3 mts. Buried at Leeds. Robert d. Aug. 7th 1854 aged 7 w. buried at Orton. Christopher Barren d. Dec. 19th 1873 aged 78 yrs. grandfather to the above children.


(S). Memento Mori. Here is interr’d Elizabeth pooley of Harndale Spinster, who d. L. the 20th day of December 1745 aged 32 Y.


(E). + Here lieth the body of John Rawes, of Woodfoot, yeoman, who d. l. May 20th, 1853, in his 72 y.


(E). + Here lieth the body of Mary Rawes wife of Robert Rawes, who d. l. December 30th 1853, in her 71 y.


(E. wire fence). + In l. m. Elizabeth Reveley who d. June 18th 1846 aged 56, also of Ruth Reveley, sister of the above, d. April 22nd 1885 aged 90 y.


(E). To m. Revd. Saml. Reveley, late Vicar of the Parish, who d. the 11th of Novr. 1809 aged 52. And also of Ruth his Wife who d. April 5th 1830 aged 72. And also of Elizabeth Williamson who d. March 24th 1838 aged 77.


(E. flat tomb). Here lieth Thomas Reveley who d. l. Mar. 18, 1861 in his 74th y.


(E). To m. John Richardson of Brackinslack in this parish who d. l. Decr. 4th 1810 aged 72 y. Also of Agnes his wife who d. May 19th 1818 aged 68 y. Also of Margaret their da. who d. April 19th 1807 aged 15 y. Also of Edward their son who d. March 4th 1809 aged 14 y. Also of Joseph their son who d. Feby. 17th 1810 aged 27 y. Prepare to meet thy God.


(E). In m. John Richardson of Maulds Meaburn, yeoman, who d. October 12th 1861 aged 72 y. Also Ann his wife who d. June 29th 1864 aged 73 y.


(E). + Here lieth William Richardson, Parish Clerk of Crosby Ravensworth for 27 y. who d. l. Dec. 18, 1861 in his 83 y.


(E, cross). Here lieth Henry Rigg late of Woodhouse in the parish of Morland who d. May 26, 1870 aged 55 y. William son of the above and of Barbara his wife d. April 21, 1854 aged 7 y. Thomas their son d/ June 1868 in his 23 y. (Faint).


(E). In m. Jonathan Rigg of Blasterfield who d. May 15, 1829 aged 93. Also of Margret (sic) his wife who d. August 5th 1817 aged 78. Also of Henry their son who d. August 3rd 1829 aged 57.


(E). S. m. Thomas Rigg of Crosby Ravensworth who d. February 26th 1853 aged 56 y. also Ann his wife who d. December 9th 1847 aged 70 y. and to Mary their da. who d. January 5th 1846 aged 25 y. (Brass). In m. Jonathan of Crosby Ravensworth who d. l. May 8th 1862 aged 52 y.


(E. cross). + I.H.S. In l. m. Elizabeth Robinson formerly of Bowness, Windermere, who d. at Crosby Ravensworth July 14, 1880 in her 54th y. waiting for the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


(E). Here lie John Robinson of Maulds Meaburn Who d. May 3rd 1833 aged 84, and Mary his wife d. Octr. 31st 1836 aged 86.


(E). S. m. John Robinson of Woodfoot in this Parish who d. l. Feb. 1…th 1814 aged 80 y.


(E. cross). Here lie Mary, Wife of Joseph Robinson of Hillbeck, Brough, and Da. of John and Ann Thwaites of Reagill Grange who d. September 17th 1823 in her 38th Y. And of John Robinson their Son who d. December 13th 1851 in his 29th Y.

S. . . .


S. . . .



(N. cross). + Here lieth the Reverend Anthony Salkeld M.A. Chaplain, Royal Navy, who d. l. at Maulds Meaburn Hall Mar. 21, 1857 in his 41st y.


(N). + Here lieth Elizabeth Salkeld, wife of William Salkeld of Maulds Meaburn who d. l. April 13 1861 in her 76 y.


(N. flat tomb). Here lieth John Salkeld of Maulds Meaburn Hall who d. l. Decr 21 1857 in his 60th y. Ruth, sister of John Salkeld d. at Sleagill Sep 23, 1864 aged 49 y. Mary, Sister of John Salkeld d. Feb. 2 1876 aged 81 y.


(E). Here lieth Margaret Salkeld who d. l. March 8 1870 in her 80 y. Wm. Salkeld her father d. March 18, 1857 Aged 83 y. Mary Salkeld, her mother d. April 1, 1846, 72 y. "Thy will be done".


(N). + Here lieth Thomas Salkeld of Maulds Meaburn Hall who d. l. Mar. 26, 1852, in his 81 y.


(N). I.H.S. + Here lieth William Salkeld of Maulds Meaburn hall who d.l. Sep.2, 1858 in his 84 y.


(E). + Here lie Lancelot Scaife of Lankaber, Yeoman, and Sarah his wife. He d.l. Sept. 18th 1853 in his 58th y. and She Septr. 20th 1853 in her 55th y. Joseph Thompson of Lankaber, father of Sarah Scaife d. l. Aug. 28th 1819 in his 85th yr.


(Window N. aisle). Arms: sa. Chevron betw. 3 bees ar. + This window and door adjoining were erected to the golory of God by Lillies Sewell in m. of her beloved husband George Sewell, grandson of the late Geoirge Gibson of this parish, he d.l. June 28, 1870, in his 60th y.


(N). + Here lieth the body of Elizabeth Softley who for nineteen y. faithfully discharged her duties as Mistress of the Girls School of the village. She d.l. Feb. 1 1871 in her 81st y. Whosoever believeth in him shall receive Remissions of sin, Acts 10.


(S.E). In a.r. Edward Taylor, Yeoman, The Bank, Crosby Ravensworth, who d. July 21, 1871, aged 78 yrs. Also of Agnes His wife who d. Dec. 4 1873 aged 76 yrs.


(N. cross). + Here lieth John Tebay of Haybanks, Birbeck Fells, who d. Feby. XVIII, MDCCCL in his LXII yr Agnes Tebay his wife who d June XXIV. MDCCCXLIII in her LXIX yr. And Nancy Sanderson their daur. Who d. June XIV, MDCCCXXXVIII in her XXVII yr.


(N. cross). In l. m. John Tebay of Orton who d. 3rd March 1880 aged 58 y. A.T.


(E). In l.m. of George Thompson Atkinson B.A. of Crosby Ravensworth, formerly a pupil of Appleby Grammar School, Hastings Exhibitioner of Queen’s College, Oxford, for many y. an assistant master at Clifton College who d. at Morecambe August 23rd 1884 aged 43 y. cut off in the prime of life his loss is mourned by many friends to whom he had endeared himself by his kind and gentle disposition and by a few of whom this stone is erected in affectionate remembrance of him.


(N). + Here lieth the body of James Thompson who d. l. 14th of August 1861 aged 43 y. Richard Atkinson Thompson who d. July 27th 1874 aged 25 y. Mary Agnes Thompson who d. January 18th, 1880 aged 28 y. Sarah Thompson who d. June 11th 1880 aged 31 y.



Long time Death Strove me to arrest,
And I him combat gave;
Death prov’d the victor at the last,
And brought me to my grave.

Feb. 2, 1693. Wm. Thwaites.----- (Bp. Nic. Visit., 1703).


(N.cross). + Here lie Hannah Thwaites, wife of Christopher Thwaites of Toddy Gill, Yeoman. She d. Septr. 22nd 1841 in her 53 y. William their son d. Nov. 8 1827 in his 4th y. Isabella their da. d. Aug. 24th 1839 in her 11th y.


(S). S.m. John Thwaites, who d. March 1st 1864 aged 32 y. son of John and Emma Thwaites of Burrels House.


(S). S. m. John Thwaites of Burrels, late of Reagill Grange, d. Nov. 13th 1848 aged 68 y.


(S). Here lieth Lancelot Thwaites of Maulds Meaburn who d. l. July 8, 1855 in his 40th y.


(S). Here lieth Thomas Thwaytes of Dryevers, Yeoman, who d. l. Sep. 18, 1857 in his 50th y.


(S. flat tomb cross). + Here lieth William Thwaytes of Holesfoot, yeoman, who d. Oct 17, 1850 in his 72 y.


(Tower window, W.). Launcelot Thwaytes, Reagill Grange, and Sarah Potts, Shap, dedicated this Window to the glory of the Eternal Son, and the Memory of their beloved Parents John Thwaytes of Reagill Grange, who d. May 19th 1820 Aged 82, and Ann his Wife who d. Feby. 1827 aged 79.


(S. flat tomb). + Here lieth Margaret, widow of William Thwaytes of Holesfoot who d. l. Jan. 1, 1868 in her 84th y.


(S. flat tomb). + Here lieth Margaret Ann da. of John Thwaytes of Holesfoot Lodge, and Ann his wife who d. l. May 3 1856 aged 4 y.


(E). To m. Henry Ward of Crosby Who d. Octr. 22, 1810 Aged 37.


(E. flat tomb, pallet, brushes). Here lieth James Ward, artist, who d.l. December XV MDCCCL in his LXVII y. and was interred here at his own request.


(Window S. aisle W). In m. Caroline the second wife of the Revnd, G.F. Weston who d. l. at Biarritz in France Feb. 27, 1864, in her 41st y.


(Window N. aisle). In m. Mary Weston, wife of George Frederick Weston, Vicar of the Parish, she departed to her rest on S. Andrew’s Day A.D. 1855 in her 32nd y.


(Loose, in 2 pieces, loose, churchyard wall N).

  1. Under this stone a piovs matron lies

  2. Whose sainted spirit soars above the skyes,
    Dear to her children, to her neighbovrs kind
    Meek, modest, grave, to virtve stil inclind
    Relieving the poor.
  3. ……hood, each day and hovr
She lieveing was life’s lively purtratvre
Now being changd her sovl lives crowned svre
Ann W……….her name
Who reap the frvit of immortality.


Two crosses in ye ch.yd. and these arms in the window. Wharton (ar. Maunch gu.?) impaling erm. fretty gu., chief last (Thornborough) and in a lozenge shield 3 cornucopias (Bellingham) . Hill MSS. Vi. 437.


(Loose on ground, N). E.W. 1711. Elis (sic) Wilkinson bur. Oct 1711. --- Par. Reg.


(S.E.) S. m. Henry Wilkinson, late of Reagill, who d. at Muddy Gill on the 24th day of March 1833 aged 93 y. also of Mary His wife who d. Novr. 27th 1830 Aged 88 y, also of Ellen their eldest da. wife of Thomas Winter of Witherslack who d. March 14th, 1847 aged 78 y. also of Henry their son, Merchant of Liverpool who d. at Reagill Low Field May 22nd, 1852 aged 69 y.

* "One Mrs Wharton lyes bury’d in ye Quire, with an insignificant Epitaph." Bp. Nic. Visit., 1703. This may be the above.


(E). S.m. James Wilkinson who d. April 13th 1820 aged 54, of Nanny his wife who d. May 13th 1820 aged 49, and of James their son who d. May 13th 1838 aged 37.


(S.transept, window E). Alleluia, alleluia. Ye must be born again. In m. Thomas Wilkinson d. 21 Feb. 1840 aged 81, by his nephew Wilkinson Dent.


(E. altar tomb). I.h.s. + Here lieth the body of Sir Thomas Wilkinson, K.C.S.I. Captain 6th Bengal Light Cavalry, and Lieutenant Colonel Bengal Army, b. at Flass March 10th 1795, d. In London April 7th 1867. (Arms at W. end under glass on brass. Az. On chevron between 3 wilks or, leopard’s face gu. Between 2 mascles sa. (all within scroll, with motto of Order of Star of India, ie. Heaven’s light our Guide. Crest: unicorn’s head ar. Erased wavy gu. Armed and crined az., on collar sa. leopard’s face between 2 mascles or (Coll. Arms, Gr. 21, 110.


(Window N. aisle). Arms: az. On chevron between 3 wilks or, leopard’s face gu. Between 2 mascles or (Wilkinson). Be ye doors of the work and not hearers only. + In m. Sir Thomas Wilkinson K.C.S.I. WHO WAS B. AT Crosby Ravensworth March 1(0), 1795 & d. in London Apl 7, 1867.


E. flat tombe, cross). + Here lieth William Wilkinson who d. l. July 23, 1856 in his 27th y.


(S.E.) Here lieth George Winter of Wickerslack who d. l. Sep 27, 1875, aged 68 yrs. Barbara His Wife d. l. Sep 24 1850 aged 47 yrs.


(N. Sun dial on pedestal). John Winter Latd. 54, 35. A.D. 1724.


(S.E.). Here lieth Thomas Workman of Haberwain who d. l. July 16, 1838 aged 42 yrs. Margaret His wife d. l. Sep 11, 1875 aged 72 yrs. Mary Their da. d. l. April 28, 1859 aged 24 yrs. John their son d. l. Jan 2, 1862 aged 32 yrs.